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Shopping Guide: 10 Safari-Ready Rucksacks

Shopping Guide: 10 Safari-Ready Rucksacks
To be perfectly honest, I don’t actually know what distinguished a “rucksack” from a “backpack” other than a rucksack looks like something you would wear to hold your things while you ride an elephant on safari. Also, I think there is always some aspect of closure that requires cinching, rather than merely buckling or zipping. And lastly, backpacks are dorky and rucksacks are cool. This has been your fashion accessories lesson for the day. Keep clicking for 10 cute rucksacks…

Who’s That Heiress?

At first glance, I couldn’t tell who this was a photo of. The major bangs, vacant, heavily made-up eyes, and pointy lined lips threw me off — and creeped me out a bit. Turns out, this is a photo of Paris Hilton from the new issue of V — and the rest of the images are just as strange. Check ‘em out after the jump — did you recognize Paris or do you think she looks like someone (or something) else? [ONTD] Keep reading »

July 8: What Are We Wearing Today?

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It’s another steamy day in New York, which means each of us is rocking a dress or skirt — it’s just not the day for sticky denim. Keep clicking to find out what we’re wearing and to see a very special guest. (FYI, Ami is MIA because she’s on vacay — and, in the future, we will also occasionally include regular contributors like Annika and Winona.) Oh, and don’t forget to tell us what YOU are wearing in the comments!

The Weirdest Video You Will See Today: “Do You Like Me Now?”

For some reason, I was up a full hour and a half before my alarm went off this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. To kill time, I watched this video over and over again. It managed to produce the same level of baffled laughter each and every time. In one way, this video makes me uncomfortable, and then in another way, it makes me want to help this girl find a rad boyfriend ASAP because she is clearly a comedic genius. Or maybe crazy. I don’t know, but I am pretty sure she’s my spirit animal on certain psychotic PMS days. “What’s two plus two? Gonorrhea.” Keep reading »

13 Of Your Easy, Fuss-Free Exercise Tips

I admitted last week that after several months of no exercise, I’ve gotten a little flabby. Since I’m not the most creative person when it comes to fitness, I asked you to give me your easy, fuss-free exercise tips. Many of you suggested I begin running or walking, instead of working out in the small inside space I have available. You’ve definitely convinced me to use the several-miles long park that is right across the street from my home. But what were some of Frisky readers’ other creative tips? Keep reading »

Texas Rangers Fan Falls To His Death Trying To Catch Baseball Thrown By Josh Hamilton

Ugh, this is such an awful story. A 39-year-old father took his son to a Texas Rangers baseball game in Arlington, TX, last night, and when outfielder Josh Hamilton (left) tossed him a foul ball, he fell 20 feet to his death trying to catch it. A man sitting near Shannon Stone tried to grab him by the leg as he fell over the railing, but wasn’t able to keep ahold of him. “He went straight down,” Ronnie Hargis said. “I tried to grab him, but I couldn’t. I tried to slow him down a little bit.” Keep reading »

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