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Baby Owner’s Manual

Congratulations on acquiring your new baby! Understanding its anatomy is essential to maximizing its cuteness. When all the parts are working together in harmony, it’s possible to achieve optimized functionality. Baby parts are important to become familiar with. For example, the cry hole is connected to the snot hole. So if you stop one up with a pacifier, the other may leak. Or if you feed the cry hole too much, there are going to be problems in the poop factory. Read on for further instructions. [Pleated Jeans] Keep reading »

Text It With Balloon Animals

Now you can add cuteness to the most difficult-to-write texts and emails with AnimalFont, a typography for your iPhone made entirely of balloon animals. It also has a special shake feature that creates adorable sound effects with every word. If that wasn’t enough, the developers are donating proceeds to relief efforts in Japan. Yay! I am so buying this app and using it exclusively to compose controversial/unpleasant communication. I wonder how “You’re a lame tard!” or “Thanks for forgetting my birthday, bitch!” looks and sounds in AnimalFont? It’s hard to get mad at a balloon animal. [Buzzaurus] Keep reading »

Dorm Room Inspiration Board: For The Undeclared Student

undeclared dorm g1 jpg
Let’s face it, not all of us go to college knowing that we want to be scientists or sculptors. Some of us don’t have a clue what we are going to do with our lives. Isn’t that the point of college? To soul search and figure it out? Just because your major is undeclared doesn’t mean your dorm room can’t be super cute while you’re exploring your options. Click through to see where you can get the above items and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Back to School content.

Money Shot: Post-Coital Barbie

Uh oh. Barbie has JBF hair. Somebody’s been gettin’ wild in the Dream House. And who is that strapping, plastic man she’s with? It’s certainly not Ken. Get it, girl. [Neo P***y] Keep reading »

Fun With “Stocking”

I’m tired of saying _______ is the new ___________. But a new meme thingy that’s happening on the interwebs is “stocking.” No, it doesn’t involve trolling on your ex’s Facebook page to see if he’s dating again. It’s all about having fun recreating silly stock photos. This is my first attempt at stocking (pictured above). My angles could have been better, but overall, not shabby, huh? As long as I have power this weekend, I plan to perfect my stocking technique during Hurricane Irene. That is, once I have polished off both of my bottles of wine. Should be a hoot, but not as fun as owling! [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

Your Daily Science: Black Hole Devours Star

If you got a rush watching sharks prey on lesser forms of sea life during Shark Week, wait until you see what happens when predators attack in space. For the first time ever, a NASA satellite caught this massive black hole — about one million times bigger than our sun — devouring an unlucky star, Swift J1644+57, that got in its way. Until now, scientists had only theorized about how how black holes fed on matter; this is the first time they’ve been able to witness it. That is some crazy s**t! May I humbly suggest a Space Week on the Discovery Channel? [MSNBC] Keep reading »

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