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10 Actors Who’ve Portrayed Someone With Multiple Personalities

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It’s been ages since Halle Berry has been in an Oscar-worthy movie, but apparently she’s pushing for an early release for her indie movie “Frankie & Alice” so that she’ll be in the running for another gold man. Berry also produced the movie about a woman living in the ’70s named Frankie Murdoch who has dissociative personality disorder and is trying to suppress her super racist secondary persona. [NY Mag]

It must be really interesting to portray someone with multiple personalities—it’s like playing simultaneous lead and supporting roles! Maybe Halle took some pointers from the following actors who’ve taken on the challenge.

Oct. 27: What Are We Wearing Today?

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Hello! Tonight there is a Frisky party and we’re very sad we can’t have all of you to attend! Some of us are dressed for the party already, while others — ahem, Jessica — are changing into their Wednesday evening best in a bit. Let’s see what we’re wearing, shall we?

In Defense Of Press-On Nails

Today there’s something a little different about my look. I haven’t cut my hair or decided to wear bright red lipstick. No, I just have on press-on nails. “Why?” you may ask. I’m here to explain, “Why not?” Keep reading »

20 Celebrity Ghostly Encounters

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“Gossip Girl” actress Taylor Momsen isn’t just all about scaring her teenybopper fans’ parents; she’s also had some scary encounters herself with ghosts. Momsen said, “My mom grew up in Devil’s Lake, N.D., and her next door neighbor died. She was wealthy and her belongings got put in a museum… So I went ghost hunting and took pictures and talked to her and all this stuff. And there are actually two images that I took, one of a hand on a typewriter and one of her entire body in a window.” [People]

I guess that ghosts are just like us—celebrity-obsessed—since so many celebrities have had their own ghost encounters. More after the jump.

Girl Talk: Let Me Be Patient

“You are in danger of rushing something that needs to be taken slowly. Yes, okay, you may have slipped behind a bit in your schedule but is it really that important? Probably not. Take your time and get it right.” — My horoscope (Scorpio) on Sunday October 24th

I’m not always the most patient person. On Sunday, the day that I read the horoscope above — which I then photographed with my iPhone for safe keeping because it resonated that much — I made butternut squash soup and adapted the recipe to include caramelized onions. If you’ve ever attempted to make caramelized onions, you know they take an insane amount of patience. When you’ve gotten to the point where you think they’re done, that they’ve reached the ultimate level of sweet brown deliciousness, chances are, they need another 10 minutes more. I never ever give them enough time. Keep reading »

16 Celebs Take Their Kids — And Their Pets! — To The Pumpkin Patch

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Frisky readers, I have a tip for you! If you happen to live in Los Angeles or are in the area during the month of October, your best chance of a celebrity sighting is at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood. Seriously, that’s where every single celebrity gets their pumpkins. It’s like Oscar night every night the week before Halloween. You think I am pulling your leg? Click through this slideshow to see who’s been on the hunt for a Jack-O-Lantern this year …
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