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Who Is Your Personal Style Icon?

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We all have those people who inform and inspire our style choices regardless of what is in style. Mine is Stevie Nicks circa 1977. I call her look, which I am forever trying to achieve, “black magic bohemian.” It’s all drapey lace blouses and dresses, silky scarves scarves, gold necklaces, and boots. It says, “I’m a free spirit with a dark side.” Yes! After the jump, Frisky staffers share their personal style icons. Who are yours?

Tim Gunn Is On Diva Patrol

Tim Gunn is on diva blast. If someone’s pissed off polite Tim, they must be a real a**hat. Ahem … Gretchen on “Project Runway,” who he tore a new one recently. Even though he’s already unleashed his diva destroyer on “PR” this season and exposed the worst celebrity divas in his book Gunn’s Golden Rules, he’s not done yet. He has a little something to say about Ms. Thigh Highs, Taylor Momsen. “What a diva! She was pathetic, she couldn’t remember her lines, and she didn’t even have that many. I thought to myself, ‘Why are we all being held hostage by this brat?” he said of his experience as a guest star on “Gossip Girl.” Go Tim! Give out those diva demerits! The “d” term is a four-letter word in Hollywood, where implying that someone is an un-humble egomaniac is the kiss of death. Imagine that … a famous person being an egomaniac. [Celebitchy] Keep reading »

Man Arrested For Masturbating In A Walmart

In case you folks were thinking about masturbating in public anytime soon, let William Tyler Black be an example of what not to do. The 28-year-old substitute teacher (yes … teacher) was arrested in Florida (yes … Florida) yesterday for spreading his baby batter all over a local Walmart (yes … Walmart). Keep reading »

10 Celebrity Couples Who Could Have Been

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Did you know that Jon Bon Jovi and Diane Lane dated in 1985? Yeah, me neither. According to a new tell-all book by the band’s former manager, the relationship got slippery when wet when Diane gave love a bad name by getting too buddy buddy with Richie Sambora and JBJ got jealous. Oopsie! It’s probably for the best. I totally can’t picture them together. [NY Post]

After the jump some more celebrity couples who could have been.

Who Is Prince Poppycock?

Is anyone else miffed about how a baroque drag clown made it to the season finale of “America’s Got Talent”? By day, he’s a humble aspiring performer, John Quale, who works in a metal shop. By night, he transforms into his alter ego, Prince Poppycock, who sings opera-inspired songs in elaborate hair and makeup. I don’t get it. But America seems to. You can’t make this stuff up. Watch out Lady Gaga—Prince Poppycock may be prancing your way. Keep reading »

Senatorial Candidate Christine O’Donnell Tells You Not To Masturbate

Last week we introduced you to Christine O’Donnell, Delaware’s Republican Senate candidate who told us not to masturbate on MTV’s “Sex in the 90s.” And now Rachel Maddow has dug up the clip. Christine was the president and founder of The S.A.L.T. (The Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth) which taught kids about the many dangers of masturbation. First and foremost … it’s selfish! Gasp! Secondly, it’s considered adultery because it involves lust. But most importantly, if your partner can please him or herself, why have a partner at all? Good point, Christine! She seems to have the kind of solid logic and sense of morality that would be an asset to the US Senate. Thou dost protesteth too much. How long before she writes a memoir about her double life as a sex addict? [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Meet Sir Patrick, The Leprechaun Hoarder

I didn’t think it was possible for “Hoarders” to get any better than it was last season. Wrong! I was catching up on a few episodes from season two and they’ve taken the show to a whole new level—they’ve found an entire family of hoarders! But no one has blown the lid off my head like Sir Patrick, who just goes by Sir. He’s a minister, spiritual healer, and self-proclaimed leprechaun who calls his home Camelot. A few more things you need to know about Sir … he drives with a life-sized porcelain doll sitting shot gun in his car and that braid that you see him wearing is fake. I also got the impression that he may be a pedophile when he started crying about the little girl next door who passed away and how his collection of 500 dolls is to commemorate her. Noooooooo! Watch the full clip of Sir Patrick here. I highly recommend you watch the entire episode and the entire season. Nothing has ever motivated me to clean my apartment more. Keep reading »

11 Lessons Teresa Guidice Should Take From Gay Icons

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Teresa Giudice from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is dying to get back in with the gays after her husband Joe made gay slurs on the show. In an act of gay goodwill, she hosted “Closet Sundays” at the Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage in Vegas. But the crowd there was none too thrilled to see the guidess. It’s too bad because she was well on her way to becoming a gay icon with her huge hair, loud clothes, and gauche behavior before Joe opened his big trap. But is her table-flipping enough to make the gay community forgive and forget? [NY Post]

After the jump, the lessons Teresa can learn from other gay icons.

Handbag Confessions: What Are You Hiding In There?

I didn’t realize that I was exhibiting strange purse behavior until a friend asked me for a piece of gum and when I reached into my my black, leather bucket bag, my hand emerged full of coat buttons. She looked at me like she smelled doo-doo. Yeah. For some reason, I always have all the buttons that have fallen off my coats looming around in there. I don’t sew them back on (I don’t even know how to), I don’t throw them away. They just remain forever and always in my purse. I even transfer them when I change purses. I have no idea why. Also, I make crazy person notes to myself on receipts and keep them in my wallet. They are barely legible so I don’t even know why I bother. I can’t be the only one with weird crap in my purse. I asked Frisky staffers what they were hiding in their handbags. How about you? Fess up. What have you got in there? Keep reading »

Celebrity Couples Who Were Hooked Up By Their “People”

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If I ever become famous for some unforeseeable reason, I plan to use my agents and publicists to help me get dates with all of my celebrity crushes. Just think, you could avoid all asking out awkwardness by having your people call their people. And then if you get rejected, you don’t have to hear it first-hand. Let the person getting a 15 percent cut absorb that negativity, right? Serena Williams is a girl after my own heart. She’s lobbying for her agent to arrange a fix-up with hot, young R&B star Drake. Apparently, he likes women with “experience and maturity.” Get it, girl! After the jump, some more couples who met through members of their professional entourage. [NY Post]
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