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Hello There, Gracefully Falling Bear

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Actually, bears only fall like this when they’re on tranquilizers. This guy wandered into a CU-Boulder dorm complex and up into a tree, and wildlife officials had to drug him. Don’t worry, he landed safely on that mat … and looked damn cute doing it. [The Daily Beast]

14 Insanely Flexible Dudes

Meet Flikr user CS87 (aka Insane Splits Guy). We may never know his real name, but his flexibility is something we won’t soon forget. I particularly heart this photo of him doing this side leg split — in jean shorts no less. How does he do it? I haven’t been able to do the splits since, well, actually … I could never do the splits. You can see more of CS87 showing off his incredible talent on his photo stream. Check out his splits in the snow if you have a chance. That’s my other favorite. I’ve rounded up some more insanely flexible dudes for your viewing pleasure. Take that, Kyle Richards! 

Textercuff: The Perfect Sex Toy For Text Addicts

For some, the pleasure of returning text messages is one that should be denied. The Textercuff, part handcuff, part thumb gag, is the perfect sex toy for restraining your technology addict from the instant gratification he desires. Deny him the touch of his iPhone, shame him for being too plugged in, make him beg to tap the keys, punish him until he knows who’s the boss of his text messages. Then release his thumb from bondage and let him have at it. I’m dubbing this Kinkology. [Gizmodo]

An Open Letter To The Sexually Ambiguous Guy On The Subway

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Dear Sexually Ambiguous Guy On The Subway,

You got on at the same stop as me, so you might live in my neighborhood. I saw you waiting on the platform and thought you might be gay. I tend to air  err on the side of gay when I check out men. My friends fault me for this, they say that I am overzealous with my gaydar, and then when a guy is legitimately into dudes, I tend to think of him as “definitely straight.” Mainly just because he’s not afraid to admit he might be into sucking a d**k once in a while. By the transitive property of bizarre logic, this makes him very straight to me. Anyway, back to you, Sexually Ambiguous Guy On The Subway (who may or may not be gay), I was ignoring you, thinking you weren’t into me that way, until you smiled at me. I like gap-toothed guys with glasses. And you had both, plus a slightly salt and pepper beard. But you were dressed really well, with a button-down, suit jacket, nice jeans and stylish sneakers, so I was confused. I got kind of excited thinking — wait — maybe you were smiling at me like you were attracted to me, but maybe you just were smiling at me like, You have fierce taste in scarves. It was hard to tell. My scarf is really nice. Keep reading »

Apply Your Happy Face

Applying a nice glow to the apples of your cheeks may make you feel more confident, but this Physician’s Formula Happy Booster blush claims to actually improve your mood. This skin perfecting glow powder is infused with a blend of Euphoryl, a natural plant extract which has been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of endorphins, plus it also protects skin from environmental stress. And the sweet scent of violet will make each application a joyful experience. So not only will this blush make you happier, it will improve your skin’s mood as well. Its vibrant mix of color will give you a healthy glow and its reflective pearls will make your outer radiance shine just as brightly as within.


Naked Rider Gets A Ticket For Not Wearing A Helmet

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This nude motorbike passenger was pulled over in Romania, but not for riding in her birthday suit. A traffic cop ticketed “the modern day Lady Godiva” for not wearing a helmet. “He gave her a warning and a ticket and told her and her companion to ride on,” said a witness. And that’s exactly what she did. She put on a helmet and hopped right back on that bike, still totally nude. Good for her, for having the confidence to ride without clothing. But I suppose the cop should have considered the dangers a naked woman might cause other drivers. Ogling accidents. [Metro UK]

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