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8 Stars Who Will Run Circles Around You

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Teri Hatcher is training to lead a team in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon next Sunday, which is one of the things she wanted to cross off her bucket list. The 44-year-old “Desperate Housewives” star will be raising money for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and has been hardcore training for the past month. Still, she isn’t trying to break any records. “I’m just out to do it and say I did it,” she said. “I did surprise myself that I’m in better shape than I thought I was.” [People]

Here are some other stars who’ve trained for serious physical feats.

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys Pumping Gas

Nerd Girl Porn: 20 Hot Guys Pumping Gas

The hose is phallic. The grip is tight. The muscles are bulging. The fluid is flammable. What’s NOT sexy about a hot guy pumping gas?

Serena Williams Out At The U.S. Open After Allegedly Threatening Line Judge?

Now, I don’t really watch tennis, though I did go to the U.S. Open once and it was funzies. But tonight I’m at home because it’s nasty outside and that’s how cool I am, so I’m watching a little bit because I think Serena Williams is rad. So all of the sudden, like, something happens and the referee on the side — a line judge I have read — makes a call saying Serena did something bad. In technical sports terms, the Los Angeles Times says Serena was called for a foot fault, whatever that means. But then the sports announcers were like, “Nuh uh, she didn’t do that.” Serena didn’t seem to believe it either because she started yelling at the line judge. Then the line judge was like, “Bitch, no you didn’t” and went to the main judge sitting in the big tall chair, and she told him what was going on and then Serena was like, “What? I didn’t say I would kill you!” Then the big judge docked Serena some more points and, lo and behold, Williams lost then and there to her opponent, Kim Clijsters. You can watch the whole thing above. I promise to put up a better quality video as soon as possible. Drama on the courts! [LA Times] Keep reading »

Bloody Clothes Found Stashed In The Lab Where Missing Woman Was Last Seen

Police have discovered bloody clothes stuffed in the ceiling of the lab where Annie Le, who went missing just days before her wedding, was last seen. They have denied reports that a body has also been found, though the building has been labeled a crime scene. They say that further testing needs to be done on the clothing to determine if there’s a link to Le’s disappearance. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

8 Celebs Who Don’t Sweat Awkward Gym Sightings

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The other night, Kanye West went to a spinning class in New York City. And—banner news—before leaving, he was seen literally “ringing out his shirt.” [NY Post]

Besides excessive sweating and subsequent wardrobe mishaps, there are plenty of ways celebrities have weirded-out their fellow gym bunnies. So prepare to get pumped!

Trailer Park: “9,” “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself,” “Whiteout,” “Sorority Row”

I almost feel guilty telling you to go to the movies this weekend, because at least half of this week’s releases never had a chance. But on the brighter side, “9″ looks kind of amazing; “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself” doesn’t star Madea; “Whiteout” might help you survive an arctic murder mystery of your own one day; and characters you probably wouldn’t like anyway die in “Sorority Row.” Yay! Keep reading »

Quote Of The Day: Casey Wilson Responds To Those Fat Firing Rumors

“I had an amazing time on SNL, and these rumors are completely untrue. And to clarify, the issue isn’t that I’m too fat, it’s that I’m too phat. Can I get a WHAT-WHAT!”

– Casey Wilson on why she was fired from “Saturday Night Live” Keep reading »

Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirts Shock And Offend — Again!

Hey, big news! Abercrombie & Fitch has a few T-shirts in its “New College” line that are, like, way sexual and sexist and not particularly funny. (The shirts above say “Show the Twins,” “Female Students Wanted for Sexual Research,”and “Female streaking encouraged.”) And people are mad about it! The American Family Association (AFA), a religious organization, says the shirts promote a “sex-as-recreation” agenda, but I don’t really think that’s the problem or a problem at all. I mean, sex is recreation. However, the shirts are sexist, foul and not funny. That said, they are extremely helpful in identifying douchebags from a distance and that is a plus. [AHN, Practical Polyamory] Keep reading »

The 10 Best Celebrity Twitter Wars Of All Time

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What did we do before Twitter? These days, celebrity catfights are unfolding blow-by-blow in real time—it’s a miracle! Unless you were refreshing your Twitter screen at 5 a.m. yesterday morning, you probably missed the latest Twitter war—between ex-lovahs Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Apparently Lindsay cried herself to sleep over Sam’s comment and retorted, “You JUST told me that your friends are worth more than i am 2 your family & that i’m gross*thx.” Ouch. Also, isn’t it strange that SamRo has more than three times as many followers as LiLo? [DListed]

Here are some other now-classic Twitter Wars. And not all of them involve Perez Hilton!

Quick Pic: Tila Tequila’s Bruises Speak For Themselves

There’s a “difference of opinion” on what exactly went down between Tila Tequila and Shawne Merriman in that alleged incident over the weekend, but Tila’s injuries were undeniable as she left a Beverly Hills hotel today. Keep reading »

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