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Style By Jury: Lindsay Lohan Goes Short & White For Court

What Do You Think Of Lindsay Lohan's Short, Tight & White Court Outfit?

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12 Starlets Married And Divorced By 26

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And they said it wouldn’t last … and it didn’t. Yesterday, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz filed for divorce from her husband Pete Wentz, of the band Fall Out Boy. She’s requesting joint custody of their young son, Bronx Mowgli. Ashlee was just 23 when they got married in May 2008; they announced she was pregnant shortly thereafter. Though they had been dating off and on for a couple of years, it was clearly a shotgun wedding and some have wondered if they should have waited a bit before rushing into marriage. Still, they seemed pretty happy to us, but given the rather sudden divorce filing — rather than just an initial separation — we’ve got to wonder if something major caused Ashlee, now 26, to call the whole thing off.

Not to kick Ash while she’s down, but it’s gotta be a bummer joining the Young Divorcees Club. Luckily she’s in good company! Here are 11 other stars who got married young and found themselves in divorce court before their 27th birthday.

What Do You Think Of Anthropologie’s New Bridal Collection?

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I’m not really set on getting married, but damn, is it easy for me to get sucked into a wedding dress k-hole. If I were to hitched, would I wear something long and ethereal or short and modern? Would I be partial to a fastener or a more traditional veil? I just don’t know!!! I do know that the idea of spending a bucketload of money on a dress I’ll wear once is absurd to me, which is why I love it when mid-level brands like, say, J. Crew release bridal collections — there’s usually a variety of price points and the dresses, I think, are just as stunning visually as what Vera Wang whips up. The latest accessible brand to enter the bridal market? Girly retailer Anthropologie in conjunction with their sister chain, Urban Outfitters. The brand’s first bridal collection, called BLHDN, debuts online on, sigh, February 14th via, with dresses ranging in price from $1000 to $4000. Keep clicking to see the ultra girly collection and tell us what you think — would you walk down the aisle in any of these gowns or do you think Anthropologie/Urban should stick to everyday wear? [WWD and Chic On The Cheap]

This Man Would Literally Rather Eat Glass

On tonight’s all-new episode of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction,” we meet Josh, who is addicted to eating glass. He has a particular affinity for champagne and wine glasses — classy! In all seriousness, this is one of the more dangerous addictions featured on this show and I certainly hope Josh gets some help. Eating glass cannot possibly feel good — both going in and coming out. [] Keep reading »

The Jewelry You Really Want For Valentine’s Day

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Diamonds? Puh-lease. Yesterday, I asked what you wanted for Valentine’s Day and, not all that surprisingly, many of you wanted jewelry. But your selections were hardly typical — you guys have fantastic and unique taste! Keep clicking to see some of the baubles picked out by your fellow Frisky readers — including one very special ring with a story.

Update: Did The Yogurt Come Back Positive For Semen?

Oh thank god. There’s been an update in the case of the yogurt that tastes like semen. A couple weeks ago, I told you about the 28-year-old Albuquerque woman who said the yogurt sample she was given at her local grocery store tasted like “bodily fluids.” In fact, in her statement to police she said, “I spit it out on the floor many times cuz I was upset. [The manager Catherine Flores] told me it was a Greek yogurt. People love it, it has lot of protein on it.” Ahem. Police arrested Anthony Garcia, 31, the supermarket worker who gave the woman the yogurt, because he had outstanding bench warrants, and sent the yogurt to the lab for testing. Well the results are in! And it seems that the woman’s discerning palette was correct! The yogurt did indeed contain semen, and though Garcia maintains his innocence, a judge issued a warrant for DNA and blood samples to make sure he doesn’t have any diseases. [The Smoking Gun] Keep reading »

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