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Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton disputed the end of Roe v. Wade in this final presidential debate, which makes total sense as it was a decision made 43 years ago. Said decision also secured the hugely humane, compassionate law to allow women to terminate unwanted pregnancies because of health, financial, or any other reason. It’s a basic human right in… READ MORE »


It can’t be much reassurance when many Trump supporters don’t think he’ll win. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Great news for dudes and society’s potential of accepting the idea their sexuality may also exist on a spectrum! A new study from Dr. Martin J. Downing dives the into porn-watching habits of 821 gay, straight, and bisexual men reveals some unexpected behavior. Namely, despite the annoying perpetuation of homophobic rhetoric — like “bromance,” why — surrounding… READ MORE »


Glover hasn’t yet commented on his alleged baby (god, I love using the term “alleged baby”). READ MORE »