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Lesbirdians? Turns Out Animals Can Be Gay, Too!

Not sure how I missed this one last week, but according to a New York Times Magazine article, animals can be gay, just like humans. The Laysan albatross, which is considered one of the most monogamous species of birds in the animal kingdom, is not always as heterosexual as scientists once believed. As it turns out, many of these lovebirds are lesbians, or … lesbirdans? (Sorry, had to.) But the albatross isn’t the only example of a homosexual creature in the animal kingdom. Various forms of same-sex sexual activity has been observed in over 450 animal species including flamingos, dolphins, bison, beetles warthogs, koalas, and orangutans. So, basically, almost any kind of animal imaginable can be gay, although it’s less common in some species than others. And scientists have been keeping this kind of under the radar. Why? Keep reading »

Girl Talk: The Phone Call Rule

At brunch on Sunday, my friend Liza explained to me what she calls “the phone call rule.”

“Now that I’m out of the ‘one-night stand’ game, I have a rule that if I hang out with a guy that I’m dating, even casually, and we engage in intimate activities, I tell him that I would appreciate a phone call from him the next day.”

“Really?” I asked, my jaw kind of dropping.

“Yeah. I politely tell him that a phone call the next day represents respect,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be a long phone call, or anything. I just want him to ask me if I’m doing OK or tell me he had a good time or whatever. Is this really too much to ask?”

My first reaction was, “Yes.” Then again, this is coming from a girl who felt weird asking a guy I had just engaged in “intimate activities” with to help me find a cab at 3 a.m. Keep reading »

Is Oral Sex About To Become Extinct?

I’m concerned for the future of oral sex, folks. A few unflattering news items are threatening to make our favorite pastime a thing of the past. What a tragedy that would be. After the jump, the latest bad news about oral. We’re sorry, old friend. Keep reading »

10 Time-Tested, 100 Percent True Dating Theories

Yesterday, I stumbled across this list of dating theories from an anonymous dude who claims to have over two decades of dating experience. That’s a confirmed bachelor, all right. Most of his theories were funny (“Women Who Begin Emails With ‘Hey You’ Are Crazy”) and some were straight-up genius (“Drinking Red Wine On Dates Is The Best”). This got me thinking about some of our favorite dating theories over here at The Frisky. Check out our assorted theories after the jump, and share yours in the comments. Keep reading »

10 Reasons We’re Super Excited For Kristen Wiig’s “Bridesmaids”

Kristen Wiig can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s like the new Gilda Radner of “Saturday Night Live” and, finally, her career is starting to expand beyond that. Recently, she’s brought some of her funny to the big screen. And thus, I was so excited to find out that Kristen has co-written a new comedy called “Bridesmaids,” about a group of girls competing to plan their friend’s wedding. I’m laughing already. After the jump, some reasons why I think this may just be the best comedy ever. [NY Post] Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Astronauts

astronauts slide 1 jpg
Space shuttle Discovery launched into orbit today headed for the international space station. Pilot James Dutton reminded us of something very important: astronauts are sexy. There’s something about a man willing to go where no man has gone before that makes us ready for liftoff. After the jump, some space travelers we’re over the moon about. Now if we could only figure out how to remove that pesky space suit. [NPR]

12 Famous Men With Truly Heinous Hair

bad hair nic cage jpg
What happened to Nicolas Cage? I understand that he may be having some financial troubles at the moment, but that’s no excuse for the heinousness going on with his hair. All I can say is that he’d better be prepping for a role as an aging hockey player with a drug problem. Three words: shave it, buddy. Somebody help him. [Celebitchy]

After the jump, famous guys with awful hair who should be ashamed of themselves.

What Are Your Dating Theories?

I stumbled across this list of dating theories by a man with two decades of experience. They were mostly funny – see “Women Who Begin Emails With ‘Hey You’ Are Crazy” – but some I would consider straight up gospel – “Drinking Red Wine On Dates Is The Best.” This got me thinking about some of my favorite dating theories. Check out the ones I live by after the jump. Share yours in the comments. [Lemondrop] Keep reading »

Decode My Dream: A Confusing Reunion With An Old Flame

I am curious about a dream I had last night. Before I share the dream, I should give you the background.

In college, I had a near-affair with a close friend. Unfortunately, the timing and where we were in life was all wrong and we ended up severing all ties in 2003. We got back in touch this past October. He was going through some difficult things at that time, and said that he wasn’t very good at maintaining relationships. It has in fact been very difficult to communicate with him at all on any subject, no matter how impersonal. In December, he informed me that he “couldn’t offer me the kind of closeness [I] wanted.” Note: what I wanted was never discussed. But he said he didn’t want to stop talking altogether. I have not heard from him since, nor do I expect to in the future.

Keep reading »

Look! A Lesbian Reality TV Show!

Rejoice all, because lesbians are hitting reality TV. No, “The Real Housewives” franchise didn’t pick them up, but Showtime is doing a reality series called “The Real L Word” based on the network’s “The L Word,” which followed a group of hot gay women in West Hollywood. The big question: will the reality version be as good as the scripted version? Answer: it could be even better. After the jump, meet the cast. Keep reading »

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