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Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Snow Bunnies

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Brrrr. It’s freaking cold out there. Fortunately, there is one upside to sub-zero weather: hot men in snowsuits. All I want to do is cozy up to a cup of piping hot dudes fresh off the slopes. There’s something really sexy about watching a man master the slopes. After a bodacious run, I can sit by the fire and peel away all of his pesky layers. Now those are some warm thoughts. [The Daily Beast]

After the jump, hotties in their snow gear.

10 Celebs Who Give PETA The Middle Finger

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Singer Kelis likes to stir up trouble almost as much as she likes milkshakes. Her latest target is PETA, which she lovingly accuses of being “the death of fashion.” Earlier this week, PETA finger-wagged at Kelis when she was photographed decked out from head to toe in furry creatures. Naturally, Kelis felt it necessary to write a rebuttal on MySpace. (Does anyone still use MySpace?) In her super-long rant, Kelis outted herself as far more than a fur supporter; apparently she’s also a crazy animal Terminator and promotes a rodent Holocaust. Of chinchilla and mink she said, “Quite honestly [they] are rodents, and if it weren’t in the form of a coat, I would demand they be put to death anyway.” A little bit scary, no? She also admitted to her desire to eat her prey before she wears it. She says, “[I] would eat pterodactyl if you found some and told me it was meaty and delicious.” Too bad dinosaurs are extinct. [PopEater]

But Kelis is not the only celeb that loves her fur. After the jump, some more celebs that have no problem giving PETA the middle finger.

Swofties Have More Fun

What do you think a “swofty” is? Hint: it’s not a new Dairy Queen dessert or some dirty sexual term. OK, I’ll tell you. A “swofty” is the new term for single women over 50 who are more likely to be out at a nightclub, flirting, than at home knitting their grandchildren sweaters. According to a new study, “swofties” are on the rise. The results show that the more than 600,000 mature females in the U.K. who are spinsters, widows or divorcees are happier than ever. More than 50 percent of the women surveyed say that they are content to live by themselves, 17 percent said they were dating, 20 percent reported having a rocking social life, and one-fifth are regulars on Facebook and Twitter. Sounds like old is the new young. Get ready to go clubbing with granny! [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

10 Extremely Odd Celebrity Look-Alikes

snook christina jpg
I was suffering through a dreary, winter evening when I heard my roommate laughing hysterically in the other room. “What?” I shouted, hoping for some excitement. “Snooki from ‘Jersey Shore’ looks exactly like Christina Aguilera during her Dirrty phase.” OMG, so freaking dead-on. It inspired me to find some other hilarious celebrity resemblances. For your entertainment during the dog days of winter, some more really odd celebrity look-alikes. It’s OK if you laugh. In fact … you’d better laugh.

Brangelina And Other Celebs Donating Mega-Bucks To Haiti Relief Effort

Aid groups from around the world are working tirelessly—racing against the clock—to rescue survivors, provide medical relief, food, and water after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on Tuesday. It is still unclear what the death toll will be (it’s estimated that it could be hundreds of thousands) or how severe the damage is, but reports and horrifying images from the ground indicate major destruction and chaos everywhere. Obama promised $100 million in immediate relief and even deployed 3,500 US Army members to assist, our most heroic relief effort since the tsunami in Indonesia. But communication is still limited and people are still searching for loved ones, like “Heroes” cast member and Haitian native Jimmy Jean-Louis. He is trying to find his parents after he learned that the house he grew up in collapsed, killing several relatives. So sad.

To help, many celebs have stepped up to offer big bucks for the cause. Keep reading »

Play Chatroulette, NOW!

Listen up, people! I think I just discovered the Holy Grail of all internet fun. A friend of mine told me about this site called It is literally a virtual, social roulette game. You log on (you need a web cam of some sort) and the site connects you randomly with another person in the world for a video chat. You can actually see and hear this person while you IM with them!! The future is here! For my first round, I was connected with Chad, an IT guy who works for Chatroulette. (He was doing some routine site checks.) I asked him what he wants the Friskyverse to know about the site. He replied, “That it’s fun!” No s**t, Chad. Too bad he was hot and I realized that I haven’t brushed my hair yet today and am still wearing my gym clothes. Bummer. [How come the first time I try it, I get a guy jerking off? Must be a fluke. Otherwise, totes SFW! — Editor] When I spun the virtual wheel again, I was connected to Anna, a 17-year-old girl hanging out with her cat. Whoever came up with this idea is a freaking genius. Try it now before the rest of the world catches on! Keep reading »

Reader Revealed: Talk To Us, Spatula

Hands down, the best thing about working at The Frisky is our amazing readers. We so heart all of your witty, thoughtful, and informative comments—heck, we even appreciate the mean ones. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder about the faces behind avatars. We decided to launch a weekly column where we learn all about a Frisky reader. After the jump, meet Spatula, one of our most prolific commenters. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Placing A Personal Ad (Almost) Ruined My Will To Date

When I was offered the opportunity to be one of “New York’s Most Eligible Bachelorettes” in a major local magazine, I laughed out loud. “There’s no way I will ever meet a guy that way,” I complained to my friends. “Why even bother? I already meet tons of guys. They just all suck. Plus, I’m happy alone.” After much coaxing, I decided my friends were right. I couldn’t turn down a professional photo shoot or an opportunity to get as close as I ever would to my fantasy of becoming the next “Bachelorette.” If only I liked to wear bikinis and go bungee-jumping, maybe ABC would consider me for the series. Keep reading »

Behold The Music Flesh Map

Fleshmap is a series of studies done by artists dedicated to an inquiry into human desire and its expression through touch, feel, and sound. Yep—it’s a little bit of crazy art science for ya. My favorite study on the site is about music genres and body parts. It maps out the body parts invoked most often in songs of different genres. Notice how eyes are number one in all genres—with the exceptions of hip-hop, where it’s all about booty, and gospel and blues, where hands rule. [] Keep reading »

Judging “American Idol” Guest Judge Victoria Beckham

Welcome all, to “American Idol” season nine. Will this season be the death rattle of “Idol” or a spectacular rebirth? It’s the first season after Paula-gate and the last season before Simon quits. For the auditions shows, Victoria Beckham, Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas, Neil Patrick Harris, and Katy Perry are stepping in as guest judges—all leading up to Ellen DeGeneres taking Paula’s abandoned chair. We are all on pins and needles waiting to find out if the new mix of judges will be pitch-perfect or pure cacophony. Last night the show premiered in Beantown with the usual mix of talentless freakazoids, manipulative human-interest contestants, and the Hollywood-bound few. Eh … if you’ve seen auditions once, you’ve seen them all. But I was less interested in the contestants and more interested in the bobblehead known as Posh Spice, who said judging “Idol” was a “dream come true.” The producers tried to edit Posh to be the kind and compassionate guest judge, but all I saw was weird robot bug eyes and a blank stare. Especially with that crazy headscarf on. Did anyone else notice how she just repeated whatever the other judges said? Plus, she swiveled in her chair the whole time. She must have been too hungry and self-absorbed to come up with original critiques. Keep reading »

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