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What Does Your Weird Secret Single Behavior Entail?

Since becoming single a year and a half ago, I’ve had the pleasure of living all by myself. As I’ve written before, I love living alone. I love being able to decorate exactly the way I like, I enjoy cooking meals for just myself (well, with leftovers for my pup, Lucca), and I consider full control of the DVR to be absolute bliss. Another thing I love about living alone is that I can indulge in my secret single behavior 24/7. For example, whenever I am getting comfy on my couch, indulging in a marathon of “Breaking Bad,” I often find myself sticking one hand down my shirt to cup my bare breast. I imagine I do this for the same reasons many dudes stick one hand down their pants while relaxing. It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s comforting. It’s a boob. It’s something I would never do around company. So, yeah, that’s the weird thing I do when I’m alone. And I’m alone a lot.

I want to know what your weird, secret single behavior entails. Dish in the comments and I’ll collect the answers into one big ol’ revealing look into what women are really up to when they’re alone — if you’re shy about sharing, {encode=”” title=”email me”} and I’ll keep your answer anonymous! Keep reading »

Elena Kagan Asked For Her Views On Edward Vs. Jacob

After a long day of answering questions during the confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was finally asked a question about an issue that matters to 13-year-olds. Unfortunately, she did not have an answer. Don’t you just love it when politicians try and be funny? Keep reading »

Share Your Most Embarrassing & Ridiculous Workout Stories!

I’ll be honest — I always feel a little ridiculous when I go to the gym. There I am, walking on the treadmill, in between the buff dude pumping iron and the impeccably toned woman running effortlessly on a steep incline; it seems brutally obvious what a workout novice I am. Even in yoga, where I feel more at home, embarrassing moments occur: the occasional, sudden bout of audible gas, toppling over while attempting a fairly easy pose. There may have even been a queef once, when descending from shoulder stand. In short, Madonna, I am not. After the jump, a few of my fellow Frisky staff members share their workout bloopers — share yours in the comments and I’ll pick the best ones for a roundup next week! Keep reading »

Quotable: Christina Hendricks, Gorgeous After Gaining 15 Pounds

“I guess my mom raised me right. She was very celebratory of her body. I never heard her once say, ‘I feel fat.’ Back when I was modeling, the first time I went to Italy I was having cappuccinos every day, and I gained 15 pounds. And I felt gorgeous! I would take my clothes off in front of the mirror and be like, Oh, I look like a woman. And I felt beautiful, and I never tried to lose it, ’cause I loved it.”

Christina Hendricks on her body image in the July/August issue of Health. [via Huffington Post] Keep reading »

10 Actors Who Really Like Getting Naked

nudity loving celebs g1 jpg
Seriously, the summer heat wave has begun. It’s so sticky and sweaty outside, all we want to do is strip off our clothes and run around naked. If such things were allowed, plenty of celebs would be down to join us! Keep clicking to see which stars not only don’t mind doing nude scenes — they prefer to live their lives in the buff.

Geri Halliwell Fondles Her Spice Rack

Before picking up her daughter Bluebell from school, Geri Halliwell — that’s Ginger Spice, for those of you not aware of pop culture in the ’90s — checked to make sure her boob was where it belonged. [London, 6/30/10] Keep reading »

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