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Care For Some “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Dessert?

I condone poorly-written erotic fan fiction that finds its way to the mainstream. Good for it! And I obviously condone dessert. Duh. But I’m not sure that I condone them together. We get it. People have an appetite for BDSM erotica. And for sweets. But are Fifty Shades of Grey inspired desserts really necessary? I shall pass. [Buzzfeed]

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Kristen Stewart Topless, Giving Two Handies At Once In “On The Road” (NSFW)

Kristen Stewart topless, giving handjobs in "On the Road"

Someone took some naughty cell phone footage of “On the Road” at a Cannes screening. It’s very poor quality and there are French subtitles, but yes, that is Kristen Stewart topless, giving simultaneous handjobs to Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley in a moving vehicle. Firstly, that sounds very dangerous. Don’t try it at home. Secondly, I am now kind of excited to see this film. Thirdly, if only Jack Kerouac could see this … how proud he would be. [WOWFleshbot]

Make Germs Magically Disappear

Hello, fellow germaphobes. I have something for us. Are you sitting down? OK. I present you with a portable, sanitizing wand, which uses light technology to eliminate viruses, bacterias and certain allergens on hard surfaces. So basically, that makes it a magic wand. It fits in your purse or bag so you can have it at the ready to disinfect subway seats, public restrooms, grocery carts, strange beds or any place germs might lurk. So … everywhere. Just wave the wand and stop worrying about all the weird viruses that may be attacking your body. I think the germaphobe community can agree, the CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand is truly a miracle. [$39.99, Walgreens]

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Mermen

We don’t discriminate here at The Frisky. We celebrate the beauty of all sorts of men … tall, short, fat, thin, bald, long-haired, hoofed, or flippered. Hey, as long as he treats me well, who cares if he only has one leg, I mean fin. In honor of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade this weekend, I waded and splashed my way to the depths of the internet to find the hottest men for whom swimming is the primary form of transportation. Like this sea hunk. This is exactly what Finnick Odair of “The Hunger Games” looks like my imagination. I wouldn’t mind taking a dip with him. Click through for some more wet n’ wild merman sexiness.

Help Me, Please: A Mayonnaise Addict

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Philippa Garfield is a mayonnaise addict

Those near and dear to me know the thing I hate most in the world: mayonnaise. That evil beast of a condiment. Sorry if you are a mayonnaise lover and I’ve offended you. I have good reason though. When I as in high school, I worked at Mrs. Fields. It’s bakery and sandwich shop for those of you who are unfamiliar. Anyhow, one of the things I was responsible for was something called “flipping the deli.” This is when you take the sandwich ingredients stored in those metal bins and you give them a “flip” so that no one part of the ingredient is out in the open air for too long. One of these ingredients was mayonnaise. If you’ve never had the great pleasure of “flipping” a vat of mayonnaise, here’s what you need to know: It forms a brown crust after only minutes of air exposure. And I cannot tolerate this brown crust. It scares the crap out of me and I’ve not eaten mayonnaise since. OK, that’s the backstory. Onwards to the real story. There exists a woman with a mayonnaise addiction. Of course there does. But, NOOOOOOOOOO! Keep reading »

Getting Smooth Survival Guide: 5 Tricks To Make You A Better Shaver

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Summer is just around the corner! Hair removal season has begun! In our “Getting Smooth Survival Guide,” we’ll be testing out various ways to defuzz your body parts, if defuzzing is something you choose to do. (No judgement if you’re happily rocking body hair. Do you, girl.) 

I started shaving when I was 11. I’m from eastern European stock. We’re hairy. Anyhow, my mom gave me a basic lesson. Water, shaving cream, razor, try not to cut yourself. That was it. I guess I thought I’d get better at it, according to the Outliers principle. Nope. More than 20 years have passed and I still manage to leave my house each day with hairy kneecaps and little red bumps. How? “Silky smooth” is still an elusive concept to me. Maybe others of you have the same problem. In my mind, the rest of womankind has figured the whole shaving thing out and I’m the last woman denied entry to the silky smooth club. But, like anything that I intend to get better at, all that’s required is hard work and perseverance. I’m not sure how I can work harder at shaving, but I have asked around, trolled the interweb, and rounded up a few tips and tricks that will make shaving easier for me (and maybe you). Please, don’t make fun of me if you already knew these things. It just means you are a shaving goddesses. I bow down to you and your silky smooth legs. Keep reading »

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