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Frisky Reader Revealed: Open Up To Us, Unbounded

Hands down, the best thing about working at The Frisky is our amazing readers. We so heart all of your witty, thoughtful, and informative comments—heck, we even appreciate the mean ones. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder about the faces behind avatars. So we decided to launch a weekly column where we learn all about a Frisky reader. After the jump, meet Unbounded, one of our most prolific commenters. Keep reading »

6 Male Stars Who Went Full-Frontal

Male Stars Who Went Full-Frontal
Raise your hand if you thought Noah Mills, Samantha’s boy toy, was totally shag-worthy in “SATC2.” Raise your other hand if you wouldn’t mind him doing some full-frontal in the future. Now that we all have our hands in the air and look like idiots … some sad news. In a recent interview, he said full-frontal is a boundary he wouldn’t want to cross. “I’m already a model and there’s a lot of things that are assumed about me. You see other actors doing full-frontal—like why? For me, at this point, I wasn’t ready to do that. Some nudity is fine, but that’s a little too personal,” he said. Boo! Hiss! [NY Post]

Wait, maybe we can peer pressure him into it. After the jump, some other men who pulled off full-frontal nudity with grace and class. Pay attention, Noah.

Fergie Admits She’s A Drunk, Broke, Hot Mess On “Oprah”

No, not that Fergie—I’m talking about the the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. Yesterday, she sat down on the Big O‘s couch to talk about her recent scandal. You know, the one where she tried to sell access to her ex, Prince Andrew, to an undercover reporter (posing as a business man) for big bucks and unfortunately got caught on film? Oopsie! At first, the ginger Duchess asked the reporter for a $40K down payment to “help a friend.” Then she asked him for another $70K to provide access to Prince Andrew. What Oprah and everyone else in the world wanted to know—why? Keep reading »

The 10 Most Awkward Makeout Sessions

awkward makeout al and tipper gore jpg


Richard Burton’s Love Letters To Liz Taylor Released — Do You Have A Love You Pine Away For?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had one of those great, epic love affairs that spanned decades. Yes, she had many, many grooms, but I think the fact that Richard was her groom twice qualifies him as the most important man in her life. (Well, with the exception of Michael Jackson, maybe.) Their relationship was tumultuous, full of twists and turns. At times they were madly, passionately in love; at others times, they were hating each other; and sometimes they were just friends. Now we will finally get a glimpse into Burton’s complex inner life and the couple’s complicated relationship. A new set of unpublished love letters from Burton to Taylor will be featured in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. Keep reading »

Diagnosing “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”

I must admit I’ve really been enjoying “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” this season. Not so much as a TV show, but as more of a psychological guessing game. What the hell is wrong with these women? They must be the most screwed-up people on Bravo, putting the Atlanta and New York ladies to shame. When I was in school studying to be a counselor, they used to give us these case studies of patients who sought therapy. We would read about their issues and have to diagnose them according to the DSM IV, which is basically the bible of psychology. As I was catching up on some episodes of the circus that is “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” I was having a blast trying to match the ladies with a clinical diagnosis. Danielle Staub is like a textbook case of Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s serious, people—she needs help. I can so imagine them showing clips of her in psychology classes around the country. “Watch and learn, students. This is what BPD looks like.” After the jump, the results of my diagnostic guessing game. Keep reading »

New Study Says More Than Half Of All Couples Are Unhappy

Bad news about relationships, folks. They might not be as fun as we think—especially when we are single and we see a canoodling couple. According to a new study, six out of 10 couples are no longer in the honeymoon phase. To be precise, they are fairly miserable and feel their relationship has much room for improvement. Of those six couples, four of them want out and one out of 10 doesn’t even trust their partner anymore. Geez, why even stay together at that point? But the stats get more depressing. Of the 3,000 couples surveyed, 75 percent don’t have sex as often as when they started dating (well, duh), more than 50 percent say that their partner is no longer affectionate, 25 percent say that their sex lives are obligatory, 33 percent say acts of spontaneity have ceased, 13 percent don’t share the same vision for their lives, 19 percent don’t spend enough time together, and seven percent don’t even like each other anymore. Holy relationship sadness! Almost makes you want to stay single … forever. People in a happy relationship, now would be the time to pipe up and offer words of encouragement! After the jump, the top 10 relationship complaints from the survey. Keep reading »

New Dance Craze: The Surra De Bunda Is Perfect For Lazy Dudes

Dance craze alert! There’s a new raunchy dance coming out of Brazil called the Surra De Bunda. The general idea is that a guy sits on the ground with his legs outstretched. Yeah, that’s all he does. Then a scantily clad lady dances while he watches her butt. Then she puts her hands on his ankles and her feet on his shoulders and proceeds to buck his face with her butt like a feral donkey. It’s kind of NSFW, unless you work at a strip joint. Don’t get scared! They’re just dancing, kids. This is like every man’s dream come true. If this craze catches on in da club, strippers everywhere are going to be out of work and lap dances will be so last year. Check out Surra De Bunda in action, after the jump … you know, so you can learn how to do it. Or not. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Heidi And Spencer Split! 10 Ideas For How Heidi Can Become Human Again

Ding dong, Spencer Pratt‘s dead! It’s even better than when the Wicked Witch of the West melted. Let’s all rejoice that Heidi Montag may be leaving this douchebag once and for all! Heidi’s rep has confirmed that the couple is separating, but not divorcing, calling this period in their relationship a “hiccup.” Sounds like more than a hiccup to me. So why is she leaving? Sources say that Heidi loves Spencer but has lost contact with her friends and family and started to realize what she was missing. Ya think? I wonder what took her so long to come to this particular epiphany and too bad it took a back scooping to get there. Let’s hope that this split is for real and not just an elaborate ploy for her new reality show with Jen Bunney, an occasional character on “The Hills.” Heidi is moving in with the aspiring doctor [Wait, seriously? She's an "aspiring doctor"? -- Editor Amelia] for the summer while the cameras roll, to see if she will choose to be a single lady or get back together with her svengali. Please let her have filed divorce papers by the end of August! [Us Weekly]

After the jump, suggestions for how Heidi can become a normal human being now that Spencer is out of the picture. Keep reading »

Decode My Dream: My Eyeball Came Out!

I had a dream the other night where I was standing in front of a mirror and I felt like I had something in my left eye. So, I started digging around in my eyeball and popped off the casing of my entire eyeball like it was a contact lens or something. I could still see perfectly it just looked like my left eye was completely white. When it came off if looked like an emptied out cow eyeball like I dissected in middle school. It was really dirty inside, so I started cleaning it out with soap and water until the water inside ran clear. Then I panicked for a moment, not knowing how to get the casing back on my eyeball. I took a deep breath, I was kind of grossed out, and I shoved it back in and my eye was back to normal. What does this mean? – One-eyed lady

Keep reading »

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