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“Extreme Couponing All-Stars” Takes Savings To The Next Level

Coupon Scandal!
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"30 Rock" Returns!
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RuPaul's Back!
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Add a time clock and some friendly competition to TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” and you’ve got “Extreme Couponing All-Stars,” which premieres on December 27. It’s kind of like what “Supermarket Sweep” always should have been. The best extreme couponers compete for the title of America’s Biggest Super Saver. This clip features contender Faatima who experience a panic at the super market when she forgets “the big mamma of them all” — her cleanser. Um, I need this show and I need it now.

Girl Talk: The Good Thing About Bad Dates

Total Turn-Offs
Things guys have said to us that have totally turned us off. Read More »
Dating Isn't Personal
Ami talks about how she realized dating was not to be taken personally. Read More »

When I told Amelia I was going to write something about why I like bad dates, she asked me, “Do you really like them?”

“Of course not!” I replied. “Does anyone?”

No. Everyone hates bad dates. There is nothing that destroys your spirit more than spending an evening with someone whose company you quickly discover you can’t stand. A bad date can make you want to go home and take 17 showers or encourage you to start wearing ankle-length skirts. Because obviously, you are going to die a lonely spinster.

After exceptionally bad dates, my best friend used to joke, “I am having a funeral for my vagina.”

Her description, while hilarious, is not that far off. A bad date is like a mini-death. It’s a moment when your balloon of hope about the prospect of romance gets deflated. Keep reading »

WTF Stuffed Animal Of The Day

The New Mistletoe
A new app replaces mistletoe with cameltoe. Read More »

I found a picture of this, um, sex toy. It appears to be a stuffed animal fleshlight with dentures in its ass. But I’m not really sure. Can someone please tell me what this is and how it works? I would be ever so grateful. [Dlisted] Keep reading »

Seduce Your Savory Sense

For a while now, I’ve been obsessed with the fifth taste bud, the elusive and mysterious Umami. Some refer to it simply as “savoriness.” In Japanese it translates to “deliciousness.” But what is it exactly? It’s hard to say. This Taste No. 5 Umami Paste allows you to experience the magical deliciousness of the fifth taste with the squeeze of a tube. The special blend is a mixture of tomato, garlic, anchovy paste, black olives, balsamic vinegar, porcini mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and just a touch of sugar and salt. So many amazing flavors all at once! You can smear it, or mix it, or eat it straight out of the tube. This may be the best thing to happen to me since green Tabasco sauce.

[$6.00 Dean & Deluca]

The Year In Tears: The Best Criers On TV

The Best Of 2011!
Our picks for the best of the year in pop culture, style, sex, and more! Read More »

No wonder Laura Dern was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in “Enlightened.” Her crying scenes are absolutely epic. Laura’s cry face even earned its own Facebook fan page. I mean, she’s also a great actress, but she should be especially lauded for her crying abilities. Click through to see some more of the top cries we witnessed on TV this year. [ONTD]

Meet New Pop Sensation K’ronikka

Talk About Kitten
We really need to talk about Kitten. Watch »
Breaking Bad Simpsons
If "Breaking Bad" and "The Simpsons" had a baby. Watch »
Cinderella's Intervention
Sometimes princesses need help too. Watch »
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I really wish pop sensation K’ronikka and her Damn Gurrrl tour were real. I would die to see the “latest and most horrid talent bereft pop monstrosity the music industry has ever sadistically forced down the American public’s collective throat” perform “Booty Wave” live. My gratitude to the Onion News Network for that brilliant sentence. [Buzzfeed]

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