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Anthony Weiner Gal’s Shockingly Accurate Senior Superlative

I was a complete wallflower in high school and therefore did not earn enough — or any — attention from the yearbook staff to be given a senior superlative. But Gennette Cordova, one of the women linked to Rep. Anthony Weiner junk tweeting scandal, sure did. Freakishly accurate! What was your senior superlative (if you were cool enough to get one)? [The Daily What] Keep reading »

12 Ladies Who Chose To Look (Mostly) Lovely At Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards

guys choice slide 1 jpg
Spike TV’s “Guys Choice Awards” filmed the night before the MTV Movie Awards, but don’t air until this Friday, so any hype about who won and what people wore will likely have worn off by then. I shall contribute to that by revealing what the ladies in attendance wore and what they won in this slideshow, as I think this particular award show is more ridiculous than others. Basically, the men are celebrated for being brotastic and women are celebrated for being different versions of “hot.” I think the guys who watch Spike TV are a bit like the Eskimos, but instead of having a ton of different words for “snow,” they have many different words for “hot.” Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out what distinguishes them. What I DO know is that the famous women who attended the awards did indeed dress to the nines. Clearly they got the memo. Keep clickin’ to see who was there and what they wore!

13 Retro-Inspired Swimsuits For Bathing Beauties

retro swimwear g1 jpg
I’ve never been one to wear an itty-bitty, teensy-weensy string bikini. First of all, there’s really no guarantee that I’ll be freshly waxed, so a tiny triangle swatch of fabric doesn’t give enough coverage to the tame the beast below. Besides, I like a swimsuit I can wear as I perform water ballet and attempt to bodysurf, without risk of exposing my strawberry kisses. When it comes to cute swimsuits that offer a bit more coverage, I am especially stoked on bikinis and one-pieces that are retro-inspired and, lucky for me, options abound! Some of the suits in this slideshow look like they could’ve been worn by Marilyn Monroe, while others are a more modernized take on the traditional retro swim-dress. Click away to check ‘em out!

Worst. Father’s. Day. Gift. Ever.

No, this is the best press release we’ve received as staffers at The Frisky. That one is now the second best. Keep reading »

I Am Never Trying To Skip My Period Again

I have been fascinated by the notion of going without a period since the 8th grade, when I heard about an older, incredibly beautiful girl at my school who didn’t wear underwear. I was a maxi pad user at the time — tampons did not register as an option until 10th grade — so I couldn’t understand how this chick could go panty-less during her monthly flow.

“Where does she stick her pad?” I asked a friend as we sat on the school’s front lawn giving each other hairwraps. (It was a hippie school and it was the early-’90s.)

“Oh, I heard her tell someone that she rarely gets her period because she drinks so much water.” Keep reading »

8 Reader Suggested Sexytime Faux Pas

Poor Sex Etiquette
10 things that are rude to do in the sack. Read More »

Last week we discussed some bedroom moves that we consider to be poor sex etiquette. Frisky readers responded by telling us some of their least favorite sexual behaviors. After the jump, some more sexytime faux pas according to the Friskyverse. Keep them coming (pun intended) in the comments. Keep reading »

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