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Quick Pic: Jenna Bush Looked Awfully Purdy At Her Wedding

They kinda make an adorable, dorky couple don’t they? [Crawford, TX, 5/5/08] Keep reading »

Romance On TV: Ozzy Tells Amanda He Wuvs Her On The Survivor Finale

Why am I such a sucker for reality TV romances? Aside from Jim and Pam on The Office, most romantic TV story lines don’t penetrate my cold heart, but for some reason, when love blooms on reality TV, I turn to mush. On last night’s Survivor: Micronesia finale, Ozzy declared his love for Amanda during the jury deliberations. It was really, really cute. Now I understand why “Ozzy and Amanda” is such a popular search term on Google! Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Engaged…Maybe?

  • Supposedly, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are engaged. He’s, like, super grateful to her for helping him through his suicide attempt last year. [Perez Hilton]
  • But her rep says that of course, it is not true. [Us Weekly]
  • Keep reading »

    Kelly Taylor Returns To 90210…As A Guidance Counselor!

    My dream is coming true — at least one of the original cast members of the greatest teenage TV show ever made Beverly Hills 90210 is returning for the recently announced spin-off. Jennie Garth will reprise her role as the once cocaine-addicted, cult-indoctrinated, bulimic, burned in a fire, boyfriend-stealing, judgey-wudgey bitch Kelly Taylor as a guidance counselor. It is these ridiculous ironies that made Nine-Oh so freaking fabulous. But where the hell is Dylan? Lemme tell you where he is — he’s with Brenda, where he always belonged. I never forgot your betrayal Kelly! [Perez Hilton] Keep reading »

    Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums

    Here’s what went down on the The Frisky Forums this week — while you’re avoiding doing your laundry this weekend, stop and chime in!

  • SoCoDivka is looking for recommendations for a cheer-up giftfor her boyfriend. Amelia suggested sky-diving, something she is way too wimpy to try, so maybe one of you guys will have a better idea!
  • Elle really, really, really wants you to look at this picture of a carrot that resembles either a big hairy ass or a penis. You be the judge.
  • People are still talking about accidental anal penetration — maybe we should turn the discussion into other sexual mishaps in the bedroom?
  • If you’ve got more Mother’s Day gifts to add to the list we put together, suggest your own. We still have no idea what the hell to get our moms.
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    Crave: These Rings Are Explosive

    These rings are sold as a set, but you could totally pull them off solo. The rocket is a little suspicious on it’s own (what’s it doing?), while the explosion is mysterious by itself (how did that happen?). Check them out actually on someone’s chubby fingers, after the jump. [$95, Melanie Favreau @] Keep reading »

    The Frisky TV: Too Much Information About My First Boyfriend

    Listen, I know you want to know all the sordid details of my life, okay? And because I care so much, I am going to reveal a deeply personal story every month in a segment called “TMI (Too Much Information)”. But there’s a catch. You have to do the same. After I’ve answered a question like the one above, we want to hear your awesome anecdotes too — either in the form of video or posted in the comments. Don’t be shy — I don’t have that privilege anymore! (Just kidding, I LIVE for talking about myself.) Keep reading »

    Slideshow: National Pet Week

    Thanks for sending us so many pictures of your amazingly adorable pets. We could only pick ten, but trust us, we labored over the decision day and night. Catherine and I haven’t showered since Monday, we’ve been so consumed with the adorableness. Click here to see all ten — if you’re going to coo at your screen, may we suggest you close your office door? Keep reading »

    The Daily Hotness: Slug From Atmosphere

    Slug is the MC behind the hip-hop band Atmosphere, alongside his beatmaster Ant. They’ve been around for over a decade but last week their sixth album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That…Gold debuted at number five on the Billboard charts, which is pretty impressive for a group you may never have heard of. That’s because Atmosphere has a hardcore following, and if lookin’ sexy was the only reason for that (it isn’t, but it helps) we could totally understand. To promote the record, Atmosphere set up a website where you can literally paint any website gold — like the The Frisky painted gold, after the jump. Keep reading »

    Yes, That Flair Does Make You Look Like A Rapist

    One of the many stupid ways to waste your time on Facebook is by sending people “flair” — basically little icons users can put on their profile pages that represent their interests (i.e. a piece of flair of Harry Potter naked, or a piece of flair stating your love for boxed wine). But you can also send people flair that promotes rape! Like all of the ones above! So not funny right? I suppose the people behind the “Flair” application thought that rape was just like any issue, with a pro side and a con side and since they had so many anti-rape pieces of flair, they need to have some pro ones as well. Leave a message on the application’s wall, if this pisses you off. [Facebook: Pieces of Flair via Feministing] Keep reading »

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