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Star Couplings: Alicia Keys Welcomes Baby Egypt & Katy Perry’s Pre-Wedding Sex Ban

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10 Politicians With Hilariously Terrible Names

Politicians are very serious people. I imagine a political career isn’t something that you can just fall into. It requires years of dedication, polo shirts and perhaps a stint at Georgetown. And I would imagine that when someone runs for government, they’ve been envisioning their campaign signs since birth. Or in Canadian politician Ian Cumming’s case, oodles of slogans like “Cumming with care for details” and “Cumming with concern for neighborhood safety.” But I feel like some politicians must know that their names will inevitably turn them into the butt of jokes. So to speed up the bullying process, we’ve rounded up 10 politicians with terrible names for your amusement. Keep reading »

8 Celebrities Who Were Swindled By Their Own Families

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Dane Cook‘s half brother, Darryl McCauley, has been sentenced to five to six years in prison after embezzling millions of dollars from the comedian. McCauley acted as Cook’s business manager from the ’90s through December 2008, but began siphoning money into his personal accounts in 2004. Once, the guy wrote himself a $3 million check from Cook’s account. Who is that dumb? No one’s going to think they misplaced $3 million! And this guy used to be a corrections officer, so it’s not like he didn’t know what he was in for. McCauley also has to make restitution for the loot he stole. So nanny-nanny-boo-boo, Darryl. [People]

It’s bad enough to steal from strangers, but I’ll never understand how people can steal from their own family. I mean, I’m sure if you just ask nicely, you’ll get a little something. After the jump, other celebs who’ve been swindled by their own family.

The 5 Funniest Celebrity Meet-The-Parents Moments

I guess things are getting serious between Halle Berry and her French “Dark Tide” co-star Olivier Martinez because even though they just started dating a minute ago, Berry brought Martinez home to meet her mom, Judith! The lovebirds reunited in Los Angeles after spending a week apart and the meeting of the momma probably involved the sexy Frenchman saying, “Enchanté,” and offering some her some macarons. Then they probably all laughed about what a joy it is to be beautiful. Presumably, a good time was had by all. [People]

Some celebrities haven’t been quite so lucky with meeting the parents, though. We’ve rounded up those awkward moments, just for you. Keep reading »

The Most Adorable 11 Seconds You’ll See Today

Like humans, puppies aren’t born knowing how to walk. Especially dogs named Hamilton Wesley Wigglebottom. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Trailer Park: “Red,” “Hereafter,” “Conviction,” “Jackass 3D,” “Marwencol,” “Carlos”

Every day closer to Halloween is another day that I avoid the candy aisles at the drug store so that I don’t end up passed out in a bed of 600 tiny wrappers, drooling chocolate. If you’re suffering from a similar pattern, there’s nowhere better to hide than a movie theater. But they’ve got candy there, you say? Well, hopefully that 400 percent mark-up is enough to deter you. With the exception of “Jackass 3D,” this week brought some pretty heady films to the table and, for the first time in weeks, no horror movies! So go forth and watch. Keep reading »

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