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Frisky Rant: I’m On Team Vienna

Not that I was really on team anyone before, but I’ve watched the Jake and Vienna breakup special. Actually, I watched it twice, once alone and once with Aunt Mildred the body language expert, hoping to gain a new perspective. I always hated Vienna. When I watched her on “The Bachelor,” I thought she was a whiny, immature drama queen. That hasn’t changed. I still think she is. Maybe a little trashy. Maybe a little desperate for attention. Maybe just really young and naïve about the world. I thought I would still hate her on the breakup special. I wanted to. I thought I would side with Jake. Wrong. Like it or not, I’m totally on her team. Keep reading »

Tipper Gore Stands By Her Man. And I Respect That.

Even though Tipper and Al Gore are ending their 40-year marriage, Tipper is refusing to jump on the Al mud-slinging bandwagon. She is standing by her (ex) man, publicly saying that she thinks masseuse Molly Hagerty’s claims that Al sexually assaulted her are bogus. She’s also refuting other accusations that Al had relations with the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker—aka a cheerleader, a Hollywood producer, and Laurie David. Keep reading »

10 Ways To Keep From Going Insane In The Heat

I woke up sweating this morning even with the AC blasting in my room. Hooray! It’s 90+ degrees in NYC today! Maybe you have a stronger constitution than I, but this heat does not work for me, especially since I am prone to face sweat. Yuck! I consulted with other Frisky staffers to brainstorm ways to deal with this insane heat. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. Lord knows I could use the help before I go crazy! Keep reading »

Beware: You Can Catch A Divorce From Your Friends

If you are planning on making your marriage last, steer clear of divorced people. Yes—break out your gas mask, because a new study shows that divorce is highly contagious. Researchers found that having a close friend or co-worker who’s divorced increases your chances of getting divorced by 75 percent. Even knowing a friend of friend going through a divorce increases your chances of splitsville by 33 percent. Researchers call this phenomenon “divorce clustering.” So why is divorce so contagious? Watching friends go through a divorce is thought to make one look at their own relationship under a microscope. That and being surrounded by divorced folks lessens the stigma. Screw the swine flu; divorce is the new pandemic. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

5 Unforgivable Beach Fashion Violations

beach offenses ears jpg
Yesterday Amelia, Kate, and I took a long overdue beach trip to get our tanning, swimming, and trashy mag reading on. While the day was pure bliss for the most part, there were a few fashion faux pas that interrupted our beachly Zen. Like this young lady waiting in line to use the litter box. It’s just not OK to wear ears to the beach. It’s never really OK to wear ears, well, maybe on Halloween, but I can’t even dream up a reason that justifies wearing kitty ears to the beach. If we could have given her a fashion ticket, we would have. Instead, we snapped a pic. After the jump, some more totally unacceptable beach violations we saw. You’ve been warned. If caught partaking in these fashion violations on the beach, we reserve the right to take you into custody.

10 Celebrity Single Daddies

single celebrity dads christian ronaldo jpg
Somebody has been scoring with super hot soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and it’s not his girlfriend, Russian model Irina Shayk. Gasp! This weekend he Tweeted some big news. “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy,” he said. “As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.” So, uh, who is Ronaldo’s baby mama? We may never know. [NY Post]

I’m already over that. Let’s talk about how he’s planning to be a single daddy. So sexy. After the jump, more celebrity single dads.

Hackers Send Justin Bieber Fans To Porn Sites

Justin Bieber and his fans had a rough Independence Day. Hackers set out to destroy the little guy with the lesbian fringe. Yesterday, these anti-Bieberites rigged YouTube clips of the little songster so that when ‘tween fans clicked on them, they would be redirected to porno sites. Noooo! Next, came a hoax—a pop-up announcement that Biebs had died in a car crash. I don’t even want to know what that ‘tween riot would have looked like had the awful news been true. Suspected of this Bieber-tage are the 4chan crew, the hackers responsible for spreading the “Justin Bieber has syphilis” rumor last month. Oh, come on. Pick on someone your own size! [NY Post] Keep reading »

Poll: Do We Care About “The Rachel Zoe Project” Now That Taylor Is Gone?

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5 Ways To Lose A Girl In 5 Minutes

I recently went out on a very, very disappointing date. The sad thing was that I thought I really liked this guy going into it. We had met a week earlier at a mutual friend’s party and hit it off. We had a great conversation and had lots in common. He asked me thoughtful questions, seemed interested in getting to know me, and made sure to get my number when we parted ways. He asked me out to dinner a couple days later, sent nice emails in the interim saying how excited he was to see me again, even called me on the phone for a chat. Everything seemed in order for us to have an amazing time on our date. Oh, how wrong I was. After the jump, the five things that this guy did to lose me in five minutes. He totally would have had it in the bag. What a doofus. Keep reading »

5 Forms Of Fitness That Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

It seemed so much easier to exercise when we were kids, right? I mean, I had zero responsibility and got to spend hours playing outside. Getting my heart rate up for 30 minutes was no biggie. I didn’t even know I was doing it. Growing up in weather-friendly Arizona, I did a lot of bike riding, swimming, and outdoor fort-building with the other kids in the neighborhood. My brother and I had skateboards, mopeds, roller blades, the works. Even though organized sports were not my thing — I was about as far from athletic as humanly possible — it was still a blast to get outside and get sweaty. I miss that feeling of coming home all tuckered out because I’d been playing for hours. That experience of play is something I often try to re-create in my fitness regimes as an adult. That’s why I like Nia so much, because, duh, it’s fun. As a grown-up, I do so many things on a daily basis that are not fun — waking up early, paying bills, grocery shopping, being squished on a crowded subway train. When I finally do manage to squeeze in an hour to exercise, if it’s not enjoyable, I’m probably going to skip it altogether in favor of having a drink with some friends. I firmly believe that getting fit should also be fun. After the jump, five forms of exercise that are guaranteed to bring out your inner child and keep your body looking hot. Keep reading »

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