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Campus Confidential: Slumber Parties, Tila Tequila, and College Lesbians

Remember Tila Tequila? As MTV’s A Shot at Love serves up a second round, I’m reflecting on season one, when I first fell for Tila. A bisexual bachelorette sitting pretty on the fence? So my thing. And you know what? I believed in Tila Tequila. Right up until the finale, when she gushed to the…

Aurora Wells / May 14, 2008

Campus Confidential: Down And Dirty Dorm Room Hook-Ups

When we get to college, we can get a little carried away. We just got out of our long-ass high school relationships (or else had been anticipating the fabled college slut-fest for basically ever). Regardless, by the time we’ve unpacked Mr. Snuggle Bug, we’ve already made a list of totally doable prospects. We’re like kid…

Aurora Wells / April 9, 2008

Campus Confidential: College Lesbians

Tila Tequila came out of the closet wearing a sexy black bathing suit bound to leave a silly tan line. Standing before her contestants, she finally confessed, “I’ve never, ever told anyone this before… but I want to let you all know that… I’m a bisexual!” From the first episode, it was painful to watch…

Aurora Wells / February 7, 2008

Campus Curfew: Rushing to Conclusions

It all started when I heard that GDX (Gamma Delta Chi) – the football frat at Dartmouth – is actually coed. In fact, informal history holds that GDX was once a very different house: a nerdy coed with cute pets and an attitude of inclusion. It wasn’t always so testosterous.

Beta (Beta Theta…

Aurora Wells / December 10, 2007