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12 Young Celebrity Double Divorcees

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It has come to our attention that Neve Campbell filed from a divorce from her husband John Light back in June. The 37-year-old actress apparently thought she could sneak one by us, but boy was she wrong. She cited irreconcilable differences and seeks to deny spousal support from the fellow actor. The two have been married since 2007. And Campbell was married before that, to actor Jeff Colt, until their union ended in 1998. [PopEater]

It seems that the curse of Hollywood is to go big and then go broke when it comes to marriages. After the jump, we’ve rounded up a few other celebs who’ve had multiple divorces by the age of 40.

15 Banned Music Videos

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Prodigy’s 1997 video for “Smack My B**** Up” was banned in several countries due to nudity and depictions of drug use. The video, which was directed by Jonas Akerlund, gives the first-person perspective of someone doing drugs, going to a club, violently harassing strangers, and then shtupping a stripper.

5 Things To Know About Kelsey Grammer’s New Love Interest, Kayte Walsh

If you’ve been following “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” you’re well aware that Kelsey Grammer‘s soon-to-be-ex-wife Camille is kinda pissed that after 13 years of marriage, her hubby dropped her for a much younger woman named Kayte Walsh. And on top of that, he just bought them a $6.5 million NYC apartment with four bedrooms. One of Camille’s favorite things to whine about was how small their old NY apartment was. [TMZ]

We were just as curious as you as to what could cause Kelsey to divorce such a delightful woman, so we’ve rounded up the goods on Kelsey’s new obsession, Kayte! And no, she is not to be confused with Kate Walsh of “Private Practice.” Keep reading »

12 Celeb Couples Who Have Twins

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We’re excited enough that she finally admitted she’s preggers, but now Mariah Carey is hinting that she and hubby Nick Cannon are maybe expecting twins! The singer sparked suspicion while promoting her new holiday CD, Merry Christmas II You, when she said, “I just hope that they don’t turn out hating Christmas!” That’s right, “they!” Of course, that could have been her way of not giving away the baby’s sex (if they even know), but still … it’s more fun to speculate. TWINS! [Celebuzz]

In celebration of little “they”s everywhere, we’ve rounded up some other celebs with twins!

Reese Witherspoon Loves A Good Rom-Com

“I love romantic comedies. I watch them all the time. I love all my fellow female romantic comedy queens, like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and Katie Heigl. I also think that the questions romantic comedies ask about men and women are universal.”

Reese Witherspoon defends the film genre that pays her bills in the January 2011 (!!!) issue of Glamour. You know, I’m gonna agree with her. Yes, often the writing is crap. But honestly, I relate to a lot of the female characters in romantic comedies, though not always proudly. Keep reading »

12 Freakish Celebrity Couple Height Differences!

12 Freakish Celebrity Couple Height Differences!
Y’all, there was once a time when I dated only short dudes. Not like shrimps, but guys who I was as tall as, if not taller than in heels. And then I had an epiphany in the form of a guy who was much, much taller than I and I suddenly felt just how hot it was to feel physically smaller — significantly — than someone. I’m not saying I’m ruling shorter dudes out in the future; I’m just confessing that I’m suddenly willing to look up — WAY up — in my quest for the right dude. These celeb ladies know what I’m talkin’ about. Check out these freakish celebrity couple height differences.
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