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2 Dudes Break The World Record For Kissing

I’d like to extend a shout-out to Matt Daley and Bobby Canciello, two college dudes who set out to raise awareness for LGBTQ equal rights by breaking the Guinness World Record for the “longest continuous kiss.” After a 33-hour kissing sesh, they walked away with some tired lips and a world record. They both have boyfriends who are randomly not each other, but they called their long lip-lock “nothing more than a kiss between two men” and an “attempt to change social norms.” Extremely impressive, boys. Now go put on some chapstick. [She Wired] Keep reading »

10 Animals In Asanas

yoga bear m jpg
Last week, we saw this Finnish bear doing her daily yoga stretches. Her form is flawless. If only my navasana looked like that. Om my God. Amazing. After the jump, some more animals practicing their asanas. Namaste.

Ellen DeGeneres Gives The Olsen Twins A Huge Gift

Is it just me or do those sunglasses that Ellen DeGeneres gave the Olsen twins make their twins heads look small? [Community Live Journal] Keep reading »

What Was Your Favorite Tween Book Series?

books babysitters club jpg
I’m so sick of hearing about Twilight and how it is the ultimate ‘tween series. Uh, ‘tween reading was alive and kicking way before Twilight came on the scene. When I was 11, all I could think about was getting my hands on every Babysitters Club book known to girl. I read every single one in the series, in order, plus all of the specials. I was freaking obsessed. I mean, who wants to read about vampire romance when you can read about the trials and tribulations of babysitting and all of Claudia Kishi’s great outfits? God bless you, Ann M. Martin.

After the jump, the Frisky staffers share their guilty ‘tween reading pleasures. Share yours in the comments.

Today In Terribleness: Woman Admits To Faking Her Own Acid Attack

Bethany Storro, the 28-year-old Vancouver woman who claimed that an African-American woman with a ponytail attacked her and doused her with acid last month, is changing her story. She has come forward and admitted to burning her own face with acid. Keep reading »

The Best Pickup Line Is A Simple “Hello”

Are you sitting down? Because this is big. A new study done in the U.K. found that the very, very best pickup line to say to someone you are interested in is simply “Hello” or “How are you?” Shut the front door! No wonder I’m single! I guess my line about your father being a thief because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes hasn’t been working. From now on, I’m just going to try saying “hello” to dudes I’m interested in. Thanks, science! [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

LeAnn Rimes’ Mamma Is Going To Kick Wendy Williams’ Butt

“All I know is Wendy Williams done pissed my mamma off! I don’t wanna be in her path. To say ‘I’ve reserved myself a place in hell?!’ I’m incredibly disappointed to see someone with that kind of platform use it for such negativity and could be so mean and judgmental about a situation they know nothing about.”

LeAnn Rimes‘ twitter reaction to Wendy Williams’ dissing the explanation she gave for why she cheated on her husband. Has anyone ever seen LeAnn’s mamma? Should Wendy hire a bodyguard? [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

6 Documentaries That Turned Out To Be Fake

I Really Hope Rick Isn’t Cheryl’s Baby Daddy

My fingers are crossed that Rick’s sperm did not fertilize Cheryl’s egg. I’m also hoping that Rick learns how a baby is made and never actually creates one. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

The Bad Boyfriend Diaries

It’s time to talk about that awful guy you dated for way longer than you care to admit. We want the story. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve all done it. And I firmly believe that having a bad boyfriend is the key to appreciating a good one. After the jump, Frisky staffers open up about the bad boys from our dark pasts. We’re really, really happy these relationships are over. Your turn to share! Keep reading »

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