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Celine Dion: The Greatest Ballad Singer In The World Is Also The Funniest!

There was a time, in our not so distant cynical past, when we hated Celine Dion and her cheesy Titanic-esque love songs. Now that we are mature and enjoy music that’s soothing (not to mention a high octave range), we love her! And now, thanks to this awesome YouTube video, we think she seems like a fun, awesome, totally insane human being, too. [YouTube: Celine Dion Is Amazing] Keep reading »

Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton Ditched By The Suicide Girls

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you found out about something exciting and then discovered that it no longer exists all in the same day? I am having one of those moments. Nerve Scanner says that Wil Weaton, who played Ensign Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation has been laid off from his blogger position on site A) WTF? How did I not know that Wil Wheaton blogged for such an awesome sex site? B) How does a raging nerd like Wheaton get a gig like that? and C) Why did he get cut loose?

Before I continue, it’s probably important that I confess that I grew up a bit of a Trekkie and while I have outgrown the geeky obsession, I still have a soft spot for ol’ Wil, who was the first recipient of a love/fan letter from yours truly. It’s embarrassing, but we all have our skeletons.

Anyway, it seems that Wheaton, who wrote a column called “Geek In Review”, got the ax along with a bunch of other bloggers and writers due to budget cuts. Sigh. Guess I’m going to have to relive my adolescent space sex fantasies through the archives. [] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Kim Kardashian’s Butt Still Single

  • The two “engagements” we mentioned yesterday — Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz and Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush — are supposedly, allegedly not true. Sorry for the legalese — we learned our lesson! [DListed]
  • We thought by ignoring this story that it would go away, but alas, it is not. Britney apparently is dating a paparazzo named Adnan Ghalib who may or may not be married. They spent Christmas together. We’re sure this has nothing to do with the money he’s going to make off totally exclusive pictures of their precious time together. Ugh. [Us Weekly]
  • Stephen Colletti and Lauren Conrad made out again, this time at Hollywood club LAX. Sigh. We miss Brody. [Us Weekly]
  • Star is reporting that the whole Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson romance is just a PR move orchestrated by Simpson’s pervy dad Joe, who’s dying to get his daughter some positive media attention since her last two movie projects have been complete flops. Well, we know that plan definitely backfired in Dallas! [MSNBC]
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    Hot Piece Of Ass: Barack Obama

    Depending on which poll you’re reading, the Senator from Illinois may be in the lead in today’s Iowa Caucus. We’re not going to indicate where we stand politically in the current primary race, however, we will indicate where our lady parts stand — firmly in Obama’s pants…err, camp. The inspired speaker and youngest Presidential candidate is sex on a freaking stick. [CNN] Keep reading »

    Depressing News Story of the Day: Dad Allegedly Kills Daughter For Marrying Without His Permission

    Suffice it to say, I’m not much for many traditions, including the one that says your intended fiance should ask your dad for permission to marry you (I just got engaged and while I thought it was sweet my bf…err, fiance…talked to my parents about his intentions after the fact, I am glad the only person’s permission he sought was mine). Subhash Chander, 57, of Oak Forest, Illinois might disagree with me on that. He allegedly set fire to the apartment building where his pregnant daughter, her husband, and their young child lived (killing all three) because the husband (who he didn’t approve of because he came from a different caste) didn’t get his permission to marry his daughter before they wed. If it turns out that he’s guilty, I am going to scream in outrage. What do you all make of this story? We’re anxious to hear your thoughts in the comments. [CNN via Feministing] Keep reading »

    Star Couplings: Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Ring In The New Year

  • Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz hosted a New Years Eve bash together in Miami, made out at midnight, and then it looks like he might have proposed with a teeny-weeny ring. Aww! []
  • Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend getting frisky with not one, not two, but three Italian men during her stay in Capri. Um, yeah, we’ve been to Italy and had a scandalous 30-minute affair with an Italian bellhop on a roof in Rome and totally cannot fault her. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kim Kardashian and footballer Reggie Bush are engaged. Hooray? [DListed]
  • Slimy paternity-denier Eddie Murphy married Tracey Edmonds over the weekend. Lest you feel sorry for her when he, like, denies he even knows her in six months, remember, she had plenty o’ warning. [Us Weekly]
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