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Gratuitously Adorable Baby Tiger Video

Urlesque is organizing some awful web-wide ban on cat-related content TOMORROW and while I shall refuse to participate (not hard to do, considering cat-related content isn’t our bread and butter), I will get maximum enjoyment out of a baby tiger yawning today. [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: “There’s Nothing To See Here! Besides My Blinding Yellow Parka!”

[London, 9/8/09]
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John Hudson Had The Worst 18th Birthday Ever

I’m a little sad for John Hudson. The dude just turned 18 and to celebrate his birthday, he decided to squat between two cars in a parking lot and masturbate while wearing women’s undies and stockings. Then the cops arrived, totally busting up his private party of one, and arrested Hudson on obscenity and trespassing charges. The police also found pornographic magazines, lotion and a “pink dildo with pubic hairs on it.” In his “defense,” Hudson says he has a “fetish” for such things. I feel bad for the dude. Just turned 18 and already has a criminal record for something that’s pretty harmless. I mean, I wouldn’t want my five-year-old happening upon Hudson, but the fact that he was squatting between two cars indicates he was at least trying to hide — doesn’t that count for something? [Splash News] Keep reading »

George Clooney’s #1 Fan Strips, Begs His Idol To “Choose Me!”

Last week we confessed our earliest celebrity crushes, and a few of the desperate ways in which we tried to get their attention. But George Clooney’s #1 fan takes the cake. In the video above, George is taking questions at a press conference at the Venice International Film Festival, where he’s promoting “The Men Who Stare At Goats.” Skip ahead to about 1:25 to hear (and briefly see) a male Clooney fan strip off his shirt and declare his love for the actor. Clooney handles the outburst with his usual debonair class. DListed] Keep reading »

Marie Claire Writer Is Sick Of Seeing Your Naked Body In Her Gym Locker Room!

The lady blogs are all a-cluck over a piece in the latest issue of Marie Claire in which writer Lea Goldman practically begs her fellow gym-goers to “put your clothes on already!” — in the locker room that is. Goldman writes that she’s tired of women using the gym locker room to perform various tasks that would otherwise be done in the confines of one’s home — clipping toenails, brushing teeth, plucking eyebrows, and even “blow-drying their girly bits” — while she is simply trying to “get in, get out.” The thing is, Goldman knows her discomfort is her problem, but she still wants everyone else to bend to her whims. Keep reading »

Poll: Should You Tell Your Ex That You’ve Gotten Engaged?

Should You Tell An Ex That You've Gotten Engaged?

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Quick Pic: Don’t F**k With Samantha Jones!

New plot tidbit from the set of “Sex & The City 2″ — Samantha gets MAD! [NYC, 9/8/09]
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“Saturday Night Live” Hires/Fires The Ladies

Hey, so you know how last week we were all, “Yippee! ‘Saturday Night Live’ has added two new lady cast members!”? Well today, I’m all, “Oh crap, they fired Casey Wilson and Michaela Watson?” Broadsheet wonders, “Does ‘SNL’ have a lady quota?” Good question. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Whatever You Say Lindsay!

The actress flashes a peace sign to go along with her, um, ironic t-shirt? [via TMZ] Keep reading »

The Top 11 Porn Spoofs We’d Like To See

11 Porn Spoofs We'd Like To See
In the last 12 months, we’ve seen porn spoofs based on a wide range of TV shows, from “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ to “The Cosby Show” and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Keep clicking to see the 11 porn spoofs we’d like to see hit shelves next. We’ve even taken care of the casting!
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