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Justin Bieber Is Saved By Selena’s Sideboob

A priceless moment from the MuchMusic Video Awards as Justin Bieber sneaks a peek at Selena Gomez’s visible sideboob. But really, the most important part of this picture is his Kelly Kapowski T-shirt. Was he even alive when “Saved By the Bell” was on the air? [Celebrity Breasts] Keep reading »

Amy Winehouse Bombs Belgrade

Watch Amy Winehouse’s comeback performance in front of 20,000 people in Belgrade. Watch Amy Winehouse, slur, stumble, scratch herself and try to remove her wig. Watch Amy Winehouse cancel her tour. Any questions (besides what’s she on)? So tragic. [The Fix] Keep reading »

Beware Of Gang-Banging Dolphins

Dolphins are peaceful creatures, my ass. According to scientists, violence among young male dolphins is on the rise. A gang of bottleneck dolphins in the Pacific Ocean have been wreaking havoc on porpoises that invade their turf in the Monterey Bay. “Porpocide” by “dive-by” in that area is three times higher than it’s ever been. The bottlenecks surround their porpoise victim, ram it to death with their noses, and use the carcass for a game of catch. That’s hardcore. Why the senseless violence against the porpoise population, you ask? Simply put, the bottlenecks are sexually frustrated. What is our natural world coming to? [OC Weekly] Keep reading »

Our 13 Favorite Actress/Rock Star Couples

actress rock star carey mulligan and marcus mumford jpg
Carey Mulligan has a new man on her arm. The actress is reportedly smitten with Mumford & Sons singer, Marcus Mumford. I mean, have you heard the album? How could she not fall for him with a voice like that? I very much approve of this match. Shia LeBeouf can go crawl back into his mother’s womb. [E Online]

Every sweet starlet dreams of snagging her very own bad boy rocker. Many have accomplished the feat, but few have survived the coupling long-term. But, hey, dating a rocker is all about having fun while it lasts. Click through to see the actress/rock star couples who are making beautiful music together, at least for the moment.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Items On Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Registry

The Most Ridiculous Items On The Kim Kardashian Wedding Registry
I wasn’t sure at first why Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were inspired to rush to the altar. Now I know. The expensive gifts! I took a gander at Kim and Kris’ Gearys Beverly Hills registry and found that, for the same cost as the items with which they wish to grace their home, they could feed an entire third world country. Recession? What recession? [Celebitchy]
Click through to see the most ridiculous items on the couple’s wedding registry.

Cabbage Patch Kids, The Movie

I thought the only time I’d ever see a Cabbage Patch Kid again was if I worked up the nerve to clean out the stuffed animal and doll section of my parent’s garage. Ironic that they would end up buried in a dusty box considering the herculean effort exerted to adopt all eight of them from Babyland General Hospital. Thanks, Mom and Dad for waiting in line at K-Mart for most of 1984! Good news, children (and parents) of the ’80s! The lovable kids with the yarn hair may be making a comeback. A film company purchased the screen rights the brand and are developing an animated TV film special starring the kids. This news excites me very much. [Guardian] Keep reading »

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