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10 People Who Are Famous For Losing Weight

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Jared the Subway Guy (i.e., Jared Fogle) lost 245 lbs. eating Subway and walking to his local branch every day. Although Jared was back in the news last year after gaining back 40 lbs., he got back on track to lose weight for his wedding this past August. It’s pretty amazing that you could build another overweight person from Jared’s weight loss, but it’s got to be a lot of pressure to have TMZ watching to make sure he doesn’t gain the weight back. [People]

Show Off Your Own Situation

The Situation Shirt exists and it’s just begging to be worn by someone with a massive beer belly. [The Situation Shirt via The Daily] Keep reading »

Meet The Cast Of “Sex And The City XXX”!

The casting department did a pretty spot-on job for this latest porn spoof on the hit HBO show and movie franchise — especially Charlotte! But the question on everyone’s lips? Will Carrie keep her bra on the entire time, just as Sarah Jessica Parker did in each of her character’s love scenes? Check out one more slightly sexier photo, after the jump … [Fleshbot via The Gloss] Keep reading »

10 Celebrities In Amazingly Clever Disguises

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I know it’s got to suck to not be able to go about your day without the paparazzi chasing you down, but when celebrities don ridiculous disguises to avoid the media, sometimes you have to wonder if they know what incognito means. After a certain point, you’re a flashing sign that says “I’m famous and I look ridiculous!” Mel Gibson might as well have put on those glasses with a mustache attached, because this gray Asterix mustache, baseball cap and Buddy Holly glasses aren’t doing the trick. [TMZ]

Fortunately, celebrity disguises are comedy gold, so we’ve rounded up a few. If they aren’t going to take this seriously, then why should we?

Sept. 21: What Are You Wearing Today?

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It’s a mellow day in the office, with Emily in Philly, Julie working from home because it’s her birthday (Happy Birthday, Julie!), and Jessica and Joanne also working from their homes. Ami, Annika, Kate, and I are holding down the style fort! Check out what we’re wearing today and then let us know your sartorial stats in the comments!

Justin Bieber Gets His First Hit Of Hooters

The Biebs walked in a boy with a craving for wings, and walked out a man.
Keep reading »

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