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The Jersey Shore Name Generator: What’s Your Guido Or Guidette Nickname?

So for funzies I decided to make a “Jersey Shore Nickname Generator”! Find out your guido or guidette alter ego by heading here and then posting it in the comments back on The Frisky. You can call me Joanie Sopressata. (The formula: Name ending in ie or y + meat, fruit, or nut.) [The Jersey Shore Nickname Generator] Keep reading »

Tiger Woods Joins A Long Line Of Celebrity Sexters

sexters tiger woods jpg
As we reported yesterday in Tabloid Cheat Sheet, Us Weekly found some of Tiger Wood‘s sexts to Jamiee Grubbs, including the cringe-worthiest one ever: “I will wear you out … When was the last time you got laid?”

What’s with all the sexting, famous people? You’re just as bad as the masses of hormonal teenagers, with your sending out raunchy notes and booby pics. After the jump, we’ve rounded up the celebrity sexters we know and love.

Now That’s Clever Product Placement

[Bookmole via RKB]
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“Jersey Shore” Is The Best Thing To Happen To MTV Since Music Videos

Will you remember where you were and who you were with the night “Jersey Shore” premiered on MTV? I will, because the show was just that friggin’ awesome. The show follows eight tri-state area locals as they spend the summer living, working, and partying together on the Jersey Shore. They’re all self-identified “guidos” and “guidettes,” which has offended some in the Italian-American community who believe those words are slurs. But the cast and producers insist that being a “guido” is a lifestyle — involving copious amounts of hair gel, fist-pumping, spray tanning, and drinking — that transcends race or ethnicity. Whatever. I call it entertaining. Keep reading »

Quotable: Penelope Cruz Girl-Crushes On Meryl Streep And Sophia Loren

On Meryl Streep:

“There is nobody better than Meryl Streep. I watch her movies over and over again—I saw ‘Silkwood’ [1983] again a couple of weeks ago, and it made me just want to kiss her feet. We only know each other from seeing each other at awards ceremonies or those kinds of events, but whenever I see her, I always go up to her and start kissing her. I don’t even say anything—I just kiss her. She must think I’m some crazy person.”

On Sophia Loren, her co-star in “Nine”:

“She looks like a goddess. But she was always worried to see if we were eating enough. I was eating like a pig during that movie because I wanted to gain a few kilos. I was eating nonstop. But it was never enough for Sophia. She would say, “You’re not eating enough, and then you’re doing all this exercise! And I just saw Marion [Cotillard], and she left the table. That one eats less than you do—nothing!”

Penelope Cruz, interviewed by her “Nine” co-star Marion Cotillard, in Interview [] Keep reading »

Tiger Woods Voicemail, The Slow Jam Remix

Next up, auto-tune! [BuzzFeed]
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Behold, The Hipster-Zoic Era

Paste Magazine has put together a genius spread, “Evolution of the Hipster,” detailing the ascent from The Emo to The Meta-Nerd. Having witnessed an embarrassing number of these stages, I’ve got to commend them on their accuracy. Especially for the evolution of accessories like American Spirits, beards and Sparks, the queen of alcohol-enhanced energy drinks. It’s tragic that it took a whole decade to discover and eschew so many mediocre things, like keffiyahs and trucker hats. Have hipsters run out of cultures to appropriate? What’s next? Do we start over with yuppies? I’ve got my fingers crossed for a hipster “Mad Men” phase that never ends. Back to Prohibition fashion! It’s time to put your new years predictions down for 2010, what’s the next evolutionary step for the hipster? Adulthood, maybe? [Paste Magazine] Keep reading »

Wolves Howling At Moons Go High-Fashion

The 3 Wolf Moon craze has trickled down from hipster irony to full-on fashion statement. is now selling this Petra Moon Wolf Tank Dress from Torn by Ronny Kobo for $93. How soon until this is part of LiLo’s wardrobe? [via DListed] Keep reading »

Holiday Shopping List: For Dogs

pet gifts g1 jpg
My dog Lucca is the love of my life and at the top of my list when I go holiday shopping each year. While she usually spends the year treading the line between naughty and nice, I still go all out on fun little gifts for her to open. (Between us, she may enjoy tearing the wrapping paper and chewing on ribbon just as much.) Keep clicking to see what presents to get your pooch.

And if you’re stumped on what to get everyone else, then check out our handy Holiday Gift Guide.

This Isn’t The Slightest Bit Real

The folks at The NY Post doctored this photo of Tiger Woods and his wife for the cover of this morning’s paper. Keep reading »

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