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Head Scratcher: Is In-Vitro Fertilization The New Gastric Bypass?

In the past few years, the following celebrities over the age of 35 have given birth to or are expecting twins: Marcia Cross, 44; Jillian Dempsey (wife of Patrick Dempsey), 40; Rebecca Romijn, 36; Jennifer Lopez, 38; Julia Roberts, 37; and Nancy Grace, 50. Angelina Jolie just gave birth to her twins at the age of 33, with Us Weekly claiming that she conceived via in-vitro fertilization (IVF) — a story she and Brad Pitt deny, saying they would have been happy to talk about using IVF, if that had been the case. Of the other women mentioned, none of them have only Marcia Cross has spoken out about using IVF to conceive, and a few others have outright denied it, despite the fact that a woman’s ability to conceive drops significantly after the age of 35.

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That’s because the magazine Us Weekly lives at on the web. But guess what occupies A site in support of John McCain for President, which seems to spend all of its space bashing McCain’s opponent, Senator Barack Obama. Some choice diatribes: “Barack Obama’s ‘fight the smears’ campaign is the same strategy Fidel Castro used to convince Cubans to elect him”, “In Indonesia the Barack Obama autobiography titled ‘The Audacity of Hope’ is titled ‘Assault Hope: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse’”, and “Barack Obama warned supporters (behind closed doors of course) that the GOP will use his race to ‘scare’ white voters.” Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Lauren Conrad Steals Another Sister From Speidi

  • Umm, what is Lauren Conrad doing lunching with Heidi Montag’s sister and new roommate Holly? [Perez Hilton]
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    Style Profile: This Guy Is Not A Billboard

    Who needs celebrities for style inspiration, when you have these fashion plates walking the street? In our latest installment of this regular video feature, a guy with a taste for purple professes why labels do not matter. Keep reading »

    What Would Mad Men’s Joan Holloway Do?

    Now you can take more than style tips — kudos to the genius person who set up the blog “What Would Joan Holloway Do?”, answering oh-so-cerebral reader questions from the redhead’s fictional perspective. Our favorite so far:

    How do you deal with a hysterical co-worker? There’s one woman in my office that is always running off to the powder room to sob. I don’t know her, so I feel strange asking her what’s wrong.

    You do nothing, sister. Keep your trap shut and your eyes open. The last thing you need to do is show the office that you’re best pals with the tearful girl who can’t keep a secret.

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    Slideshow: Attack Of The Plastic Celebrities!

    Ahh, natural beauty, how you are missed. This week’s New York cover story is all about plastic surgery, featuring Madonna and her recent inflated gauntness (which you wouldn’t think would be possible…) as the starring image. After the jump is Madge in all her glory, along with nine others who really, really make wrinkles, sun spots, and baggy eyes look fierce. Keep reading »

    Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Feminist? Hell Yeah.

    In a recent post on her personal website One D at a Time, Tracie Egan, an editor at Jezebel, where she blogs under the moniker Slut Machine, wrote a post entitled: “There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Feminist.” These days, she says, women see feminism from a range of perspectives, and sometimes those perspectives are wildly divergent. Some feminists are pro-choice. Some feminists are pro-life. Some feminists see sex work as empowering. Some see sex work as disempowering. What matters, Egan says, is that women are talking about women’s issues.

    Nowadays, there’s no cookie cutter mold for a feminist–but is there such a thing as a bad feminist? You bet. Not all that long ago, calling oneself a feminist was taboo. In college, my friends were scared to call themselves feminists. That didn’t make them bad feminists. After all, the word comes loaded with negative connotations, from bra-burning to man-hating. Today, calling yourself a feminist is the new, new thing–for some women, it’s a trendy label, like “boho-chic.” But the fact of the matter is that this Spice Girls-brand of “girl power” is about as feminist as Avril Lavigne is punk rock, and label feminism is as thoughtful as a brain full of cotton candy.

    After the jump, the three essential components of a good feminist–and three characteristics that define a fake feminist. Plus: A short list of very notable bad feminists.
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    Debate This: Is The Recession Ruining Your Sex Life?

    According to the Chicago Sun Times, more women are applying to donate their eggs and act as surrogates as the economy worsens. This got me thinking about the other ways in which the poor economy — including skyrocketing gas prices, increased unemployment, and the mortgage crisis — are affecting the sex and love lives of women. Personally speaking, the poor economy has taken a negative toll on the real estate market — and since the man-friend and I are looking to move, aren’t finding much in our budget and are getting stressed as a result, romance has taken a little beating as well. After the jump, a list of how the recession is both hurting AND improving some women’s sex and love lives. Keep reading »

    Quote Of The Day: Alanis Morissette On Getting Over A Breakup

    “No-strings relationships have helped cure me of love addiction. All my life I’ve been in long-term monogamous relationships. I had to break that pattern by not allowing myself to have a relationship for a year, stopping myself from committing to men. I haven’t been celibate. I’ve had lots of dates and lots of sex, but I haven’t been pushing to turn a date into a relationship. This has been a huge thing for me.” — Alanis Morissette, on how she got over her split from Ryan Reynolds Keep reading »

    Star Couplings: Hollywood/Rock’s Hottest Couples In Love Again?

  • Are Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon back together? [People]
  • Same question for Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson — they were spotted smooching. [DListed]
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