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Her 10 Best (LBD) Looks: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet
This morning, a mini-controversy broke out between some members of The Frisky staff. It started when I came across a photo of Kate Winslet at last night’s “Mildred Pierce” premiere and immediately began planning a slideshow about her 10 best looks, since I adored her dress (middle). Within moments, Jessica was IMing me about that very same dress — only her comment was, “What the f**k is Kate Winslet wearing?” I mentioned what I was working on to Julie, our Style Editor, who immediately said, “The dress with the polka dots? Love it.” So, by a vote of 2-to-1, The Frisky loves Kate Winslet’s polka dot look, though I didn’t really give Jessica a chance to dig up votes on her side. Anyway, Kate Winslet wears a lot of black on the red carpet and she always does it impeccably and in new, interesting ways. Keeping clicking to see her 10 best little (well, a few long) black dress moments, starting with the controversial dress in question…

Can You Guess The Wifey?

Meet 31-year-old Joy Millward. She works as a parliamentary lobbyist in the UK and she is married to a very famous, yet very elusive man. Can you guess who her hubby is? Find out after the jump. Keep reading »

Fabio Knows What Your Lips Are Meant For

Note to self, Fabio is not attracted to smokers. Very good to know. Also, I’ve been pondering the purpose of my lips. So thank you, Fabio. [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

Death Metal Version Of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Somehow More Appealing Than Original

I worked really hard all last week to stop Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” from creeping onto my radar; like, I could see it hovering peripherally, and I heard snippets of the song, but I refused to give it my full attention. Then I saw that there was a metal version of the tune and I just couldn’t resist listening. From what I can tell, this version is more soothing. Keep reading »

13 Scented Candles We’re Obsessed With

yummy candles g1 jpg
As a single lady, one of my favorite ways to relax is by running a hot bubble bath, pouring a big ol’ glass of wine, and lighting a deliciously scented candle. Don’t ever send me into some froofy home accents store and expect me not to walk out with a bag full of expensive, fragrant wax. I am candle obsessed. Sure, it kind of irks me that candles can be so damn expensive, but then I think of the per use cost — how many hours those suckers often burn for — and the pleasure their lovely scent brings me and I feel a wee bit better. With that in mind, here are 12 drool-worthy candles that smell (or purport to smell) so goddamn amazing you’ll want to eat them. Though I really recommend you don’t, FYI.

How To Get A Guy To Clean The House

“If you want someone to do more cleaning all you have to do is make sure there is a vague smell of citrus in the air. This smell will subconsciously influence your partner’s thoughts and their actions, making them think more readily of cleaning products — and using them.”

According to a new book called Get the Edge, written by psychologist Geoff Beattie, you can use little mind tricks to improve all areas of your life. For example, he says you can get someone to clean the house simply by bombarding them with the scent of citrus. I’m going to leave orange peels around my apartment and then invite a dude over and see what happens. If it works, I’ll never have to clean again! Please, let it work. [Daily Mail UK] Keep reading »

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