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Man Mistakes Christina Hendricks For A Working Girl

Mad Men’sChristina Hendricks is a beautiful and busty working actress. But yesterday the star was mistaken for a working girl. She drove a prospective John mad when she took a break outside of a pawn shop while filming her new movie, “Drive.” He approached her and asked her how much she charged before he was swiftly escorted away by the crew. I wonder if he asked her to play secretary? In all fairness, she does kind of look the part for this film. [WWTDD] Keep reading »

10 Halloween Costumes For Lazy People

Lazy Costumes Ideas
Oopsie! It’s two days until Halloween and I haven’t lifted a finger to try to find a costume. Yes, I am that person who could care less about dressing up for Halloween. Don’t judge me, I’m just lazy about that kind of stuff. I am like some kind of rare-blooming plant. About every 10 years I get inspired and some amazing costume springs forth. But once All Hallow’s Eve has passed, I’m back to being lazy again … for the next 10 years. My official Halloween motto is: When in doubt, wear a snout. I’m thinking about this lovely elephant snout for the party I’m going to on Saturday. Only $2.99! Thoughts? You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money prepping for Halloween. Click through to see some costume options for the lazy proud – many of which I’ve actually rocked in the past. [Halloween Adventure]

A Punk ‘Paca

OMFUG! No one rocks a punk ‘do like an alpaca. Break out the Manic Panic, put a safety pin in his ear, and this dude is ready to go. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Laura Ling Names Baby After Bill Clinton, Plus Other Celebrity Namesakes

While in captivity in North Korea, Current TV reporter Laura Ling thought she would never be able to start the family she always wanted. Thanks to the efforts of many, including Bill Clinton, who escorted her back to the land of the free, her dream has actually come true. On Wednesday, Ling and her husband welcomed daughter Li Jefferson Clayton into the world. Her first name, Li, is in honor of Laura’s sister—Lisa Ling. Awwww. And Jefferson? Well, that’s because she is so grateful for Bill Clinton’s help—Jefferson is Clinton’s middle name. (And Clayton sure sounds similar to Clinton.) A baby named after Bill Clinton? Sweet, but kind of weird, right? [People]

After the jump, more unusual baby namesakes from parents of note. Keep reading »

8 Celebs With Embarrassing Parents

celebs with embarrassing parents lyn patridge jpg
In order to drown the sorrow spurned by her daughter’s elimination from “Dancing With the Stars,” Audrina Patridge’s mother, Lyn Patridge, hit the bottle a little too hard at L.A. restaurant, Beso. What ensued was a very sloppy, very embarrassing, drunken rant. The video is a little too potty-mouthed for me to post, but you can watch it here. And I strongly suggest you do. I’ll just give you the greatest hits. She starts off slow, “Audrina is going to f**king rise. She’s got class. She’s a Polish, Catholic, f**king full-on Italian. Not only that, she was raised right. And I don’t give a s**t. It’s all American.” But wait … there’s more. “Lauren Conrad’s pissy ass little fashion s**t. That bitch wants to bring it on? Let’s go!” And finally, “F**king ‘Hills’ tramps, my baby’s a star!”

I am mortified for Audrina. And, selfishly, I’m looking forward to seeing much more of Lyn Patridge on Audrina’s new reality show, which is officially happening by the way.

After the jump, some more celebs and the family members they try hard to keep far away from the spotlight. [Huffington Post]

Rachel Dratch Met Her Baby Daddy At A Bar

Rachel Dratch had been keeping the identity of her baby daddy on the DL. But she is finally revealing who’s the father of three-month-old Eli Benjamin. Drumroll please … Actually, it’s no one we’ve ever heard of. He’s a random dude named John Wahl. Don’t get out of your chair. The part I’m obsessed with is their love story. Keep reading »

Dudes! Just Say No To “Manx”

These are not hot superheroes; these are men modeling the new line of Spanx for men (lovingly referred to by me as “Manx”) that are now for sale the U.K. The undershirts and briefs promise to firm and flatten beer bellies and love handles and kill girl boners faster than a speeding bullet. Nothing is un-sexier than a man in a girdle. Nothing. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Balloon Boy’s Dad Makes An Infomercial

Richard Heene, the man behind the Balloon Boy hoax, is back with a BRILLIANT new invention … the Bear Scratch. If you “itch like the son of a twitch,” Heene insists the only way to get a “deep, deep penetrating scratch” is to rub up against a tree like a bear. Only not a real tree—a tree he made. Just “stick, screw, sway, and scratch” for a mere $19.99. I’m sorry, but is this guy on meth? I’m very frightened. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Camille Grammer Says “Housewives” Was All Kelsey’s Idea

“Looking back, maybe he wanted to keep me preoccupied in California while he was off having his affair in New York. I really didn’t want to do ‘Housewives.’ I think it was more Kelsey’s agenda. I was very reluctant, because I am a very private person.”

Camille Grammer on her very public divorce from Kelsey Grammer during this season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Should we remind Camille that she once posed nude in Playboy? Still, it does suck to have your husband leave you for a 29-year-old flight attendant while the world watches. [Celebitchy] Keep reading »

The Frisky Says: It Gets Better

it gets better slide 1 jpg
In the wake of a string of tragic teen suicides, Dan Savage started the “It Gets Better” project to let LGBT youth know that there is life after the difficulties faced in high school and college. His project has inspired many celebrities and public figures like President Obama to speak out against bullying or even to share their own experiences with being bullied. This campaign has really touched me personally because I was bullied growing up. I may not be famous, but I think it’s just as important for all of us common folk to tell young people that they are not alone and that it does, in fact, get better. After the jump, The Frisky staff share our “It Gets Better” messages. Please share yours in the comments.
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