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8 Celebrity Self-Help Books You Won’t Find On Our Bookshelf

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I knew it was only a matter of time before something happened to make me boycott “Jersey Shore” before Season 2 even began. I was teetering on the edge after I heard about a workout video from “The Situation.” But now, Mike Sorrentino has done worse. He’s officially landed a self-help book deal. Here’s The Situation: A Guide to Ripped Abs, Grooming, and How to Keep Up With Your GTL is not a book that any human being should ever be subjected to. Does anyone really need help getting crispy hair and pre-cancer? Hats off to his ghost writer. At least that poor soul won’t have to sign his/her name to that crap. [NY Post]

After the jump, some more self-help books that we wouldn’t be caught dead reading.

Two Porn Stars Accused Of Killing A Tattoo Artist

Okay, I am going to give you the Cliff’s Notes version of this bizarro murder story. Follow along, kiddies. Once upon a time there were two porn stars, Jason Andrews and Amanda Logue, who met on the set of a porn shoot and fell in love. Their love was so deep that they were able to ignore the fact that Amanda had a husband and child somewhere in Georgia. The lovebirds liked to text, Tweet, and post photos of themselves on Facebook. How sweet. Keep reading »

10 Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrity Exes

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In honor of Get Along With Your Ex Week, I’d like to take a second and honor my very favorite celebrity exes, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. I’m not sure how they did it exactly, but they’ve managed to get along in an unprecedented fashion since their divorce. That brings us to Lesson # 1: Divorce can be a roller coaster, but if you can ride it together, you and your kids and your ex-spouse’s new significant other can end up as one big, happy, kooky family.

After the jump, some more lessons we can learn from celebs who have called it quits.

Women Are Most Appealing At Age 31

Eat this all you young, hot 20-somethings. According to a new survey, women are at the peak of their appeal at age 31. Why? Well, because aside from still having their good looks, they possess the X-factor that only comes with age: confidence. The thought is that by the age of 31, a woman has let go of insecurities and feels comfortable in her own skin. This includes having a more authentic sense of style and radiating a feeling of beauty. I don’t wanna brag, but if this survey is correct, this should be a very, very good year for me. [And me! -- Editor] And my apologies to the gorgeous 20-somethings I may have insulted. You’re hot and you know it. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

An Ode To Debbie Harry For National Blondie Month

It was my first summer in NYC. I was 18 years old and had fallen in love for the first time. I had managed to convince my parents to let me spend the warm months in the city so I could work, which was secret code for “have the best summer of my life with my new boyfriend Travis.” It was an amazing plan—until he broke my heart of glass one week later. “I met someone else,” he told me while I was hanging on the telephone. “She lives across the hall from me in my dorm.”

I’ll rip her to shreds, I thought, but instead I just hung up. There I was, a girl all alone in the city with absolutely no one. So I popped in my new Blondie record “Parallel Lines.” Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon found out, I had a heart of glass. Seemed like the real thing but I was so blind, mucho mistrust, love’s gone behind. Keep reading »

Zoe Saldana And Kate Bosworth Play Dumb

This Funny or Die video ponders the age-old stereotype that all hot people are total idiots. Greg Grunberg certainly goes goo-goo-ga-ga for Zoe Saldana and Kate Bosworth, even if they do have the mental capacity of 2-year-olds. Literally. And Janeane Garofalo is pissed, until not-so-bright hotties Jason Lewis and Victor Webster show up. Amazing. [Funny or Die] Keep reading »

Joseph Gordon-Levitt In A Bubble

Forget about a limo—Joseph Gordon-Levitt rolled up for his “Late Show with David Letterman” appearance in style. And by that, I mean hamster-style. Methinks any lady would be lucky to have him as her pet. [NY Post]
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Bambi Backs It Up

See Bambi as you’ve never seen her him before … and never wanted to. So wrong! Full NSFW pic after the jump. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

16 Celebrities Looking Like Mannequins

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Lately, we’ve been noticing that a lot of celebrities are looking like they’re made out of plastic. And I’m not even talking about plastic surgery here—I just mean that there is a certain stiff-bodied, gangly limbed, vacant-eyed, shiny-faced pose that makes one look like a wax figurine at Madame Tussauds rather than a living, breathing human being. Want to see what I mean?

Angelina Jolie Wants Anna Chapman At The Moscow Premiere Of “Salt”

Angelina Jolie has one request for the Moscow premiere of her new film “Salt,” in which she plays a Russian spy. She wants real-life Russian alleged double agent Anna Chapman to be the guest of honor, which would only seem fitting considering the film is practically a mirror image of her real-life circumstances. The only problem? Nobody knows how to find Anna. She is thought to be undergoing top-secret interrogation with the Russian government in an undisclosed compound. The Russian promoters of the flick have vowed to do everything possible to try to honor Angie’s personal request and they claim to have sent Anna a personal invitation. If she’s any kind of spy, she’ll just show up unannounced and looking fabulous. [NY Post] Keep reading »

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