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Khloe Kardashian Found Herself When She Found Lamar

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”I feel like sooooo much has happened in just one year. My life has changed so much, and I as a person have changed even more. I have never been happier, never been so at peace, never been so in love. I am a better person because of Lamar. I laugh constantly! He brings so much laughter, happiness and fun to my life yet he also keeps me calm and grounded. I feel like I truly discovered myself the moment I met Lamar.”

Khloe Kardashian on her first year of marriage to Lamar Odom. It’s actually so sweet I have nothing snarky to say. I hope they last. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

16 Dapper Actors From Days Of Yore

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Humphrey Bogart is the latest actor to come out of the closet. Well … posthumously. A new biography reveals that although he was a sex symbol who bedded most of Hollywood’s leading ladies and even married some of them, he was questioning his sexuality, to the point of considering suicide. That makes me sad considering a whole bunch of the sexiest actors of all time were bisexual or gay. Oh, Humphrey, we don’t care if you were into dudes, you were still all man. I miss that sexy manhood of old Hollywood à la Humphrey. Romance, ruggedness, charm: the hotness trifecta. Sexual preference … kind of irrelevant. They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore. [Daily Mail]

After the jump, some more classic actors to die for.

The Daily Ovulation: Bulldog Leads, Baby Follows

Sophie the bulldog is doing better with “crawlie” and “kissy” than Isabelle the baby. Is it bad that this video makes me have pangs for a dog more than a kid? Fantasy pet, here I come. [BuzzFeed]
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Courtney Love’s Healthy Glow Is From Self-Help And Self-Love

“I used Tony Robbins’ concerto of modeling from people who are good influences on me … I try to keep the negative people out of my life. No prescription meds! I’m in a love thing … loving myself, foremost—trying anyway—and chanting as always.”

Courtney Love claims that her new, fresh face is from positivity and love and not from, say, surgery. I feel like she should strike up a friendship with Danielle Staub. [Celebitchy] Keep reading »

This Justin Bieber Tee Was Inevitable

Wear it. I dare you. [BuzzFeed]
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A Real-Life Kitchen Nightmare

Joseph Cerniglia, a 39-year-old chef and restaurant owner, was found floating in the Hudson River on Friday after he took his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. His New Jersey restaurant, Campagnia, was featured on an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” back in 2007. Keep reading »

What Is Your Fantasy Pet?

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Confession: puppies activate my ovaries more than babies do. My five-year plan includes becoming a dog mommy. I started salivating when I ran into what is now my fantasy pet. It was a baby Pugzu, a Pug Shih Tzu mix. It kind of looked like a cross between an old man and an alien. LOVE. NEED IT NOW! Or … as soon as I move into an apartment that actually allows pets. Until then, I can dream. After the jump, Frisky staffers share their fantasy pets. If time, money, landlords, and reality were of no consequence, what would yours be?

Zach Galifianakis Robs Banks And Murders People

“The craziest thing about me? Uh, I don’t know … I’ve done a couple murders. I’ve murdered a couple of people. Bank robbery stuff.”

Zach Galifiniakis in response to the question “What’s the craziest thing about you?” from reporter Maria Sallas. Well, I guess we know where Zach’s funny comes from … his criminal past. The best part is that Maria doesn’t even bat one of her fake eyelashes. I’m kind of obsessed with Maria actually. Watch the entire interview here. Keep reading »

Oops! 10 Celebrity Slips, Trips, And Falls

Couples Share A Psychic Connection

For outsiders it can be really annoying when couples finish each other’s sentences or exchange one of those “I know what you’re thinking” looks. According to a new study, some couples really do share a kind of psychic connection. Researchers found that couples’ brains actually start to sync up when they are really in sync. After time, happy couples may start to share brain patterns and their nervous systems may even start to operate in harmony to help them understand each other’s thoughts and feelings better. (New pickup line: “I want our nervous systems to sync.”) When a couple gets to this level of harmony, they reach a sort of altered state where they share a sixth sense. My question: If one part of a couple sees dead people, does the other as well? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

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