Andi Zeisler

The Soapbox: Forget Being A Tiger Mother, I Want To Make “Sloth Mom” Happen

There’s a tai kwon do place that I pass daily while driving my five-year-old to and from school, where I can see through the huge plate-glass window tiny people in bright white, slightly-too-large uniforms, kicking avidly. That looks like a good time, I think. I should sign the kid up for a class. The next…
By: Andi Zeisler / January 8, 2014

Andrew Goldman & The “Tippi” Point For Social Media Jerkery

Here's a brief test of étiquette. You're a writer accused of asking an inappropriate question to a famous actor in a national magazine. Another writer takes you to task for what she sees as a history of this kind of inappropriateness. Your response? A) Ignore the criticism — you can't please everyone, right? B) Explai…
By: Andi Zeisler / October 12, 2012