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We Help Jennifer Aniston Decide Between Her Latest Two Men

Look out, boys, Jennifer Aniston is on the prowl again, which means that the paparazzi will be following her every move. On the bright side, a source said, “Jen has been in the best mood lately. She is trying to do whatever makes her happy, which includes going on fun dates with interesting men.” Last week, the interesting men included “Cougar Town” star Josh Hopkins and restaurateur Harry Morton. And since Aniston is famously bad at picking dudes who’ll be nice to her, we’ve already helped her decide between these two. [People, Radar Online] Keep reading »

“Bachelor Pad”: Who’s Doing What With Whom In Episode 5

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Last night, yet another stupendous episode of “Bachelor Pad” went down and it became apparent that if you weren’t willing to get busy with a member of the opposite sex, you were going home with empty pockets. Keep reading »

Paula Deen Eats A Lasagna Sandwich

If you’re still hungry after looking at that Lady Gaga pic, Southern chef Paula Deen has the perfect snack. The woman who considers butter a food group shows you how to turn a perfectly good piece of lasagna into a lasagna sandwich. She puts the gas in gastronomy. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Lady Gaga Makes Good Use Of Your BBQ Scraps

Who’s up for some post-Labor Day steak and eggs? Anyone? [ONTD]
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8 Celebs Who’ve Said “God Told Me To Do It”

michael lohan 072210 splash m jpg
Michael Lohan has never been the sensible Lohan. Now he says that “God wants” him to open a “faith-based” rehab facility. After struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and watching Lindsay go in and out of rehab, he believes it’s his duty to open a “spiritual retreat” which won’t employ doctors, but will be “rehab that focuses on mind, body and soul.” Michael Lohan is estranged from his four kids, but says, “After seeing what my daughter, myself and other people I know have been through, it has led me to realize this is my calling and purpose in life.” This might be a good venture for Michael—anything to keep him off of Twitter is nice—but what’s with him, and others like him, bringing God into it? [Us Weekly]

If God was talking to anyone in the world, I doubt it would be Michael Lohan … or the following celebrities who’ve done things because “God” told them to.

Trailer Park: “Going The Distance,” “The American,” “Machete,” “The Winning Season”

It’s a shockingly awesome week for movie-going. Maybe it’s a back-to-school gift to the kiddies? Or an end-of-summer peacemaker? Maybe I’m just in a really good mood and these are actually craptastic movies. Whatever is going on, I’m into it. This week’s movies also cover a huge spectrum of the human experience so no matter what mood you’re in, you’ll probably be psyched. This week, go see “Going the Distance,” “The American,” “Machete,” “The Winning Season,” “Suck,” “Last Train Home,” or “Prince of Broadway.” If you hate them, I’ll totally give you a refund. But not really. Keep reading »

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