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Proven Fact: Justin Bieber Inspires Violence

I haven’t quite figured out what it is about that little Bieber boy that causes his fans to turn into violent psychos. Yes, he “looks” like a lesbian with his perfectly coiffed hair that falls effortlessly over one eye, but is he really riot-worthy? Last night in New Zealand, a mob of tweens greeted him at the airport by stealing his hat and bulldozing his poor mother to the ground. Come on, kids. He can’t be that boink-able. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, some more violent Bieber incidents. Keep reading »

The Psychology Behind Your Irritating Co-Workers

Of course, I have the best co-workers in the world at The Frisky. But let’s just say it hasn’t always been that way at other jobs. Oh, do I have stories. As some of us may have experienced, dysfunction in the work place is rampant. How many times have you wanted to respond to a passive-aggressive email with one simple sentence: “You need therapy.” No need to take it personally that your lazy co-worker took credit for all your hard work in that big meeting or that your boss chastised you for a spelling error. It’s not your fault. They are just acting out their childhood wounds. At least that’s what leadership coach Sylvia LaFair thinks. She believes office dysfunction is deep-rooted behavior learned during childhood. Sylvia offers a new technique to identify the childhood origins of bad work behavior and defuse harmful habits. The first step to having a less dysfunctional work environment, she believes, is becoming aware of the patterns and figuring out how you are enacting them or feeding into them. After the jump, a few of the behavior types identified in Sylvia LaFair’s book, Don’t Bring It To Work, and the dynamics from whence they came. This should be a fun office game for the day: uncover your co-workers’ childhood wounds. Keep reading »

Sandra Bullock And 6 Other Celebs Who Have Adopted Solo

8 Female Celebs Who Have Adopted Solo

ZOMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Tami Taylor, ugh, I mean Connie Britton, the actress who played Tami Taylor, best mom/wife in the history of ever on “Friday Night Lights,” has announced that she adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia! “It was such a wonderful moment of completion,” Britton said of holding baby Yoby in her arms for the first time after a three-year adoption process. “I thought I was going to collapse into a puddle of tears. I was just grinning from ear to ear.” Congrats! [ONTD]

Seriously, I find this so inspiring. I want to be a mother so much someday, and women like Connie Britton and the seven other women in this slideshow are a reminder that doing so without a partner is possible.

Lindsay Lohan And 6 Other Celebs Who Got Dropped From Films

film drops g1 jpg
Lindsay Lohan has been dumped once again. This time not by a girlfriend but by a film director. David Michaels, the writer and director of “The Other Side” (which is also starring Woody Harrelson, Alanis Morissette, Giovanni Ribisi, and Dave Matthews), announced that the production team “simply chose to move on from Lindsay.” Insiders are saying that the Lohan brand no longer brings in the big bucks—that she’s no longer “bankable.” Ouch. I wonder if the crazy tweets and alleged drug problem has anything to do with it? The saddest part is that this was a pity role to begin with. LiLo supposedly only landed the part because Brittany Murphy died. [NY Daily News] OK, I feel bad for her now. But she can take comfort in the fact that she is not alone. After the jump, some other actors who got dropped.

10 Ways Whitney Houston Can Turn Her Tragic Tour Around

We were totally rooting for Whitney Houston after she dumped Bobby, kicked the crack habit, sat down on Oprah’s couch, and got her comeback tour on the road. But at some point along the way, the tour turned into a total bust. She has been plagued by respiratory problems that she claims were caused by a bad AC unit. And at her Sunday concert at London’s O2 arena, her voice simply gave out in the middle of “I Will Always Love You.” “Oh, it’s going to come,” Houston pleaded with disappointed fans in the middle of the song. “I wanna do it—but [my voice] just doesn’t want to. I have long talks with her. Well, tonight she’s getting a little temperamental.” (Side note: it’s not OK to talk about your voice in the third person.) Critics are calling her a shadow of her former self and superstar in dramatic decline. Eek! [People]

Whitney needs our help and quick. After the jump, some suggestions for Whitney to turn this tour around quickly. Keep reading »

Tamara Lowe Freestyles For Jesus

Christian free-styler, Tamara Lowe, knows that best way into the kingdom of heaven is with a little motivational slam poetry for the Lord. Moral of story sinners: pop culture is crap, Jesus is where it’s at. In fact, he’s a superstar. How fresh would this sound over a hot beat? All she needs is a big, gold chain. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Life Lesson: Don’t Rip People Off And Put The Evidence In A Love Letter

In case you didn’t already know, it’s wrong to knowingly rip people off. Ya know, like when our economy went to hell and big banks claimed to have no idea that the housing market was about to collapse. Because giving home loans to people who can’t pay them back and then having people invest in bundles of such loans is like totally legit and ethical. Anyway, if you are knowingly ripping people off in said fashion, you probably don’t want to share that information in emails to your lover.

Goldman Sachs bond trader, Fabrice Tourre, who liked to refer to himself as “fabulous Fab,” made some not-so-fabu electronic whoopsies that will be at the center of the SEC fraud hearing against the company. Keep reading »

The Many Rebounds Of Josh Hartnett

You’d think that a rich and famous stone fox like Josh Hartnett wouldn’t need a dating strategy. But apparently he’s the rebound king. Josh likes to find hot, famous girls who’ve just broken up with someone and then swoops in for the kill. Questionable … yes. But I wouldn’t be mad if Josh Harnett rolled up on his motorcycle and helped nurse my wounded heart back to health. I guess that’s how Abbie Cornish feels. The two have supposedly been hot and heavy for the last month. Ryan Phillippe who? [Celebitchy]

After the jump, some more of Josh Harnett’s rebound scores. Keep reading »

A Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Video Game?

The video game world is about to get a whole lot raunchier. It was enough to be inundated with ‘bloid news of Tiger Woods’ army of mistresses, but a new video game will allow you to live his sexcapades, virtually. Get ready to find out what it’s like to be in Tiger’s plaid pants in a new raunchy video game called “Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010” from the creators of “Grand Theft Auto.” Players follow Tiger on the green, in nightclubs, and on to many a hotel room bed. (I’m sure.) The point of the game? For players to get laid as often as possible and earn additional lives based on the number of orgasms they give and receive. You probably get bonus points for Ambien sex or sexting as well. Does this sound way wrong to anyone else? If I were Tiger, I’d be cruising for a lawsuit. But maybe I’m overreacting. [AOL] Keep reading »

10 Celebs With Bad Restaurant Reps

restaurant slide 1 jpg
For top-notch restaurants, there’s no worse nightmare than having rude celebrities waltz in for dinner. The combination of big egos and big wallets can be a big to-do for the staff. Just because you’re rich and famous doesn’t mean that you can ditch your table manners and avoid having your food spit in. If you see these celebs’ reservations on the books, brace yourself for a dinner you’ll never forget.
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