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Jennifer Love Hewitt Parties Like It’s 1983

J.LoHew, as I like to call her, celebrated her birthday (her 31st, for the record) with an ’80s-style party — with Lady Gaga-inspired hair bows thrown in for funzies. [Los Angeles, 2/21/10] Keep reading »

Cat-On-Cat Massage Video

Remember that video we posted a while back, the instructional one about how to massage your cat? Well, this kitty apparently paid attention, because he’s spreading the deep tissue love to his fellow feline. This clip makes me all kind of giddy. [Videogum] Keep reading »

Trailer Park: “Shutter Island,” “The Ghost Writer,” “Red Riding Trilogy”

We’re getting into those dark, drudging days of winter when all you want to do is hole up with a blanket with a warm drink and wait for spring. If humans were really as smart as we’re supposed to be, we would have initiated mandatory winter hibernation like the bears. But since we’re stuck trudging through snow and dealing with our sallow skin tone, we might as well take the opportunity to hibernate in a movie theater for a few hours a week, at least. This week brings a trio of dark thrillers with “Shutter Island,” “The Ghost Writer,” and “Red Riding Trilogy.” Keep reading »

Our Amelia (Yeah, Me), Julie Klausner, & Terisa Greenan Talk Tiger On Live

Hey, remember earlier, when Jessica joked about not wanting to hear a bunch of news anchors wonking about Tiger Woods — unless it was me on Oh look, there I am. Earlier this afternoon, after Tiger purged in front of a rapt televised audience, I went on Live and talked with I Don’t Care About Your Band author Julie Klausner and Terisa Greenan, creator of the polyamory-themed web series “Family,” about the whole debacle. Check it out above. Keep reading »

Which Winter Olympic Hottie Is Your Type?

Watching the Winter Olympics this week, I can’t stop thinking about how, whatever your type is, there’s a kind of athlete who will float your boat, if you know what I mean. So, should you be macking on a snowboarder? Or a curler? Or an ice dancer? After the jump, I’ve created a handy guide to let you know which winter athletes you should be lusting after. Hey, there’s a reason they call ladies of the slope “ski bunnies.” Because, just like bunnies, they’re down to get action any time. And you need to be too—so go to Canada and get your man! Keep reading »

Poll: Should Gia Or Ali Be The Next “Bachelorette”?

Who would you like to see as the next "Bachelorette"?

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Quotable: Johnny Weir Is Just Like Us!

“She stayed out all day so I could run around naked and watch ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and just relax for the competition.”

Johnny Weir, on his Olympic roomie, Tanith Belbin [Montreal Gazette] Keep reading »

If Women Wrote Men’s Magazines

mens mags m jpg
The dudes at Cool Material had a clever idea — they imagined women’s magazine covers as if they had been written by men. Apparently, that means coverlines like “The Lost Art of the Handjob,” “High Heels: The Only Shoes You Need,” and “Have Your Own Hobbies — Men Like It!” Well, two can play that game. Keep clicking to see what three men’s magazines — Maxim, Men’s Journal, and Details — would look like if they were written by women.

Things That You Didn’t Notice “Doing It” But Totally Are

Because I have the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy in the throes of puberty, I tend to enjoy fart jokes, penis jokes, and this new website Because we live in a magical world where beautiful things happen daily, you’d better believe that humans “accidentally” put penises, vaginas, boobs, and butts into everything they create … in architecture, advertising, technology, urban planning, and religious paraphernalia for starters. My favorite is the wall which creates little glowing penis-shaped shadows. And not only do humans do it, but nature does it too with fruits, vegetables, trees, clouds. That’s right, God likes penis jokes too! This means it can’t be wrong to enjoy them. It also means that God has an awesome sense of humor, which we already figured out when we had sex for the first time. [Things That Are Doing It] Keep reading »

(Almost) 50 Questions For Men — Answered!

Wow. We asked and damnnnn did you answer. Last week, while urging the ladies to fill out Esquire‘s “Survey of the American Woman,” we posed 50 questions for men that we wanted answered ASAP. We didn’t mean that quite as literally as some of you fellas took it, but holy hell, did we appreciate the many, many answers. I took it upon myself to weed through the comments and pulled out some of the best answers to many of our questions. Check ‘em out, after the jump… Keep reading »

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