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5 Facts About Christina Aguilera’s New Man, Matthew Rutler

Christina Aguilera denied dating production assistant Matthew Rutler last time we caught them out together. But now they’ve been caught—gasp!—holding hands. Perhaps more importantly, they were leaving a hotel while holding hands. A source told Us Weekly, “They’ve been on a few dates,” but also says Christina’s focus is on her 2-year-old son Max. “She’s not looking to jump into a relationship right now,” the source adds. [Pop Eater]

They’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping things under wraps, but it’s pretty obvious that these two aren’t just friends. And because I almost never get to utilize my boy-lurking skills in a professional setting, it’s time for five things to know about Aguilera’s new arm candy! Keep reading »

What I’m Cooking For Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving dinner amelia m jpg
Thanksgiving is about three things for me: 1) All-day drinking (prosecco cocktails in the a.m., red wine with dinner), 2) watching “Gone with the Wind” (it’s a tradition), and 3) cooking the entire meal myself. The latter is a bit of a new thing for me — two years ago, I cooked a seven-course dinner for my mom, my brother, and I, which I masterfully managed to time exactly so that each dish was ready at once. Last year, my family celebrated on the day before Thanksgiving (my mom was going out of town), she cooked, and my brother and I almost got in a fistfight over Roman Polanski. So I’m back in charge again, because lord knows, I do not want a repeat of last year’s fiasco. In truth, I am the best cook in my immediate family and I’m also a control freak. Commandeering the kitchen (and the menu), while reciting lines out loud with Scarlett O’Hara and sipping sparkling beverages, is my idea of the perfect Thanksgiving.

With that in mind, keep clicking to see a few of the dishes on my Thanksgiving menu for tomorrow. (Not included in the slideshow: stuffing mix that I’m taking up a notch with apples and onions, my mom’s homemade cranberry sauce, and store-bought pie.) SPOILER ALERT: There is no turkey, because turkey is really just a bigger, less tasty chicken. Also, I am not tryin’ to claim that these recipes are my own — they are written by chefs far more talented than I. Though I will likely be adapting them on a whim.

Most importantly, share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes in the comments!

8 Stars Who Regret Taking Their Clothes Off

regretted nude scenes g1 jpg
Because we live in the age of the internet, when a star goes nude for a role, their likeness will end up on a slew of smut sites and what might have been “artistic” at the time gets taken out of context. This is probably why some stars end up regretting the nude move. Dame Helen Mirren has admitted that she regrets the nude scenes she did earlier in her career. “I might seem uninhibited but believe me, I’m not. I’ve always had a problem doing nudity. In fact, I hated it,” she said. “It has never been a comfortable thing. I’ve never enjoyed it. It’s always mortifying.” [Digital Spy]

She’s still a classy dame in our book but check out the other celebs who regret taking their clothes off for a role after the jump.

Undertakers Design “Gay” Coffins

The gay rights movement has received a lot of opposition from conservatives this year, but other people are looking to sell them stuff. Namely two undertakers in Cologne, Germany, who’ve started offering coffins for the gay market. And their idea of “gay” coffins apparently consists of $2,300 caskets covered in pictures of mostly naked, muscly dudes in “athletic poses inspired by Italian Renaissance paintings.” Keep reading »

Leonardo DiCaprio Makes An Emergency Landing And Other Plane Frights Of The Rich and Famous

Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t think the skies were so friendly this weekend. He was on a Delta commercial flight to Moscow from New York’s JFK when, a few minutes after takeoff, one of the jet’s engines blew. Several witnesses on the ground called emergency services to say the plane was on fire, but the pilots had it under control. While the lights went out in the passenger cabin, they used the jet’s good engine to circle the airport for an hour and dump enough fuel to safely land the debilitated plane. Leo put out a statement via his rep about the incident today. “[Leonardo] wishes to commend the actions of the pilot and flight crew in bringing the plane to a safe landing,” it read.

Leonardo is far from the first celebrity to be on a very scary flight. After the jump, tales of celebrity plane rides gone turbulent. Some of them have happy endings, and very sadly, some do not. Keep reading »

8 Celebs Who Have Been The Victims Of Twitter Fraud

twitter fraud vincent gallo jpg
Vincent Gallo is pissed that he has not one, but two Twitter impersonators. With a combined total of 16,000 followers, these faux accounts are causing him real strife IRL. He was none too thrilled to be given offerings of maple syrup from fans at a concert after @vincentgallo Tweeted that maple syrup was as good as a backstage pass. His impersonators have also written insulting tweets about other celebs like Sarah Silverman and Kanye West. Vincent’s response? “It is embarrassing having anyone believe I would sign up for and communicate with Twitter.” Yeah, I forgot how far superior he is to the rest of us Twitter plebeians. We should be ashamed of ourselves. [NY Post]

After the jump, some more celebs who have been the victim of Twitter fraud.

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