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Dating Don’ts: We’re All Just Walking Dealbreakers

The other day, I made a list of every guy I’ve ever dated seriously, dated a couple times, dated until I got the “Oh no, there’s been an emergency and I must leave immediately!” phone call, or made out with and never actually dated at all. To put it simply, the list was rather lengthy.

By: Abby Cooper / August 20, 2013

Girl Talk: I Set My Best Friend Up With My Ex

My friend Nina and I were having one of our typical “where oh where have the good men gone?” whine-fests when it randomly occurred to me that I knew one. I felt as neutral about Matt as you can possibly feel about an ex-boyfriend. He had a lot in common with the wine Nina and…

By: Abby Cooper / August 2, 2013

Dealbreaker: The Barely Separated Guy

It all started with a cat. I used to like cats. Or I didn’t totally despise them. They can be super cute when they act like dogs. I stopped liking cats on my second date with Jerry* (as in Springer, as in the show he totally is going to be on someday). We had made…

By: Abby Cooper / July 25, 2013