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Handbag Confessions: What Are You Hiding In There?

I didn’t realize that I was exhibiting strange purse behavior until a friend asked me for a piece of gum and when I reached into my my black, leather bucket bag, my hand emerged full of coat buttons. She looked at me like she smelled doo-doo. Yeah. For some reason, I always have all the buttons that have fallen off my coats looming around in there. I don’t sew them back on (I don’t even know how to), I don’t throw them away. They just remain forever and always in my purse. I even transfer them when I change purses. I have no idea why. Also, I make crazy person notes to myself on receipts and keep them in my wallet. They are barely legible so I don’t even know why I bother. I can’t be the only one with weird crap in my purse. I asked Frisky staffers what they were hiding in their handbags. How about you? Fess up. What have you got in there? Keep reading »

Celebrity Couples Who Were Hooked Up By Their “People”

hooked up couples serena williams and drake jpg
If I ever become famous for some unforeseeable reason, I plan to use my agents and publicists to help me get dates with all of my celebrity crushes. Just think, you could avoid all asking out awkwardness by having your people call their people. And then if you get rejected, you don’t have to hear it first-hand. Let the person getting a 15 percent cut absorb that negativity, right? Serena Williams is a girl after my own heart. She’s lobbying for her agent to arrange a fix-up with hot, young R&B star Drake. Apparently, he likes women with “experience and maturity.” Get it, girl! After the jump, some more couples who met through members of their professional entourage. [NY Post]

Kate Gosselin Implies That The Kids Hate Jon

Oh, Kate Gosselin, I don’t care how awful Jon is, or how many questions Regis and Kelly are asking, stop talking about him on television. I’m sure this divorce is beyond hard for your kids, but stop trying to make yourself look like a saint. While they are with Jon, you sit and wait for the phone call to see how many of them want to come home? Close your hole. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

The Only Time Ronald McDonald Will Ever Get In Anyone’s Pants

The is the closest Ronald McDonald will ever get to a woman’s private parts and it’s still gross. Just like most everything McDonald’s does … so wrong. Also, it sold out. [Regretsy via The Daily What] Keep reading »

9 Celebs On The Catwalk

celebs on catwalk ellen degeneres jpg
Ellen DeGeneres proved that she knows how to work it when she strutted her stuff on the catwalk at the Richie Rich fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last night. She was fierce in a tiny hat and sliver blazer. And look at that smize! [Popeater]

After the jump, some more celebs who have graced the catwalk with their presence.

Kate Hudson Serenades Rachel Zoe

Kate Hudson totally shut it down when she sang a few bars of “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac on a recent episode of “The Rachel Zoe Project.” This just so happens to be my favorite song of all time. I was delighted to find that Rachel and Kate agree with me. Apparently runway shows + Stevie Nicks = the ultimate fashion experience. I just died. Keep reading »

Quotable: Angelina Jolie Is A Loner

“I talk to Brad … I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to.”

Angelina Jolie has a good point. I honestly can’t think of one other person the paparazzi has snapped her hanging out with. This just cannot be healthy. [Us Weekly] Keep reading »

10 Celebrity Apologies That Were Too Little Too Late

apologies spencer pratt jpg
“I’m sorry” is a phrase that every human being should be comfortable uttering on a daily basis. If people said these two simple words more often, the world would be a happier place. Unfortunately, some apologies are just too little too late. We’ve been waiting for years and years for infamous d-bag Spencer Pratt to say the magic words to Heidi Montag, if not to the entire world, for having to endure his a**hattery. I can’t believe it took a divorce and trying to release Heidi’s sex tape for him to man up. He has finally admitted to making ”certain private issues public” and ”horribly embarrassing the one person who meant the world to me.” He says his behavior was ”outrageous and infantile.” Finally, dude! [NY Times]

But I don’t even care anymore. I already hate him too much to take his mea culpa seriously. After the jump, some more too-little-too-late apologies. We don’t forgive you.

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys On Scooters

hot guys on scooters slide 1 jpg
I have a weakness for a man on a scooter. Because I like the way the world looks from a scooter. Any kind of scooter will do. I don’t discriminate. Vespas, razors, Segways—they’re all incredibly sexy, not to mention green. After the jump, hot men on scooters. Hey, can I get a ride?

Extreme Makeover: Baby Carrot Edition

You can shoot them out of a cannon, you can put them in the mouth of a hot dude, you can dress them up as junk food … but they are still carrots. And we think think they are delicious just as they are. No need to bastardize the little guys. [The Daily What] Keep reading »

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