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August 11: What Are We Wearing Today?

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You want to know what I’m wearing today? A SMILE. I am having a really awesome week. I just wanted to share. I hope you are too! Keep clicking to see what I — and the rest of the Frisky staff — am wearing today!

The Perfect Evening Cover-Up

One of the more difficult voids to fill in our closet is the role of “fancy-ish evening cover-up.” Something you can thrown on over a pretty dress or flirty top that isn’t business-like (like a structured blazer) or casual (like a knit cardigan). That’s where the silky shirt-jacket comes in. We saw a number of celebs — like Molly Sims and Rachel Bilson — rocking this style a few months ago, but couldn’t find an affordable version for ourselves … until now. Topshop’s Crepe Unstructured Jacket comes in three colors and would look perfect over a glam dress or a pair of jeans. Your shoulders will be warm without the rest your look suffering.

[$110.00 Topshop]

Ryan Gosling Feeds A Baby, My Uterus Explodes

Well, internet. Let’s quit while we’re ahead, shall we? Or-GOS-ms don’t get more powerful than this. If you can handle it, check out one more photo of Ryan Gosling holding a baby after the jump. [Celebuzz] Keep reading »

Ryan Gosling Doubles My Pleasure

What’s better than one Ryan Gosling? Two! My chances of making him my real boyfriend instead of just my dream celebrity boyfriend would double if only this Esquire cover was a reality. Sigh. [Crushable] Keep reading »

August 10: What Are We Wearing Today?

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Happy Hump Day! I have a migraine! Maybe looking at pretty pictures of The Frisky’s staff’s outfits will make me feel better … nope. Didn’t work. Oh well. Click onward to see what we’re wearing!

August 9: What Are We Wearing Today?

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This is a rather exciting day for me because I am not in the office, which means I have no clue what everyone is wearing today. I get to find out with the rest of you! It’s like in Us Weekly, when there’s a photo of Keanu Reeves eating a yogurt alongside a caption that reads, “Keanu eats yogurt — JUST LIKE US!” only it’s “Amelia has no idea what The Frisky staff is wearing — JUST LIKE US!” Anyway. Keep clicking to see what Kate, Ami, and Julie are wearing!
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