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Quick Pic: Should We Fear The Rise Of Cowboy Hats?

Amelia: Erin, do you think cowboy hats will ever come back into fashion?
Erin: Only if Carine Roitfeld [editor in chief of French Vogue] wears one.
Amelia: Oh dear.

[Fashion Week, NYC, 9/14/09] Keep reading »

Ed Westwick Got Two New Fugly Tattoos!

This feather seems to be the perfect blend of Ed’s real-life rocker image and his dandy “Gossip Girl” alter ego, Chuck Bass. See the second, somewhat NSFW tat, after the jump. Hint: “She’s A Pinup!” [via Oh No They Didn't!] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: How Badly Do You Want To Date This Thom Browne Model?

Step off, bitches. The man in the halter, polka-dot baby romper and oversized bucket hat is mine. [Thom Browne Spring 2010 show, NYC, 9/13/09] Keep reading »

When Will I Stop Being Angry?

So, it’s been a year since I got dumped. Frankly, I would not blame any of you for being at the point of thinking – if not saying – “Why the f**k hasn’t this bitch gotten over this yet?” I wonder the same thing myself.

There’s that saying that it takes half the length of the relationship to “get over it.” If that were the case, I would have another year and four months to go, God help me! But actually, I’m over the heartbreak. There’s not one ounce of me that’s still physically attracted to him. While I miss the friendship we had, the way he made me laugh, the sweet things he would do, like plate the dinner he made from scratch like we were dining at a fancy restaurant, and the fun we had traveling together, I don’t miss him as my boyfriend at all. That feels so amazing, I cannot even tell you. I could do cartwheels! (If I could do cartwheels, that is.)
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Will Not Wack For Jesus

One dude is going to extreme lengths to stop himself from masturbating. Brian “Head” Welch, who used to play guitar is that awful band KoRn (yeah, I said it!) and is already heavily tattooed, has gotten JESUS tattooed across his knuckles so he’s deterred from playing his own instrument. How not metal. He explains:

“The Jesus tattoo on my hand keeps me from masturbating and I haven’t been with a woman since my ex-wife left me almost five years ago. I go to those extremes to be like Christ and it works for me.”

Now I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to get over a bad breakup, but seriously? [Needles And Sins]
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Red Carpet Slideshow: Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Solange Knowles Kill It At The VMAs

gaga amber alexa vma g1 jpg
Lady Gaga, Kanye West & Amber Rose, Alexa Chung

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock — or just watching “True Blood” and “Mad Men” — then you know last night was the MTV Video Music Awards. It was a fairly exciting show, what with Kanye West acting like an ass, Lady Gaga gettin’ her menstruation on, and Janet Jackson paying tribute to brother Michael. Fashion-wise, there were a lot of trends to watch on the red carpet: short, sparkly minis; edgy ‘dos; metallics; and loads of black abounded. Hands down, I thought the fiercest was Solange Knowles showin’ up big sister Beyoncé, while Lady Gaga was certainly, and expectedly, the freakiest. “The Hills” gals donned, for the most part, totally cute wearable looks, while Shakira and Pink wore the same leather mini (scandal!). The worst-dressed, in my book, went to Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon and “Twilight”‘s Ashley Greene. Oh and Alexa Chung? Effing perfection as always. Keep clicking for more pics and click the links to see them all large and in charge.

Why Has Stephanie Pratt Morphed Into A Carbon Copy Of Heidi Montag?

Considering Heidi is her brother’s wife, the incestuous undercurrents are icky. The fact that her brother is Spencer Pratt makes it even worse. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Are You Ready To Show Off Your Calve Cleavage?

[Alexander Wang, 9/12/09]
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Woman Accused Of Sleeping With The Son She Gave Up For Adoption A Decade Earlier

Umm, gross. Aimee Louise Sword, 35, from Michigan, gave her son up for adoption 10 years ago. She allegedly then found him via the internet and began a sexual relationship with the boy, whose name and age were not released. Sword is maintaining her innocence. []

This story reminds me of a memoir a while ago by Kathryn Harrison called The Kiss, in which the author writes about having an incestuous relationship as an adult with her estranged father. I suspect this kind of thing happens more often than many of us realize. Though in the case of Sword, it’s distinctly possible the younger party involved is a child. Either way, in cases like these, there seems to be some sort of need to replace the feeling of abandonment and/or guilt with something else and, for some, like the, um, mentally disturbed, sexual attraction is it. Completely bizarre. Keep reading »

Lady Gaga’s Period Piece At The MTV Video Music Awards

The highlight performance from last night’s MTV Video Music Awards — for me anyway — was the divine Lady Gaga‘s “Phantom of the Opera”-esque rendition of “Paparazzi.” In the music video for the song, she gets shot up by the paps, but in her live performance, she looked like she had a massive brawl with Aunt Flo. First Tyra, now Lady Gaga. Is flaunting your period the next big thing? Keep reading »

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