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8 Ways Megan Fox Can Save Her Career

I don’t think Megan Fox’s career has been going too well since she was fired from “Transformers 3.” She’s no longer in the rags every day and she’s desperately trying to drum up business. The girl needs help. But I know what’s not going to help. Getting a weird tattoo. Megan recently got some new ink in honor of Mickey Rourke, her co-star in the movie “Passion Play.” It’s a Nietzche quote across her ribs that says, “Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” OK, we get it. You’re really insane like Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Rourke and you need work, stat. After the jump, eight better ideas for how Megan can save her career. [Dlisted] Keep reading »

What Are Your First Impression Dealbreakers?

We talk a whole lot about dating dealbreakers here in the Friskyverse, but I want to chat about what makes us say, “No way!” in 30 seconds flat. Ya know, before we have a chance to find out that he hates our clothes, thinks we need grooming, or is incapable of feeling love. My biggest first impression dealbreaker is a pair of those long, pointy-toed loafers. I know it’s superficial, but I can’t help it. If a guy is wearing them, I’m walking away. End of story. I’m also really turned off by a man doused in cologne. It’s an assault on my senses! After the jump, some of the Frisky staffers share their first impression dealbreakers. Share yours in the comments. Keep reading »

Amazing Blog Alert: The Highlights From “I’m Remembering!”

im remembering bubble yum jpg
It can be fun to remember the stupidly embarrassing things we did when we were kids. Especially if we were kids in the ’80s, the cheesiest time in history, like, ever. Hillary Buckholtz’s blog, I’m Remembering!, is chock-full of ’80s nostalgia that will take you down all sorts of memory lanes you completely forgot existed. Thanks to her, I’m remembering my Bubble Yum Gum obsession. I used to hide ABC (“already been chewed”) pieces of the sugary stuff under my nightstand and pop them in my mouth after my parents had put me to bed. Grape was my nighttime flavor of choice. Why? Because I was a weirdo. Inevitably, it usually ended up in my hair in the morning. My mom loved that! [I'm Remembering]

After the jump, some more things that “I’m Remembering!” made me remember. Don’t laugh. OK, fine … do. What are you remembering? Share your cringe-worthy memories in the comments.

Questions For Our Fathers: Ami’s Dad

In honor of Father’s Day we’re interviewing our dads to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Ami’s dad.

My dad Zac is the coolest cat on the block. He’s a Brooklyn dude who was a former college basketball player. And he’s still at the top of his game 30 years later. He’ll whoop your butt at just about any sport and he still makes time to climb the mountain every day. I know … crazy. But the thing I admire about him the most was how he chose to make his family his first priority in life. My father was always around … for everything. When I was young, we used to go on outings we called “Ami and Zolo solos.” We even made up a little song to go along with it. He would take me for breakfast and make fun of my favorite music – he liked to call Cyndi Lauper “Cindy Pooper” just to make me mad. As I got older, he carted me around to my rehearsals and singing lessons. He never missed a performance. And miraculously he still found a way to be at all of my brother’s sporting games. As I became an adult, I realized how incredibly witty and wise he is. I can always go to him if I need advice about my career or life or if I just need a laugh. And my favorite thing is if anyone has done me wrong, he threatens to hang them from a flagpole by their underwear. Must be a Brooklyn thing. Sigh … if only I could find a guy as great as my dad. After the jump, his thoughts about fatherhood. Keep reading »

The Daily Ovulation: A Baby And A Tortoise

This video of the extraordinary friendship between toddler Lulu and tortoise Leonard is stupid cute. I especially love that it’s set against a song from “Pete’s Dragon.” God, that movie was so awesome. But can’t get over the fact that Lulu is bound to catch salmonella at some point. It’s not right to bathe with a tortoise. It’s just not. Love hurts. Best to learn that lesson young. [Buzz Feed] Keep reading »

“Sexsomnia” Sounds Like The Worst Sleep Disorder Ever

A new study shows that “sexsomnia,” a sleeping disorder where people try to have sex in their sleep, is more common than scientists initially believed. Research revealed that one in 12 people—three-fourths more men than women—were self-reported “sexsomniacs.” Their sexual behavior while sleeping ranged from masturbation to intercourse. The thing that makes it really crappy is that the “sexsomniac” usually doesn’t remember any of it in the morning. The side effects for “sexsomniacs” are fairly mild, like they may be kind of tired or depressed the next day. The consequences however can be way more dire for their partners or even people who share the same house with them. Just imagine the awful possibilities. Talk about a nightmare. [Telegraph]
Keep reading »

Poll: How Do You Keep Track Of Your Former Lovers?

How Do You Keep Track Of Your Former Lovahs?

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Rom-Com Smackdown: The 1990s Versus The 2000s

I used to be a big fan of romantic comedies in the ’90s. But when the 2000s rolled around, they just got embarrassing. Hello, “27 Dresses.” Maybe it was because I had grown up by that point and so had my taste in movies. Or maybe it’s because the rom-coms of the last decade leave a lot to be desired. Why? Because although there have been a few good ones (“500 Days of Summer” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”), I think the genre is having an identity crisis.

Some are slick and ’80s reminiscent, but that naïveté doesn’t fit anymore. Some go for a gritty ’90s feel, but they seem to be trying too hard. See, ’90s rom-coms were a reaction to the cheese-tastic style of ones made in the ’80s. We all enjoyed the silly implausibility of “16 Candles,” but by the time we had come out of the opulent haze of the ’80s, our romantic tastes got a sober makeover more appropriate for the times. They had a grittier, more realistic edge … but still with a happy ending. Nothing tugs at my heartstrings quite like grunge music and Doc Martens. After the jump, some of my fave ’90’s rom-coms face off against ones made in the 2000s. Keep reading »

Dancing Alone To “Pony”

A new blog, Dancing Alone to Pony, is bringing back a ’90s R&B song in a big way. Do you remember Ginuwine’s super sexual song “Pony”? Of course you do. The lyrics are pretty darn grind-worthy—there’s a bit about riding a pony … and I don’t think he means a baby horse. Blogger A. Mart could not forget the song and all of its untapped potential. So he’s collected videos of people dirty dancing to the tune for his blog, which is “dedicated to the solitary soldiers keeping the grind alive.” [Urlesque, Dancing Alone To Pony]

After the jump, more of my favorite “Pony” vids. To quote R. Kelly, “I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.” Keep reading »

What Is “Header Face”?

If you were watching the World Cup this weekend, then you definitely saw your fair share of “header face.” I know it sounds oh-so-dirty, but really it’s just what happens to one’s face when a soccer ball makes contact with one’s head. I mean, how can you not a have a ridiculous expression under such circumstances? Like this guy. He looks so stupid that even his competitor can’t stop laughing. After the jump, some pics of really hilarious “header face.” [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

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