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Guys: If You See This Girl, Run In The Opposite Direction

Crystal Gail Mangum really knows how to stir up trouble. In case you don’t remember her, she is the stripper who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of rape back in 2006. Yeah … rape is not really the kind of thing to lie about. The case caused such a stir that the Durham District Attorney lost his job over it. Apparently Crystal didn’t learn her lesson, because she is in trouble with the law yet again. And this time it’s for the attempted murder of her boyfriend. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Meeting Up With My Ex Was Therapeutic

Meeting up with an ex

I was in Brooklyn exactly one block from David’s* apartment with about one hour to spare. I knew what I had to do. I sent a text before I had too much time to think about it: “I’m in your hood. Have an hour to kill. Drink?” I got a queasy feeling in my stomach. It had been almost two years since the last time I’d seen him … Keep reading »

If Elf Sex Is Real, We Should All Move To Iceland ASAP

I remember the first and only time I visited Iceland. I was there for a brief layover on the way to Amsterdam. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that it looked as if I were landing on the moon. Not only that … but the airport looked like a strange space station from the 1950s and all of the people looked like sprightly clones. It was kind of wonderful, but a little bit frightening. Kind of like a vintage episode of the “Twilight Zone.” If only I had stayed a bit longer, I might have discovered why all of the Icelandic clones were grinning relentlessly. It wasn’t all the vodka they were consuming—apparently it was the elves. According to this video, Icelandic people often partake in something called “elf sex.”

Keep reading »

Frisky Reader Revealed: Humbled To Make Your Acquaintance, Bumbler

Hands down, the best thing about working at The Frisky is our amazing readers. We so heart all of your witty, thoughtful, and informative comments—heck, we even appreciate the mean ones. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder about the faces behind avatars. We decided to launch a weekly column where we learn all about a Frisky reader. After the jump, meet Bumbler, one of our most prolific commenters. Keep reading »

High Schools Get Creative To Stop Dirty Dancing

Apparently, school dances have progressed from the days when the girls stood at one side of the gym and the boys stood on the other. Nope, today’s horny little teenagers are freaking and grinding and doing whatever they can at school dances to rub their privates together. How do I know about this problem? Well, I used to be a high school teacher, which meant I was also required to chaperone at least two school dances per year. I taught at an all-girls Catholic school, meaning that freaking was strictly forbidden. The worst part was that as a chaperone I was required to wear a T-shirt that said in big, black block lettering, “NO FREAKING ALLOWED,” and carry a flashlight to shine on teens getting down on the dance floor. This was extremely uncomfortable for me because: A) I’m actually not terribly anti-freaking as long as there is no nudity, harassment, or actual sex; B) I so didn’t want an image of my students getting jiggy on the dance floor burned into my memory; and C) since I looked so young at the time, in the dark most of the boys thought I was a teenage girl attending the dance stag. Once a young dude even grabbed me and started freaking with me when I shined the light on his gyrating pelvis. My female students just stood around chanting my name. Awkward and mortifying.

But it looks like other high schools are cracking down on bumping and grinding, too. And they’re getting pretty creative. Keep reading »

Should Condom Companies Adjust Sizes To Fit Male Egos?

We’ve all heard the famous “condoms are too tight for me” line before, right, ladies? Well, according to a new survey from the Kinsey Institute, 45 percent of men are actually telling the truth. Sounds like a suspicious statistic on account of how stretchy those damn things are … but I will give dudes the benefit of the doubt for now. Of the 436 men surveyed, about half reported that condoms just didn’t fit them properly. They also complained of breakage, slippage, lack of pleasure, and peen irritation. To help solve these poor men’s d**k issues, the Kinsey Institute has recommended that condom companies re-brand their sizing in order to accommodate men’s egos. So, a “small” would be a “large,” a “medium” would be an “extra-large,” etc. This new sizing would theoretically allow men to buy condoms that fit them without being embarrassed. Really? Is the male ego that fragile? Does that mean we should start re-branding bra sizes as well? [Asylum] Keep reading »

Single Ladies, Now You Can Blame It On Your Parents!

Normally, we are encouraged to stop blaming our parents for our problems. But a new study proves that it may be good ole mom and dad’s fault if you’re a single lady with few prospects. Turns out, our ability to attract mates may be linked to our genetic makeup and Australian researchers have located some immune system genes in female DNA that may be responsible for reeling in the dudes. Aha! I knew it wasn’t my fault! Keep reading »

10 (Alleged) Celebrity Crack Heads

crack brooke mueller jpg
Crack is not the drug you would expect a celebrity to get hooked on. Aren’t they at least rich enough to afford some pure cocaine or something classy like that? We know Charlie Sheen’s wife, Brooke Mueller, was on something when she entered rehab last week, but now is reporting a rumor that it was for a raging crack habit. Then again, I guess you’d have to be on crack to marry Charlie and procreate with him? Yeah, that was a really low blow. []

After the jump, some more celebrities who supposedly have hit the rock.

In Case You Were Wondering … The Sammi And Ronnie Breakup Was For Real

sammi giancola and ronnie magro photo

Sammi and Ronnie were an inspiration for young guido lovers everywhere … until MTV revealed some shady footage of Sammi flirting with The Situation on the “Jersey Shore” reunion show. As we all remembered, it prompted dramatic tears from Sammi (she locked herself in the bathroom) and some dramatic words from Ronnie, “I cut girls quicker than barbers do.” Harsh, dude. Based on their tumultuous history at the Shore house, I was predicting they’d be back together before I could say, “Gym, tan, laundry,” because that’s just how SamRo rolls. But I guess I was wrong. Keep reading »

Valentine’s Day … Celebrity-Style

On Sunday night, as I sat at a crappy vegetarian restaurant with a bunch of my single girlfriends, I found myself wondering, “What are the rich and famous up to tonight? Could they, too, be having a conversation about how guacamole is the nectar of the gods?” I was betting that celebrity couples were wining and dining it up at the most exclusive spots in the world. But perhaps not. Britney Spears and her agent-boyfriend, Jason Trawick, were spotted having their idea of a romantic meal: McDonald’s drive-thru for French fries. I wonder if they super sized it for the occasion? [People]

OK, I guess my V-Day wasn’t so lame after all. After the jump, what some other celeb couples were doing this February 14th. Keep reading »

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