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True Story: I Went From Unorgasmic To Squirting Overnight

Peeing Or Squirting?
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Failure To Squirt
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How I Became A Squirter

“Your orgasm is your problem,” my ex-husband once said to me.

I frowned at his suggestion and two days later, some books appeared on my night table: I Love Female Orgasm and The Elusive Orgasm. I resentfully cracked one open and it seemed like a lot of trite stuff about the importance of relaxation. I couldn’t be more relaxed in my marital sex life if I tried. For Godʼs sake, I was almost asleep. How bad was the sex in my marriage? Well, after my ex-husband would leave for work in the morning Iʼd bust out my Hitachi magic wand and relieve myself multiple times. When he returned from the office, heʼd often see the shoulder massager laying lifeless on the floor.

“How many times did you beat off today? Four? God youʼre a freak,” heʼd say, shaming me. Keep reading »

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