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10 Musical Tributes To The Menage A Trois

WTF Is Up With Chris Brown’s New Album Cover?

If Chris Brown was hoping for a career comeback after he beat the crap out of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, the hot mess that is the just-revealed art for his upcoming album, Graffiti, is not going to help. Why is he holding a guitar? He doesn’t play! Is he on a spaceship? Is that a moon? Why are his pants so tight? Who are those creatures in the bottom corner? And why is he going to mace them with a can of spray paint? PopEater goes into further detail about the five awesomely ridiculous things about it. Somewhere, Adam Lambert is feeling really great right now. [PopEater] Keep reading »

Poll: How Much Do You Drink On A First Date?

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We Never Noticed Her Teeny, Tiny Hands

On Halloween, our Ami channeled one of Kristen Wiig’s most hilarious “Saturday Night Live” characters, Junice, the “Lawrence Welk” singer/dancer with the itty-bitty hands and shrill voice. Keep reading »

20 Frisky Readers Looking Boo-tiful On Halloween!

Sunmaid Raisin Girl
I bow to the costume genius of reader Alison Wonderland for absolutely killing it with her Sunmaid Raisin Girl Halloween costume. She was inspired initially by Catherine’s “I Wanna Dress Like The Morton Salt Girl” post from a few months ago, but said, “I don’t have short hair and the umbrella was too bulky a prop,” so she went elsewhere with the advertising mascot theme, sewing her own bonnet. Mad props, girl. Keep clicking to see other Frisky reader costumes!

Painting The Town Pantone Red!

It’s fitting that Emily dressed up as Pantone swatch number 1797C for Halloween. She’s our resident photo and art genius! Did your boyfriend go as a paint brush, Em? Keep reading »

The Most Popular Kids At Hollywood High!

Last week, 15-year-old Dakota Fanning was crowned the Homecoming Princess of Crespi Carmelite High School after cheering at the game with the other Viking cheerleaders. This is weird for a couple of reasons: because she goes to an actual high school and because she is still only 15. Also, isn’t she too busy being a badass Volturi to be a cheerleader? And aren’t teenagers supposed to resent her for her success? Plus, aren’t they generally called “Homecoming Queens”?

Most celebrities at least claim they were outcasts in high school. Having been a drama geek, I can confirm that this is likely true. But I guess not every path to stardom is paved with struggle. Here are some celebrities who were beloved from day one. [Just Jared] Keep reading »

A Misfit With A Heart Of Gold

This is our Kate (left), as Stormer from “Jem and the Holograms,” with her sister Lizz (right), as Minnie Mouse. Kate says four whole people were able to identify her costume without context. They were all, of course, women circa age 30. Did you dress up for Halloween? Don’t forget to send your pics to — we’ll run a slideshow of some of our faves at the end of the day! Keep reading »

The “Perfect” Woman Circa 1930

Well, isn’t this a fascinating little diagram? Back in 1930, this handy-dandy little doodle was drawn to illustrate what the components would be of the ideal female screen type, based on the attributes of the 13 leading stars of the time. I wonder how she would be drawn today? Any guesses? [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

For Halloween, I Got ShamWowed!

While I considered being Amelia Earhart or Max from “Where The Wild Things Are” for Halloween, once I found out my date was going as ShamWow pitchman, Vince Shlomi, my choice was clear. His costume would be even better if I went as the hooker Shlomi beat up (SlapChopped!) in Miami after she bit his tongue in a drug-fueled bender (they were both arrested). Politically incorrect, slutty, AND DIY! Keep reading »

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