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Zuma Rossdale Is His Mom’s Fashion Week Date

Question: How is it that baby Uggs can be SO cute and adult Uggs can be SO ugly? [New York City, 2/12/10] Keep reading »

Long Live McQueen!

Since his untimely death from suicide this week, tributes to designer Alexander McQueen have been piling up in front his NYC boutique. Keep reading »

Channing Tatum Talks About His Charred Penis On “Chelsea Lately”

Oh hey look, it’s my lover Channing Tatum on “Chelsea Lately” earlier this week. I like this interview because we actually get to hear him talk about that penis burning accident he initially revealed in this month’s GQ. I just like hearing Channing Tatum say “penis,” especially when referring to his own. It makes me feel closer to him. Anyhoo. Keep reading »

Trailer Park: “The Wolfman,” “Valentine’s Day,” “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning Thief”

Chances are you already have plans for Valentine’s Day weekend, but if you don’t, I have an awesome plan for you: Go to the movies and sit between two groups of people so that either side would assume that you’re with the other party. Pretend to offer your popcorn and nod your head as if you’re conversing with said group. Enjoy the film. Upon exiting, close-walk behind a couple until you get to an appropriate parting arena. Wave frantically and say, “Bye guys,” while looking at a spot just beyond them on the horizon. Get into your own car. Go home. Brilliant, huh? This week’s cinema escapes include sexy canines in “The Wolfman,” alternatively whiny and happy attractive people in “Valentine’s Day,” and underage Greek demi-gods in “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning Thief.” Keep reading »

“Valentine’s Day” — The Movie! — Probably Totally Sucks

Confession: I was really looking forward to seeing “Valentine’s Day” on, yes, Valentine’s Day. Most of my friends are in relationships, I am newly single, and, well, I was thinking about throwing a full-on self-pity party on Sunday — I was going to see “Valentine’s Day” alone. I was even thinking of sneaking in cocktails! Then I was going to go home and eat mac ‘n’ cheese and meditate on visions of my rotting ovaries. Just kidding. Kinda.

I love a rom-com. There are very few I don’t love (“P.S. I Love You” and “The Ugly Truth” are two), but I have a pretty high tolerance for crap. Last night my friend’s husband said, “That movie looks like it’ll be worse than ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’!” to which I replied, “I LOVE that movie!” (I do; I’ve seen it four times. Don’t judge.) Alas, I started to have doubts that “Valentine’s Day” would be as rom-comically awesome as I hoped, after I heard a rumor that Jessica Alba’s character owns a talking dog. I love talking dogs. In fact, I talk for my own, but I don’t enjoy them in rom-coms. It’s a bad sign. Also, I was disappointed that the film’s marketing completely gay-washed Bradley Cooper’s role in the movie. I started to fear that my V-Day Pity Party plans were at risk.

Turns out I was right to worry. The reviews are in and the consensus is that “Valentine’s Day,” the movie, sucks way harder than the holiday itself. After the jump, some choice quotes from reviewers. Keep reading »

The G-Spot Mouse And 7 Other Freaky-Geeky Tech Products

sexy geek products g1new jpg
OK, so technically this computer mouse is called the “G-Point,” but can you blame the nickname? The design for this sexy red gizmo is decidedly, uh, vaginal. The scroll wheel is right where a lady’s clit would be, while a “secret button” will take you to whatever you’ve set up as your favorite spot on your computer. How … responsive! [Yanko Designs]

This is by far the classiest and most advanced sexed-up piece of technology we’ve seen, but geeks have been pervin’ out in their workrooms for a long time. Keep clicking to see the filthy and clever ways they’ve mixed technology with pleasure.

Mannequin Manicures Are All The Rage

Last night, my friend Jen, who works at Bloomingdale’s, informed me that the nail trend making waves at Fashion Week is called “Mannequin Hands.” Creepy name, right? Apparently, the look right now is all about going nude — so nude that your nail polish color matches as closely as possible to your skin tone, just like they do on store mannequins. Supposedly the look elongates the fingers and, according to Keedah at Diary of a Style Addict, “won’t clash with bold clothing and compliments subdued attire.” Personally, “Mannequin Manicures” freak me out, but maybe that’s because I think my skin color is sort of blah. Would you give the look a try? [The Style Aficionado] Keep reading »

Khloe Kardashian Considering Making A Solo Sex Tape

File this one under: WTF IS SHE THINKING? On Sunday’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian teases that her Valentine’s Day present for new hubby Lamar Odum might just be a solo sex tape. “I kind of like the idea of a sexy little video,” she says. “It could be naughty. I’m thinking about making a solo sex tape, like masturbation?” Like, really? Khloe apparently wants something for Lamar to remember her by when he’s on the road, but whatever happened to a nice framed portrait and a little phone sex? Is a solo sex tape something you might make for your man? [I'm Widd Stupid] Keep reading »

7 Pop Culture-Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards

funny valentines g1 jpg
Roses are red, violets are blue, this sentiment is canned and boring and smells like poo. Check out a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards that are slightly more clever.

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Get Yourself

gifts for self main jpg
I am very well aware that no one is buying me a Valentine’s Day gift this year—that there will be no teddy bears left on my doorstep or flowers awkwardly delivered to my office. And you know what—thank goodness. That said, there is no way that I shall be deprived of sugar rushes and sexy times this weekend. Because I’m getting Valentine’s Day gifts for myself! What? You’re your own true love and you deserve a personal party that doesn’t include pity.
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