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10 Disney Stars Who Tried To Shake Off Their Goody-Two-Shoes Image

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You may or may not remember Christy Romano from the Disney channel show “Even Stevens,” which also starred a tiny Shia LaBeouf. Christy is also the voice of “Kim Possible.” But it seems that Christy is now trying to shake that good girl image. She’s going naked in “Mirrors 2,” a horror movie sequel to “Mirrors,” which came out in 2008. The straight-to-DVD sequel was released this week and, obviously, the reviews are harsh. But everyone was psyched to see Romano’s boobs! I totally get an actress going nude when a role requires it, but you’d think that she could hold out for a movie with a theatrical release at least? [Every Joe]

Don’t worry though, Christy, plenty of Disney alums have gone to extremes to prove they aren’t kids anymore, and most of them have turned out kind of OK! Get ready for some Mouseketeers gone wild!

Angry Birds Continues Its Quest To Ruin My Life

So, what are your plans this weekend? I’m going to work on my book proposal, maybe do a little reading, see a movie, perhaps get brunch with friends — oh, wait, NO I’M NOT. Because, as of midnight tonight, Angry Birds — the iPhone and iPad app that has already stolen countless hours of my time, not to mention eaten my soul — is releasing 45 new Halloween-themed levels. Productivity killed. I might need someone to pop by my apartment in a couple days to flip me so I don’t get bed sores and to remind me to stay hydrated. Keep reading »

8 “Real Housewives” Divorce Disasters

Kordell Stewart & Porsha Williams Split, Plus 8 Other "Real Housewives" Divorce Disasters

Well this is a bit of a shock. “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”‘s resident trophy wife, Porsha Williams, was blindsided this week when her husband, former pro football player Kordell Stewart, filed for divorce. Williams is a new addition to the “Housewives” cast and her arc this season has largely focused on her desire to have a child and also a career, while her husband of two years is insistent that his baby momma would stay at home. Let this be a lesson to all couples out there — make sure you’re on the same page about how you’ll raise your children before you walk down the aisle. [TMZ]

I wish I could say that they were the only victims of the “Real Housewives” franchise, but alas, many “Housewives” are wives no longer. We’ve rounded up the fallen unions.

Guess The Celebrity Spawn!

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Happy Hump Day! Let’s play a game of “Guess The Celebrity Spawn”! As you click through the slideshow, you’ll be presented with the photo of a celebrity’s kid (tween, teen, or young adult, no super little ones), with a clue as to who their parent is. The following slide will contain the answer, and so on. Post how many you got right in the comments!

Beyonce Totally, Maybe, Pregnant With Jay-Z’s Baby!

Is Beyonce pregnant? That’s what Us Weekly claims in its new issue, on stands Friday (but in my hot little hands now!). According to the mag — which I think has a solid 90 percent accuracy rate — B wasn’t planning on getting knocked up and was caught off guard by the news, but, according to a source, she and Jay believe their little bun in the oven “is a gift from God and she’s so happy.” How long before she and Jay issue a denial — or a confirmation? 10 … 9 … 8 … [Us Weekly] Keep reading »

Kanye West Flashes His New Diamond And Gold Grin

The “Kanye West Is A Talented, But Idiotic Douche” file is getting full! Yesterday, the rapper appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and proudly showed off his new blingin’ smile. Apparently, that ain’t no temporary grill — Kanye claims to have had his bottom row of teeth removed and replaced with diamond and gold implants because that’s “what rock stars are supposed to do.” Dude, you do know that pricey grin will still get food stuck in it from time to time, right? Keep reading »

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