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Justin Timberlake And Mila Kunis Chew Gum While Bumpin’ Uglies In “Friends With Benefits”

A restricted clip/trailer for “Friends With Benefits” (above, opening July 22) has me curious about something — have you ever f**ked and chewed gum at the same time? Excuse my French — Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis drop the f-bomb a lot in the trailer above, so I’m just getting into the spirit. Anyway, they also are seen doin’ the nasty while both smacking on gum. I can only imagine that this is going to be some sort of minor plot point in the film, as I don’t know of anyone that actually thinks it’s a good idea to chew gum and hump at the same time. Am I crazy? Keep reading »

July 13: What Are We Wearing Today?

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Happy Hump Day! I insisted that we do another “What Are We Wearing?” today because Lucca is runnin’ loose in the office (video proof!) and I am wearing a hat. Also, I am the boss. Now, POSE. Keep clickin’ to check out what we’re wearing and don’t forget to {encode=”” title=”send me”} pictures and descriptions of what YOU are wearing for an upcoming slideshow of Frisky reader style.

“Owling” Is A Hoot!

Planking” … “cone-ing” … interweb trends move so quickly one can hardly keep up. The latest is “owling.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. You perch on something like an owl and try to look wise and bird-like. Fairly simple. This is exactly the kind of trend I can get into. I mean, I’ve been doing variations of “owling” for years, only I haven’t documented it. It’s usually been done in the interest of annoying my little brother. See above, me “owling” in the Frisky office. I enjoyed it a bit too much. Seriously, you should try it. [WOW] Keep reading »

Vivident Gum’s Man Boobs & Marionettes

Vivident Gum is apparently the most popular gum in Italy, perhaps because their commercials are, um, so memorable. For a country dismayed by the antics of the “Jersey Shore” cast, I am surprised this ad passed muster. Naked man tits? A frightening marionette man? What does this have to do with gum again? [Best Week Ever] Keep reading »

GIF Of The Day: The Ricky Martin Concert Experience

Not sure if you want to shell out your hard-earned money to attend a Ricky Martin show? Let me solve that dilemma for you: DON’T — this GIF sums up the Ricky Martin concert experience brilliantly. [via Best Week Ever] Keep reading »

10 Movies I Loved That Really Aren’t That Amazing

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I am one of those pop culture geeks that basically enjoys every movie I watch in some capacity, with a few exceptions (for example, “Garfield” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt). I am not a movie snob in the slightest. Without fail, I can watch “Hitch,” starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes, every time it is on TV. Over the years, there have been movies that really blew my mind when I first saw them; flicks that made me say, “Oh my god, that was one of the best films I’ve ever seen.” But then, upon a second or third viewing, or seeing other films that were better, or really thinking about what the hell there was to like so damn much, I’ve realized that either the movie was actually quite sucky or simply just not as good as I thought. Here are 10 examples of movies I lovvvvvved so much I wanted to marry them — until I realized they weren’t that great or great at all.
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