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10 Celebrity Christmas Cards

christmas cards octomom jpg
Season’s Greetings from Octomom! I wonder how much she got paid to sell her personal Christmas photos to news sources. Hopefully, more than she made at her yard sale. Anyhoo, here she is. Showing off her girls … and boys … and a random pony. Kind of like a sexy Mrs. Claus visiting an orphanage. Unsettling. [Us Weekly]

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Alpaca Devotes Himself To Charity

If this alpaca can make time to volunteer this holiday season, so can you. In addition to giving his wool for sweaters to keep humans warm, he also visits terminally ill patients at his local hospital. Inspirational. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

An Open Letter To My Single Self

Dear Single Self,

Hi. How are you this holiday season? Feeling a little hopeless? Downtrodden perhaps? Frustrated? Bitter? A little panicked about turning 32 with no potential prospects on the horizon? Feeling like a big, fat failure in the relationship department? Feeling like fate may have cheated you? I thought so. I’ve come with some words of advice: BE PATIENT, YOU PSYCHO. Keep reading »

The “Water For Elephants” Movie Trailer Is Here

The official movie trailer for “Water for Elephants,” starring Reese Witherspoon as Marlena, Robert Pattinson as Jacob, and Christoph Waltz as August, is finally here. If you read the book and loved it as much as I did, then you will no doubt be marking your calendars for its April release. A movie about love and the circus. Does it get any better than that? Keep reading »

Who Did It Best? Actors Who’ve Played The Same Roles

role julia and charlize jpg
“Snow White” is soooooo hot right now. There are currently two big-budget movie versions of the story in the works, and two women of high pedigree are being courted to play the role of the Evil Queen. So who do you think will deliver the line “Mirror, mirror on the wall” with more gusto—Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron? Julia is in negotiations to play the poison apple-wielding role in “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White,” which will be directed by Tarsem Singh of “The Fall.” Meanwhile, Charlize is being looked at for “Snow White and the Huntsmen,” which some think will be a romantic reinterpretation of the classic story. I’m kind of split on who would make the better Evil Queen. Both ladies are Oscar winners, but I personally think Charlize is far more interesting and can go sinister more easily. Then again, Julia is a little bit older and seems more believable as a woman jealous of the youngest, hottest new thing in town. But would she be able to tame the smile long enough to be believably mean? Yeah, you’re right—I’m all for Charlize on this one. [Moviefone]

Interestingly, in Hollywood it often happens that two very similar movies are made at the exact same time. Here are some other actors who played the same role and our picks for who pulled it off better. And the Frisker (Frisky + Oscar = Frisker) goes to …

A Man Can Have Two Penises! What?

Hi kiddies, it’s time for your science lesson of the day. I have learned of a rare condition called diphallus in which a man can have duplicate penises. There have only been about 100 cases reported in the world since 1609 … so it’s really, really rare. Usually, only one of the penises is fully capable, but in some cases both of the peens work. Just think of all the, er … interesting possibilities with a diphallic man. A few questions (well, more than a few): Can both phalluses have sex at once? What do you do with the other one when the first-string penis is otherwise engaged? Do these men have an extra reserve of sperm? Would it be considered cheating if he had sex with someone else with his other wang? Add your questions below. I know you have some. [OMG Facts] Keep reading »

Chris Colfer Tackled People When He Found Out About His Golden Globe Nom

“I’m so excited I’ve been tackling everyone I’ve seen on set today whether I know them or not! Ashley Fink sent me a hysterical text message. She said she was excited that I was nominated but she was more excited for ‘Burlesque.’”

Chris Colfer on his reaction to his being nominated for a Golden Globe for the role of Kurt on “Glee.” Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, and Jane Lynch were nominated as well. I’m thrilled for Chris whether he wins or not. I’ve really appreciated his work as the lone out-of-the-closet gay teen at McKinley High. [Movieline] Keep reading »

10 Celebs Who’ve Played Poets

poets john cusack jpg
Why is a raven like a writing desk? Who knows, but all of my dreams came true when I saw the first official picture of John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe in the upcoming film “The Raven.” Mix the optimistic quirkiness of Lloyd Dobler with hauntingly macabre Poe and you’ve pretty much got my man fantasy. The film will be a fictionalized account of Poe’s last days, which still remain a mystery. He was last seen drunk, delirious, and penniless outside a Baltimore pub. He died a few days later at the age of 40. His cause of death remains unknown. Consumption, cholera, rabies, tuberculosis, heart disease, or suicide? I would expect nothing less from a poet prince of his caliber. [Huffington Post]

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The “RHOA” Introduce Us To The Friend Contract

I was thinking Cynthia was the “normal” one on this season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Until she whipped out her “friend contract.” After NeNe’s fight with her fiancee, Cynthia decided to give NeNe the equivalent of one of those folded notes you get passed to you in second grade. “Do you want to be friends? Circle ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘maybe.’” It had some business about how NeNe and she can’t ever go to bed mad with each other and, should one of them decide to terminate the friendship, they must get a notarized letter from President Obama. Does Obama know he’s on female friendship patrol? Or better question: has anyone ever heard of a friend contract before? Is that a thing and I just don’t know about it? Cynthia claimed it was a joke, but now I can’t help but think of her as Single Black Female. Keep reading »

20 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20s

In two weeks, I am turning 32. My 20s are officially long gone. I was thinking the other day about what I was up to when I was 21. I immediately thought of Marcy, an acting teacher I had at the time. Marcy was 39 and I remember her seeming so much older and wiser than me. I would go to class and cry about dudes or not knowing what to do with my life or being broke and Marcy would do the same thing every time. She would pat me on the back and say in her nasally voice, “Nobody tells you your 20s are going to suck.” While I do wish she had expounded a bit, her words made me feel better in a strange way. Just knowing that things would get better, well, not better exactly, just easier to deal with, was a relief. In your 20s, you don’t know what you don’t know and you’re struggling to figure it out. Everyone is. As I march bravely forward into my 30s, here’s what I wish Marcy would have told me. Keep reading »

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