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Oh Noes, Someone Defaced Bill Cosby’s Star On The Walk Of Fame

Oh Noes, Someone Defaced Bill Cosby's Star On The Walk Of Fame

It’s a little hard to read, but it says “RAPIST.” Luckily for Cosby, the folks who take care of the Walk of Fame have surely cleaned the graffiti off his star by now. The entertainer’s career and reputation, however, remain forever sullied by over 20 allegations of sexual assault and rape. [Instagram]

LeAnn Rimes “Saddened By The Negativity” Of People Protesting

  • Awww, poor LeAnn Rimes. The singer was, like, super bummed out that all the people protesting the non-indictment of the cop who murdered Eric Garner totally disrupted her performance at Rockefeller Center’s tree-lighting ceremony. STFU PLEASE. [Dlisted]
  • The Grammy Award nominees were announced this morning and they are as predictable as ever. [People]
  • Bill Cosby’s lawyer says the woman suing Cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was 15, has tried to extort the entertainer. [People] Keep reading »

Make Your Own Menstrual Mashup!

"Girls on their periods be like..."

I got my first period when I was 12, right before I turned 13. I, of course, felt like I was the last one. My friends Annie and Sarah both got their periods before me and, I swear, it bonded them in a way that made me insanely jealous. I wanted blood to flow out of my vagina too! I wanted Wil Wheaton to respond to my fan mail and I wanted to be a woman, dammit. Then my period arrived and, wouldn’t ya know, it was decided less glamorous than I had thought. Wearing a pad (my hippie mom was never down with tampons, so I had to discover those on my own a few years later) felt like a diaper and looked like one too underneath the leotard I wore to my dance classes. As an adult I’m lucky to have really, really mild cramps, but HOLYMOTHEROFCHRIST, as a teenager, every month it felt like someone was digging out my uterus with a spoon. And, gather round y’all and joins hands, because I would like for us to take a moment to remember all of the panties — so. many. panties. — that have been lost to our menstrual cycles. Hell, I’ve lost a few pairs of pants too. And a shirt once. Don’t ask. Keep reading »

#AliveWhileBlack Is Essential Reading If You Give A Crap About Police Brutality

#AliveWhileBlack Is Essential Reading If You Give A Crap About Police Brutality

Yesterday, a grand jury decided not to indict Staten Island NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choking death of Eric Garner, despite the fact that the death was ruled a homicide and the entire incident was caught on tape. (His final words: “I can’t breathe,” gasped over and over.) The outrage over this injustice was immediate and palpable, as people took to the streets to protest yet another white police officer killing an unarmed Black citizen without legal recourse. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite began trending, as white people primarily started sharing stories about getting away with illegal acts that, presumably, POC of color would not only not get away with, but potentially face terrible repercussions for. In other words, white people were tweeting examples of their own white privilege — and while I am always in favor of people recognizing their own privilege, I agree with those who thought this hashtag was distracting attention away from Eric Garner and the issue of POC being over-policed and under-served by those in uniform. At times, many of these tweets almost seemed like humblebrags about the various offenses White people had gotten away with. “Look at how good it is to be white!” Talk about missing the point. In response, @JamilahLemieux started another hashtag, #AliveWhileBlack, POC could share stories about their encounters with law enforcement. Read it. Really read it. And then read #CrimingWhileWhite too, if you’d like, if only because in combination, the two hashtags illustrate the stark difference in the way POC and White people, in general, have been treated by law enforcement. [#AliveWhileBlack/#CrimingWhileWhite]

Obsessed: Synth-Pop Chanteuse VÉRITÉ

I was just scrolling through my iTunes music and noticed that in the last year or so, many of the albums I’ve added to my collection are from female singers, songwriters and bands. (And I’m not talking Pop 40 either, though y’all know Beyonce and Taylor Swift are also on repeat.) BANKS, Betty Who, Jenny Lewis, First Aid Kit, Mr Little Jeans (who is technically a Ms, FYI), Karen O, Sharon Van Etten, the list goes on and I’ve worn them allllllll out. Basically, if my iTunes Most Played is to be believed, the last 12 months have been fucking killer for women in music. The latest bad ass lady to join my ever-growing list? VÉRITÉ. Yes, ALL CAPS, two accents — DEAL WITH IT. Keep reading »

Definitive Proof That Television Will Never See An Ass Like Jax Teller’s Again

If you think this is going to be anything more than a post full of Charlie Hunnam ass GIFs, you’ll be disappointed. As for the rest of you? Bookmark this post because as of next week, when “Sons Of Anarchy”‘s final episode airs, TV’s best looking backside will be gone for good. Never forget! Keep reading »

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