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Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unresponsive In Bathtub

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown photo

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found unresponsive in a bathtub at a home in the Roswell subsection of Atlanta, GA. She was found by her husband, Nick Gordon (they married in early 2014) and a friend, who immediately started CPR. She was taken to a local hospital where doctors were thankfully able to stabilize her breathing. In an eerie coincidence, Whitney Houston died nearly three years ago in a bathtub in Los Angeles. Here’s hoping Bobbi Kristina makes a full recovery. [TMZ]

Bruce Jenner Is “Transitioning To A Woman,” People Magazine Confirms With Source

Bruce Jenner

People has confirmed with a Jenner family source that Bruce Jenner is definitely “transitioning to a woman,” explaining her slowly evolving appearance over the last year or so as being purposeful so that her family — including six biological children — could adapt. “He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he’s doing. He’s in such a great space. That’s why it’s the perfect time to do something like this,” said the source, who apparently needs a lesson in not misgendering trans people. While this confirmation doesn’t come straight from Bruce’s mouth, I feel confident enough in People‘s track record, especially when it comes to celeb stories of a more sensitive nature — unlike, ahem, In Touch – to begin referring to Bruce with a female pronoun. Congratulations to Bruce for finally being able to live life as the person she identifies herself to be. That is a beautiful thing. [People]

Ready, Set, Squee: It’s Your Puppy Bowl X Starting Lineup!

The Super Bowl is on Sunday evening, I think? Not entirely sure, but what matters is that the Puppy Bowl is definitely on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. EST and LET ME TELL YOU, the starting lineup this year is more adorable than ever before. Click through to squee until you can squee no longer at all the 55 wide-eyed, head-tilted furballs who will be playing this year.

Screw You, Stupid Study: Binge-Watching TV Is Awesome For You

Today in Conclusions That Could Have Been Reached After A 10-Minute Phoner With Me As Opposed To An Exhaustive Study! A study from the University of Texas has found that people who struggle with loneliness and depression are more likely to binge-watch television than their peers because it provides an escape from their problems. Hello, my lifestyle. The researchers were driven to conclude that binge-watching is not the harmless activity we think, because in our misery, we’re more apt to just let the next episode play, as opposed to going about our days and being productive. “When binge-watching becomes rampant viewers may start to neglect their work and their relationships with others,” said Yoon Hi Sung, one of the researchers. “Even though people know they should not, they have difficulty resisting the desire to watch episodes continuously.” Keep reading »

Suge Knight Arrested & Charged In Hit-And-Run Murder

  • Suge Knight was arrested and charged in a hit-and-run murder on the set of “Straight Outta Compton.” Seriously. Suge Knight you are way too old for this mess. [People]
  • Missy Elliott will be joining Katy Perry at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which means I am suddenly so psyched to watch. BEEEP BEEP WHO GOT THE KEYS TO THE JEEP? VROOOOOOOM… [Vulture]
  • Shakira has welcomed a second son that she and her son named Sasha. Mazel tov! [People] Keep reading »

Texts With My Straight Single Dude BFF: Being The Asshole

Hands down, my absolute favorite person to talk to about dating and basically every other carnal-related topic is My Straight Single Dude BFF. As his name suggests, he is also single and straight and we often turn to each other for advice, a second opinion and to share dating/sexual war stories, mostly via text because we don’t live in the same city. (And yes, before you even ask, because I know you will ask or suggest as much, we have slept together before, eons ago, but ultimately it was just a fun, casual thing that solidified our belief that the other person is going to make someone else very happy someday.) My Straight Single Dude BFF and I like and respect each other a lot and our candid conversations give me serious insight into the way men think — not all men, but men at least “like him,” who are, to quote Dan Savage, good, giving and game, genuinely try to do the right thing, and don’t have bullshit expectations of women. And on occasion, with his permission, I’m going to post snapshots from our text messages. Starting with a little exchange we had this weekend about being a dick when you dump someone. Keep reading »

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