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16 Strange Celebrity Phobias

16 Strange Celebrity Phobias

Matt Damon and I are pretty much not alike at all, but one thing we could bond over: we both hate snakes. Apparently Damon was so squeamish around the reptiles on the set of his new movie “We Bought a Zoo,” that his co-star Scarlett Johansson made fun of him.  “He was definitely sweating a bit, and maybe the sweat formed in the corner of his eye,” she told People. “I said, ‘Matt, these kids are practically juggling the snakes. Hold it together.’” Johansson recalled watching Damon “cry like a baby and rock back and forth when the snakes were spread all over the set.”

Hey, lay off him Scarlett! I’m right there with you, Matt. Snakes are just not right. Click through to check out some other notable — and notably strange — celeb phobias.

Nerd Girl Porn: 8 Sexy Samurais

samurai slide1 jpg
The samurai (or half-samurai): The modern, Western adaptation of the chonmage, a Japanese hairstyle originally worn by samurais and more recently, sumo wrestlers. Defined by me as: the sexiest kind of man ponytail possible. Show me your samurai and maybe I’ll let you unsheath your sword. Click through to see some sizzling samurais I wouldn’t mind wrestling with.

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9 Snaggletoothed Beauties

Kirsten Dunst
I am a big fan of natural teeth. Snaggleteeth, gap teeth, overbites—I think a quirky smile gives a girl unique charm. Slightly gap-toothed myself, I was annoyed when my mother suggested I might want braces like my brother had. What’s so wrong with accepting your teeth the way they are? Snaggletoothed beauty Kirsten Dunst had similar issues. “I love my snaggle fangs. They give me character and character is sexy. People comment, but the only person who ever told me to fix them was my mom … I just went my own way, like daughters do,” she said in the new Elle UK. Unfortunately there were no close-up shots of her snaggles in the photo spread. Very disappointing. But good for her for resisting the pressure from mom and Hollywood at large and keeping her real teeth. [Celebitchy]


Click through to see some more lovely snaggletoothed celebs, some of whom didn’t have Kirsten’s confidence.





Do Not Want: Baby Doll Slippers

I feel uncomfortable just looking at this picture. Discovering that someone you know owns a pair of baby doll slippers should be an automatic friendship/dating dealbreaker as they are most likely a serial killer. [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

Frisky Readers Share … Your Hobbies!

hobby slide 1a jpg
Here at The Frisky, we spent the week reflecting on our hobbies and considering some new ones to shake things up. In honor of Get A Hobby Week, we asked you to share all the fascinating things you do in your spare time and you were kind enough to do so. After the jump, check out our awesome Frisky readers’ hobbies. I must admit, you are a bunch of impressive people!

Celebrity Bad Hair Files: When Flatirons Attack!

flat iron slide 1 jpg
A plea to the men of the world: Your hair is not meant to be flatironed. And don’t think we can’t tell when you’ve straightened your locks, because we can. The flat iron gives the hair an unmistakable matted down sheen. I’m sorry, but this stick straight coif trend just gives me the creeps. Why not just work with your natural texture? That’s sexy! After the jump, some celebrity men who got attacked by flatirons … and lost.

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