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Farrah Abraham Dressed Up As Elsa From “Frozen” To Hawk Her New Sex Toy Line

Farrah's Sex Toy Line
Farrah Abraham Sex Toy Line
There's a likeness of her vagina! Read More »
Failed Farrah Wank
Amelia tried to masturbate to Farrah's sex tape ... unsuccessfully. Read More »
"Farrah Superstar" Update
More thoughts on Farrah Abraham's sex tape with James Deen. Read More »
Farrah Abraham Dressed Up As Elsa From "Frozen" To Hawk Her New Sex Toy Line

Farrah Abraham is a national treasure. Remember how the “Teen Mom” has a sex toy line, specifically fuckable molds of her vagina and butthole? Well, the launch party was this week and because it’s so close to Halloween, Farrah decided to dress up in costume for the event. As Elsa from “Frozen,” A CHILDREN’S MOVIE. After the jump, a hilarious photo of Farrah as Elsa, cradling a likeness of her own vag and anus. [Gawker] Keep reading »

Teresa Giudice Shelled Out $10K For Daughter Gia’s Uncomfortably Sexy Music Video

  • “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and soon-to-be inmate Teresa Giudice spent $10,000 on 13-year-old daughter Gia’s uncomfortably sexy music video. Gia is apparently in a girl group called 3KT, which stands for three carat diamonds. I can’t. [Gawker]
  • In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Mama June Shannon from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” maintained that things are just peachy, despite allegations by her eldest daughter Anna that Shannon has rekindled a relationship with the ex-boyfriend who molested Anna as a child. “That will all come out, I don’t want to say anything about anything,” Shannon told ET, whatever the fuck that means. [NY Daily News]
  • One year for Halloween, I dressed up as “the walk of shame,” and then I went home with a guy dressed as a chicken and the next morning actually had to DO the walk of shame in my walk of shame costume. Anyway, with that in mind, check out these other weird, costumed Halloween hookup stories. [] Keep reading »

Happy Halloween! Here’s What The Frisky Staff Is Dressing Up As This Year…

Happy Almost Halloween! The lovely folks at, online purveyor of ridiculously sexified Halloween costumes, generously gifted us with our choice in costumes again this year and, I gotta say, we look awesome. Click through to see our costumes in action…

This Beyonce/Taylor Swift Mashup Is Pretty Great

Good morning! Hope your day is going great, and if it’s not, here’s a totally awesome mashup of Beyonce’s “XO” and Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods.” Diva doubledown! [via Jezebel]

Everything Is Terrible: Woman In Catcalling Video Gets Rape Threats On YouTube

Nothing Like Being Followed To Brighten Up Your Day

Misogyny just doesn’t exist! Catcalls are compliments! SMILE SWEETHEART. Tell that to Shoshanna B. Roberts, the New York City-based actress who starred in yesterday’s viral street harassment video (posting it again, above, because it’s worth watching multiple times), who then received rape threats in the comments section on YouTube. Hollaback, the anti-street harassment org. that made the video, tweeted about the harassment yesterday, asking followers to report/flag the comments with threats and they have, thankfully, since been deleted. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of dudes (and, yes, some women too) excusing the 100+ comments from strangers Roberts received as no biggie. So, you know, fuck everything. [Jezebel]

Mama June’s Child Molester Boyfriend Abused Daughter Anna In Front Of Sister

  • Radar Online has obtained the court documents explaining in disturbing detail the sexual abuse allegations against Mark McDaniel, the one-time (and possibly current) boyfriend of Mama June Shannon from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” According to the documents, McDaniel molested Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell multiples times in 2002, including once in front of her then-three-year-old sister Lauren (aka Pumpkin). Horrifying. [Radar]
  • Meanwhile, Pumpkin got on Instagram and denied that her mother is back together with McDaniel. (How, then, does she explain a recent photo of McDaniel and Shannon together with little sister Alana?) She also accused Sugar Bear’s brother Uncle Poodle of selling stories to the tabloids. [Dlisted]
  • I wish Katie Holmes’ People cover story was going to be as juicy as the pull quote on the cover — “I DON’T HAVE ANY FEAR NOW” — implies, but alas, you know she ain’t dishing annnnnnyyyyy dirt about Scientology inside. I will not be tricked into buying this issue, People. No I will not! [People] Keep reading »
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