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Princess Beatrice And The Other Royal Wedding Guests Who Rocked Hats And Fascinators!

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Guys, this is Princess Beatrice of York, daughter of Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson and Prince Andrew. She wins the prize for most WTF fascinator at the royal wedding. Subtlety is not her thing, clearly. Consider her — and fascinators in general — my new obsession. Keep clicking to see some of my other favorite headpieces worn by guests at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

GIF Of The Day: Prince William And Kate Middleton Exchange A Sweet Glance

The Prince and his bride shot each other amused side-eye during an otherwise very appropriately stoic ceremony. Congrats, kids! Keep reading »

The Frisky Liveblogs The Royal Wedding!

Tally ho, Frisky readers! Break out the tea and crumpets! Hold on to your knickers! The royal wedding has (almost) arrived! Starting at the absolutely ungodly hour of 5 a.m. EST Friday morning, Jessica and I will be liveblogging all of the festivities. What will Kate Middleton wear? Will Prince Harry behave himself? Which celebrities will show? Will anyone stand up an object? You can catch the liveblog via on our Twitter, on our Facebook page, and here on The Frisky, after the jump. If you’re as bats**t insane as we are and actually plan to wake up and watch two fancy Brits tie the knot, join us by following the liveblog! See ya in the morning… Keep reading »

23 Close-Up (Occasionally Blurry!) Pics Of Celebrity Engagement Rings!

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Confession time: I drink upwards of three cans of Diet Coke a day. I sometimes pick the dry skin on my feet and fling the pieces into my heater vent. Occasionally I floss with strands of my own hair. I still watch “Survivor.” But my real secret shame? I am kind of obsessed with looking at pictures of celebrity engagement rings. Here are 23 of my favorites…

“The Voice” Hits All The High Notes

I”m not a “Dancing with the Stars” fan — D-list celebs learning how to tango? No thanks! — and find everything else on the boob tube Tuesday nights to be totally boring. Until now. Last night, “The Voice,” an “American Idol”-inspired singing competition, debuted, and against my better judgment, I tuned in. So glad I did! For starters, “The Voice” doesn’t bother to show any of the crappy auditions — contestants having already been whittled down to just the best. After all, judges Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and Blake Shelton are way too busy with their own successful careers to waste time listening to a bunch of talentless losers warble.

Keep reading »

Get Wired

This past weekend, as I was conducting an experiment to find out how many hours I could spend on my couch before developing sofa sores, I finally decided to watch a show called “The Wire.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it. The critically acclaimed show aired on HBO for five seasons and ended its run in early 2008. Better late than never! Ten episodes into season one, it is my new obsession and I want, nay, need, the full series on DVD so there is absolutely no lull as I make my way through the rest of the episodes. Omar, Bubbles, and Stringer Bell might miss me.

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