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’90s Reboot: 10 Things That Are Getting The Second Chance They Deserve

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I was lulled to sleep many a ’90s eve watching alternative music videos (yes, actual music videos) on MTV’s “120 Minutes.” The network announced this week that they will be resurrecting the show and its legendary host, Matt Pinfield, as a monthly program that will air on MTV2. Pinch me. Am I dreaming? No, it’s really happening. It’s about damn time. After the jump, some more of our favorite things from the ’90s that are getting the second chance they deserve. [The Daily What]

Did You Like Your Proposal?

According to The Knot, one out of four women surveyed were not satisfied with the way their S.O. proposed to them. Complaints about their proposals included that it wasn’t romantic or original enough, that it was too over-the-top, or that the dude came to the party sans ring. I would predict that these 25 percent also turned out to be the most irritating of bridezillas. A proposal is just a moment and sometimes moments don’t go as planned. The point is the lifelong commitment you’re entering into, right? But what do I know, I’ve never been in a proposal situation. How about you? Were you satisfied with the way your proposal went? [Daily Mail U.K.] Keep reading »

11 Female Celebs Who Eat!

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I’m still not quite sure how it became common practice for thin celebrities to confirm that they do in fact eat and follow that statement up by telling us how much they eat or what they love to eat. Whether a famous woman has lost or gained, she should not have to justify it. The latest skinny defender is LeAnn Rimes, who the ‘bloids are blasting for having shed a few too many. “If people only saw how much I ate … I know how healthy I am so really that’s all that matters,” she tweeted. That’s like forcing someone to talk about peeing because we don’t see them using the bathroom. “If people only saw how much I peed. I pee all the time! Especially when I’ve had a lot of water.” We all pee. We all eat. If you don’t eat, that’s a problem to deal with … get help. I know that weight is a real hot button issue in Hollywood, but I feel like a famous woman having to confirm that she eats just perpetuates “thinsanity” culture. After the jump, some more actresses that eat. They probably pee too. Shocking. [People]

Eat And Drink Green This St. Patrick’s Day

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I’m not a beer drinker, so the appeal of the St. Patty’s Day green beer pub crawl is lost on me. Maybe instead I’ll try to find a local McDonald’s serving up a Shamrock Shake. Vanilla mint. Yum. After the jump, some more creative green treats for St. Patrick’s Day. [Shamrock Shake]

9 Famous Females In The Wrestling Ring

15 Celebs Who Kicked Ciggies

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Lindsay Lohan is getting her act together. She’s trying to dodge more jail time by demonstrating how responsible and upstanding she is. That includes kicking her nicotine habit cold turkey and getting in shape. Let’s hope this plan works for LiLo. I smoked briefly in college, but not more than a few ciggies a day, so quitting wasn’t a struggle for me. I know for long-time smokers, it can be incredibly tough. But it’s such a wonderful feeling when your hair and clothes stop smelling like an ashtray, not to mention the health benefits that come with freeing your lungs. After the jump, some other celebs who quit lighting up. [TMZ]

12 Female Celebs With Sexy Six-Packs

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Do you know what I want for spring? I want a six pack. Washboard abs have always eluded me, even though I put in the blood, sweat, and tears at the gym. If only Jillian Michaels could train me. Oh well, I guess her “Six Week Six Pack” DVD will have to suffice. After the jump some famous ladies whose abs are tight and right. Much respect.

The Apple Store: A Friendly Place For Single Women

I visited the Apple store last night to purchase a new MacBook Pro.  My computer is lovely and bringing much joy to my life, as I knew it would. What I didn’t know was that the Apple store is an untapped Mecca for single women. How come no one told me sooner? Keep reading »

10 Famous Emotional Eaters

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I think it may be time to stop picking on Christina Aguilera. The poor girl is going through a divorce, she fumbled the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, stumbled at the Grammys, was arrested for public intoxication, and subsequently gained a pound or 15. I think she still looks perfectly acceptable (well, not in her mug shot), but Star magazine reports that she is “numbing herself with booze and food … devour[ing] pizza, french fries, and other fattening foods.” Geez. I’m not sure I blame her. Nothing takes the pain away as fast as an order of french fries and a bottle of wine aka EMOTIONAL EATING. Some of us, ahem, can relate to that problem. It’s hard not to turn to Ben & Jerry for comfort during rough patches. I hope she can step away from the pizza if she so desires. After the jump, some more famous emotional eaters who kicked the habit. [Celebitchy]

13 Famous Sensitive Ponytail Men

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I wish everyone would stop clamoring about Tom Brady’s new ponytail. I, for one, am eternally hot for a sensitive ponytail man. I am in full support of his continued hair growth. His budding pony may be small, but it’s a sign that his heart is big. He should start writing poetry and wearing peasant tops any day now. After the jump, some more sexy, sensitive ponytail men. [People]
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